Long Golden Brown

Do you have enough of arranging your hair every day, losing precious minutes in the process? Well, now you can take a deep breath and experience the feeling of great relief, because we have for you fast and easy solution. If you want simple but gorgeous hairdo, all you need to do is to properly groom your hair. It will become smooth and shiny, so the best way is to leave it as it is – loosened.

Dark Brown with Golden Auburn Light Brown Highlights

Are you dreaming about the perfect hairdo for your long hair every night? Well, we can’t have that. Feel free to take the advantage of the hairdo from the photo above. Girl’s dark brown hair has been introduced to light brown highlights that are presenting on her head very well. Those gentle and precisely made waves emphasize the whole hair on the highest level. If you decide on this hairstyle, your attractiveness will be larger than ever before.

Brown Hair with Twist

Have you ever try to twist your beautiful long hair? No? Then, it is about time to start this fabulous arrangement. You can be very surprised how this hairdo can bring out your quintessence of femininity while making you feel very comfortable. Such hairdo is not so tough to execute. You need only some hot stick and basic styling talents and your hairstyle should be done properly. If you afraid you may ruin it, simply make an appointment with the hairdresser.

Long Brown Hairstyle

Brown hair properly cared can be an amazing asset to your beauty. If you wear it long, then you should probably leave your hair as it is – loosened. This way you will gain the perfectly-feminine appearance. Such hairdos can be very girly, accentuating the nature of almost every woman. This one on the picture looks quite heavy and treated with a well-matched color, which emphasizes the visual weight of the hair.

Long Brown Hair

For every owner of long, dark hair, we have an extreme improvement in the shape of quite uncommon curls. I must say, the hairdo looks stunning. Curls are very dense and strongly twisted. The whole gives you the impression of you wearing the hairdo back from the past centuries. It also requires more time than traditional curls. However, no matter the time and proper skills needed to execute them; this hairdo is simply breathtaking.

Brown Hairstyle

Brown is a quite common shade. However, it is definitely not boring. All you need to do is to provide your hair a wonderful styling, which will change your appearance into the one that is more adorable, more attractive, and most of all – the one that enhances the general style. Try to curl your brown hair in order to achieve even more spectacular look. Such hairdo can be then used during some kind of emergency that requires from you to quickly fix your hair.

Deep Chestnut Color with V cut

Deep colors often change our image in definitely, especially those darker ones. For example, deep chestnut can make your appearance to be more mysterious, more seductive. Combine it with a proper cut and you’ve got yourself a very attractive hairstyle. Great inspiration has been provided by the above photo, where you can see an amazing V-cut along with a dark and well-curled hair. Final result is simply breathtaking, and you can proudly wear it, even every day.

Dark Brown Hair

Love to wear your hair long but not blonde or too dark? Well, if you are looking for a shade that will bring out your femininity and natural appearance, we recommend trying one of brown shades, which are excellent for it. Lighter shades of brown will make you to look more radiant and girly, while the darker turn your style into a more mysterious one. The choice is up to you. And if you are afraid of putting unchecked color in your hair, then you should use applications available on the websites, which will help you with the potential visualization of your style.

Bronze Black Hair

When dyeing your long hair, you shouldn’t decide on the first color that will catch your eye, because you can find it unsuitable later. Therefore, before you start dyeing your hair permanently, you should try first some semi-permanent dyes, which will wash away after few rinses. This way you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises. Feel free to dye your long hair dark. Your style will gain more seductive and mysterious appearance.

Easy and Gentle Hairstyle

Today, we have something for girls, who are gentle and delicate by nature, and therefore, they often opt for the hairdo that will be emphasizing those traits of personality. In order to execute such hairdo, you will not need much; couple minutes of your free time and basic hairdressing skills will do the trick. Remember that the hairstyle should be very feminine and subtle, like the updo from the picture.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Long brown hair is maybe a common shade; however, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved, making you look like a whole different person. Brown hair that is long can be changed into marvelous curls with only a help of good quality curling iron. You can execute this hairdo in no time, and you can be sure you will be on time in work or school along with your impeccable look. Be sure to care well for your hair for its dazzling shine to be even brighter than the Sun itself.

Dark Brown with Golden Auburn Light Brown Highlights

The above description of the hairstyle is very long, but also very accurate. Waves like those can be a perfect asset for the long brown hair, which on top of that, has also been treated with light brown highlights. Hairdo makes an impression of elegant and classy arrangement, taking all the details and combining them into the one amazingly-looking wholeness. Hairstyle is perfect for weddings, communions, baptisms, anniversaries, and other happy-day celebrations.

Wavy Brunette Hair

Very long hair requires very long care and very long time to execute your favorite hairdo. Everything takes two times longer, but it’s worth it. The final effect is simply breathtaking and that is more than enough to be patient while growing your hair to you desirable and impressive length. Such hair can be curled and left loose, in order to make an attractive hairdo as quick as possible, especially, when you are in a hurry, preparing yourself to work, school or college.

Long Layers Hairstyle

Layered hairdos should be made in a professional hairdressing salon. The best is the one that has been already checked by you, which gives you the confidence of hairdressing skills of the stylists that are working there. If your hair is dark, layers will make you to look more feisty and mysterious. Such hair also requires special line of cosmetics that have the ability to change your everyday hair into a real hair-masterpiece.

Long Brunette Hair

Are you looking for a hairstyle that goes with everything, but at the same time is quickly and easy to make? If so, then look up. You will find a photo of a sleeked hair, which is also undone and treated with a dark shade of color. Hair is very long and well-cared, thus presenting itself very attractive. With this type of hairdo you can go wherever you’d like, and you can be sure you will awake admiration in the eyes of many.

Curly Brunette Hair

Long dark hair look beautiful and seductive as it is. However, such luscious hair can be improved even further. So, if you want to raise the effect of your hair, but you don’t have the time or you don’t feel like to arrange some complicated hairdos, then you should try to curl your long hair in such way it would matched your appearance as the hand matches glove. You can do them by yourself or in some professional hair salon.

Brunette Highlights

Do you like to wear your hair long, undone and dark? If so, then we have for you a very attractive inspiration for the beautiful hairstyle that you will be able to prepare in the professional hairdressing salon. Long and loosened dark hair looks amazing when treated with tasteful highlights that not only emphasize general appearance but also make you to look more original and unique. I highly recommend this hairstyle for every brunette with long hair.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Brown is the most typical color you can apply on your hair. It’s very natural and therefore also very feminine. You can, of course, dye your hair blonde or black, or even with some intensive colors, like red, blue or pink. However, you will never achieve so natural appearance unless you will decide to turn your hair brown. If your hair is long, we recommend you to leave it loosened. This way you will gain very charming and cute look.

Brunette Hairstyle

We all love brunette hair because it has the most natural appearance of all the hair colors. It brings out our feminine side emphasizing our delicate nature. Long brown hair left loosened along with symmetrical parting is one of the easiest but also one of the most gorgeous hairdos I’ve ever seen. You can decide to turn your hair into delicate waves, as pictured, in order to achieve even more impressive final effect.

Long Brown Hair

Beautiful brown color is maybe a little bit cliché, however, properly matched with the right type of hair and with suitable hairdo; it can outshine more than one shade of color. Like on the above picture; those beautiful waves that have been created with the long and beautiful hair can be done with good quality curling iron or a hairstyler, making you the hairstyle that will make your friends’ jaws to drop down.