Chalked or Dyed?

Many of us can appreciate the visual benefits given by the wide range of colors used for hair dyeing. There are countless options when it comes to choosing the right shade or even few proper shades that are also well-matched to each other. You can decide on traditionally dyed hair, an ombre, or on some chalked hair. The latter one is very noticeable and distinctive, often transforming your hair into flawless rainbow. You should just ask yourself – what is your fancy?

Natural Curls and Waves

Naturally-looking hairstyles are the best choice for every long hair owner. However, you should also consider the fact that your hair must be of proper health, otherwise the dream will fade away. One of such amazing inspiration for natural curls and waves has been presented above. This beautiful fair hair has been left undone, which gives it the best possible appearance. Great volume and astonishing final effect are the best aspects in here.

Purple Updo

Purple hair, no matter if long or short, is becoming more and more popular these days. We can spot girls wearing purple hair more often than before, which means that we are craving for some original new solutions. On the above image, woman dyed her hair purple, and then arranged it into some messy hairdo, tying part of her hair at the back of the head. Hairstyle is quite fashionable and it looks like it has been done in a great hurry.

Pink Ombre

This post brings you another variation of world-famous hair dyeing method, known as the ombre. Ombre we are presented today has been made with the shades of pink. The upper part has been dyed with darker shade, while the bottom part with the brighter one. Hairstyle looks like cotton candy, and it is probably sweet in taste, too. If you want to feel special, like a fairytale princess, then feel free to try this fabled style.

Naturally Messy Curls

Girls with long hair and curly hair on top of that, may consider themselves very lucky. Naturally curled hair is quite rare, therefore, every woman, who wears it, should never decide to cut it down. It’s simply too darn pretty. There are also ways to curl your hair to look like natural twists. You can browse between good quality curling irons and rollers, which will definitely help you in achieving this goal.

Long Golden Brown

Do you have enough of arranging your hair every day, losing precious minutes in the process? Well, now you can take a deep breath and experience the feeling of great relief, because we have for you fast and easy solution. If you want simple but gorgeous hairdo, all you need to do is to properly groom your hair. It will become smooth and shiny, so the best way is to leave it as it is – loosened.

Strawberry Red Hair

And now, for every girl who dreams about sweet hairstyle, we’ve got something very delicious. Girl’s hair on the picture has been dyed red, but not the traditional red, only the strawberry red. Hairstyle is noticeable and at the same time very adorable. What’s more, if you decide to arrange your strawberry hair into some natural-looking hairdo, you will gain an appearance that will be an object of strong jealousy wherever you’ll go.

Purple Curls to Ponytail

Browsing through the world of originally-looking hairstyles, we’ve come across very unique combination. For every brave girl with long hair, we recommend to try this uncommon hairstyle. Long hair has been dyed purple and he curled into very pretty twists. For the final touch, the whole hair has been tied into ponytail, which gives very interesting appearance, perfect for crazy parties, like New Year’s.

Ombre with Bangs

There are many hairstyles to choose from, no matter the length or type of hair. However, if you are planning to do with your hair something really original, you may try to combine two or more types of hairstyles. For example, if you love to wear long hair, you may want to decide on ombre with bangs, which looks quite unique. You can also sleek your hair in order to get maximum shine and the highest possible level of attractiveness.

Lea Michele’s Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre is today commonly known and widely used dyeing technique, which through all these years gathered countless numbers of inspirations, and its amount still grows. This time, we are presenting ombre by Lea Michele, which if I may add, look simply stunning. It gives her very natural appearance, and therefore, bringing out on the surface the quintessence of Lea’s femininity, making her to look like girl next door.

Cotton Candy Hair Color and Braid

Rainbow in your hair can be quite appealing, especially; if you are a young girl and you like to live wild by having fun at some crazy parties. Cotton candy hair is just right for it. Plus, it looks like pulled out straight from a fairytale land. You also have the chance to arrange your multicolored hair into some fancy hairdos, improving it further by using subtle braid, which can be wrapped around the head, giving you the fabled look you’ve always dreamed of.

Gorgeous Hair with a Silky White Dress

While deciding on your favorite hairstyle, keep in mind that it also should go with your outfit. After making your dreamy hairdo, you should pick a dress that will not only match your beauty, but most of all your hair. Very long blonde hair changed into the amazing and dense gold locks will work perfectly with a stunningly white dress, giving you the appearance of an angel, who recently fell down from the sky.

Fishtail Braid Pullback

Braids go well with long hair, mostly, because they are neat, comfy and practical. They can be arranged in many ways, and in the different places on our head. For example, this braid in the picture is wrapping head around like a beautiful garland or halo. In addition, the hair is fair, thus leaving you with wonderfully angelic hairdo, which can also be the highlight of some important event, where you will definitely steal the show.

Reverse Ombre

Have you ever tried dyeing your long hair using the ombre technique? I’ll bet, you have. But, have you ever tried to wear it backwards? Reverse ombre abides the same rules as the traditional one; although, with one difference. In order to use reverse ombre on your hair, you should dye the upper hair section brighter than the bottom one. This way, while using this currently common dyeing method, you can make it to be more unique, by applying it on your hair upside down.

Lovely Hair Color

For every fan of dyed long hair, we have very tasteful and cute shade, which can be used not only in case of the long hair. Color is presenting itself on the hair really well, and what’s more, it also adds many benefits to its impeccable look. And if you decide on straight and loosened hair, then you will experience the maximum advantages this shade provides. Hair dyes can be found in every drugstore and also on the web.

Long Black Hair

Very long black hair with an amazing shine is probably the best looking hair ever. It is so seductive and gorgeous that no man will have the will to ignore it. However, such beautiful shine requires also very good care of your hair. Therefore, be sure you have all you need for your hair to look like this. Be sure your shampoo as well as your conditioner matches the type of your hair. And if you have this already covered, then you can now try to arrange this masterpiece on your head.

Dark Wavy Hair

For everyone, who loves dark climates, we have prepared something quite special. It is a hairdo made with long hair that has been turned into fabulous waves. In case of hairdo like this one, you may want to wear your hair down, because otherwise you won’t be able to fully experience the benefits provided by this hairstyle. And one more thing, be sure your hair has proper shine to be able to pull that look off.

Dark Brown with Golden Auburn Light Brown Highlights

Are you dreaming about the perfect hairdo for your long hair every night? Well, we can’t have that. Feel free to take the advantage of the hairdo from the photo above. Girl’s dark brown hair has been introduced to light brown highlights that are presenting on her head very well. Those gentle and precisely made waves emphasize the whole hair on the highest level. If you decide on this hairstyle, your attractiveness will be larger than ever before.

Cute Ombre

Ombre looks very well in case of long hair. However, it looks even better if the hairdo is properly matched to it. Therefore, if you decide to dye your hair using this method, keep in mind the types of hairdos you will then be arranging. While picking the ombre from the picture, a good solution is to get your hair loosened and turn it into wonderful but delicate twists. Such hairdo has a quite astonishing look, perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.

Brown Hair with Twist

Have you ever try to twist your beautiful long hair? No? Then, it is about time to start this fabulous arrangement. You can be very surprised how this hairdo can bring out your quintessence of femininity while making you feel very comfortable. Such hairdo is not so tough to execute. You need only some hot stick and basic styling talents and your hairstyle should be done properly. If you afraid you may ruin it, simply make an appointment with the hairdresser.