Natural Curls and Waves

Naturally-looking hairstyles are the best choice for every long hair owner. However, you should also consider the fact that your hair must be of proper health, otherwise the dream will fade away. One of such amazing inspiration for natural curls and waves has been presented above. This beautiful fair hair has been left undone, which gives it the best possible appearance. Great volume and astonishing final effect are the best aspects in here.

Naturally Messy Curls

Girls with long hair and curly hair on top of that, may consider themselves very lucky. Naturally curled hair is quite rare, therefore, every woman, who wears it, should never decide to cut it down. It’s simply too darn pretty. There are also ways to curl your hair to look like natural twists. You can browse between good quality curling irons and rollers, which will definitely help you in achieving this goal.

Gorgeous Hair with a Silky White Dress

While deciding on your favorite hairstyle, keep in mind that it also should go with your outfit. After making your dreamy hairdo, you should pick a dress that will not only match your beauty, but most of all your hair. Very long blonde hair changed into the amazing and dense gold locks will work perfectly with a stunningly white dress, giving you the appearance of an angel, who recently fell down from the sky.

Fishtail Braid Pullback

Braids go well with long hair, mostly, because they are neat, comfy and practical. They can be arranged in many ways, and in the different places on our head. For example, this braid in the picture is wrapping head around like a beautiful garland or halo. In addition, the hair is fair, thus leaving you with wonderfully angelic hairdo, which can also be the highlight of some important event, where you will definitely steal the show.

Curly Blonde Hair

Looking for fantastic hairstyle for your long blonde hair? Then, look no more. We have prepared for you an amazing inspiration in shape of curled fair hair that you can go ahead and use it every single day. Hairstyle is very pretty and has some extra volume in it. Simply, curl your hair and leave it undone, and your perfect image will be complete. You can easily shock all the guests at your birthday party or your wedding day.

Curly Blonde Hair

Do you like to curl your blonde long hair? And did you ever try to create denser and larger curls? If not, then it’s about time. After arranging your curly hairstyle, you will quickly find that your hair has much more volume than before. It is only one of many benefits this hairdo can provide you with. Wear it long, wear it well-cared, and wear it properly executed. And the best thing is this hairdo looks so eye-catching that it is perfect even for the bride.

Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde hair is the most common color used in case of women’s hair. We all want to look natural and feminine, but without paying the high price in the shape of losing the comfort and the well-matched to the type of our beauty hair. And that is why; we all should try this hairdo that has been placed above, in order to feel great, look great and have lots of confidence. Waves are quite simple to make and very beneficial to wear.

Blonde Hair and Waves

Platinum blonde is the most distinctive of all bright shades. Color itself already gives you an appearance that can be used everywhere you go. And on top of that, if you decide to spice up your hair even more, then your hairstyle will be looking like a hair-of-art. The best solution is to create large waves that will change appearance of your hair and give you quite unique visual benefits. You should also use some accessories in order to boost your general style.

Very Long, Wavy Hair

Long blonde hair is amazing as it is – loosened and straight. However, you can improve it more if you think that you need some change, at least once in a while. In order to introduce changes to your long hair, all you need to do is to change it into the beautiful curls. Such golden locks will be a constant reminder that your hair now looks like pulled off straight from some princess-fairy-tale. You can be sure that no one will quietly pass you by.

Golden Blonde Highlighted Hair

Intensive blonde color on your long hair has the ability to improve your style, raising it to the highest level of its prettiness. There are many kinds of dyes that will help you to achieve this gorgeous look of your hair. You just need to keep in mind to match the particular dye to the type of your hair. And if you have at least basic hairdressing skills, then you can easily bleach your hair inside your own home. The final result is simply astounding.

Blonde with Braid

Improving your hair is one of the main steps to have amazingly-looking hairdo. For example, if your hair is long and you like to wear it undone because you love how it makes you feel; then, try to put in your hair something else. Great solution is here a proper accessory, which you can buy in every store connected to the world of hair fashion. You can also make a stylish braid and place it at the back of the head.

Blonde Hair and Turquoise Nails

While picking the right hairdo for our beauty, we should keep in mind that other aspects of our style, like nails, shoes, outfit and accessories are also very important for the whole to be working properly. On the image, we have placed a neat combination of long and blonde hair along with turquoise nail polish. Both give quite intense contrast, thus, accentuating the whole effect just as it should be. It’s a nice choice for daily fashion, especially while going to school or college.

Blond Wavy Hair

Today, we will be once again making beautiful curls that emphasize our beauty in an unspeakable way. For this, we will need a good curling stick, in order to create such wonderful springs, as pictured. In case of this type of hairdo, we recommend to wear your hair down. It will allow you to enjoy the best possible appearance, which this hairdo has to offer. And the most important thing is that you will never have to fight with your hair through the whole morning to tame it and arrange it into pretty hairdo.

Purple & Green on Blonde Hair- Mardi Gras Hair

And now we will show you an inspiration that is great for the wild parties, like New Year’s, Mardi Gras, carnival in Rio or simpler – a crazy all-night party with your friends. Long and undone hair has been twisted quite intensively, leaving messy hairdo on the girl’s head. What’s more, in order to give the hairstyle even wilder appearance, few hair strands has been treated with blue and purple shades. Hairstyle is perfect for blowing off some steam.

Long Blonde Hair with Beret

Many of us often forgets that in order to improve our hair further, we do not necessarily need to dye it in some fancy colors, arranging into sophisticated hairdos or even decorating it with stylish hair ornaments. There is also one more thing that will help your hair to look better. I’m talking about hats, bonnets and berets, which are perfect for a quick fix of your daily style, and maintaining your beautiful appearance. In addition, they are also practical with giving you extra protection from the sun during summer and keep you warm in the winter.

Highlights & Lowlights

With hair that is long, you can make many different things. Your limit is only your own imagination. That’s why; you don’t have to always use the same hairdo, over and over again. You can change it a little, and not losing your general style in the process. For example, you can decide on highlights and lowlights that will surely give your hair additional charm. Remember to make them in the stylist salon, if you don’t feel you can’t do it right. Otherwise, you may expose yourself for very unpleasant surprise, when you take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Beautiful Hair Color and Well-Matched Bangs

The perfect hairdo should have few basics covered in order to execute it as it should be. First of all, the most important aspect is the proper hair care. You should also not forget about that the hairdo has to be well-matched to your face features and beauty type. Another thing is the proper cut, and alternatively a suitable hair color. Remember that if you are opting for bangs, be sure that it is well-cut and matched to your face; otherwise, you can be up for a really unpleasant visual surprise.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre is very popular nowadays. It can be spotted almost everywhere. The most common ombre is white and black. However, today, we have decided to show you an ombre, where the lower part of brown hair has been bleached. You can bleach all the bottom part or only the tips. What’s more, with colors with lesser contrast, you be able to enjoy a mild transition between brown and blonde, which greatly emphasizes the attractiveness of the whole hairstyle.

Blonde Hair Color

Blonde color that we all love and cherish, especially in case of long hair, can be maybe the best asset to our beauty. Many girls decide to leave their hair loosened and mostly straight, while others like to curl it a little, gaining the same level of attractiveness. Straight blonde hair is pretty, even when is provided with a poorer care. However, when the hair is in good health, the benefits of such hair go through the roof.

Beautiful Blonde Color

In order for the hair to be pretty and well-arranged in case of any hairdo, you should keep in mind its proper care. No matter if your hair is dark or blonde, long or short, dyed or natural; without good nutrition there will be no astonishing effect whatsoever. However, if your hair is healthy and blonde, we have for you amazing inspiration you can use. When you look up, you will see a beautiful hairdo made with long hair, which has been slightly twisted.