Messy Updo Tutorial

You like updos but you can’t figure out how to arrange them? Well, the above tutorial will definitely help you with this problem. Here you can watch step-by-step how to create perfect trendy updo. And by ‘trendy’, I mean ‘messy’ of course. Hairdos with little mess in them are very popular recently, even amongst mature women. Such hairstyles are relatively easy and quick to arrange, and what’s more, they are presenting really, really well.

Long Waves, Easy to Do in a Few Minutes

Today, many of us choose the fastest to make hairdos, mostly, because we do not have the time to play with our hair in order to give it proper look. But, there are types of hairstyles that can be quite easy and quick to make, like beautiful waves, which you can admire above. Hairstyle takes only few minutes to arrange it and the final result can be much astounding. It is perfect for special events, like weddings and birthdays.

Side Fishtail

We have been presenting many forms of fishtail braids in our previous posts. This time, we have another one for you – a so-called side fishtail. It is made just the same way like the traditional side braid; however, the weave technique is based on the fishtail. Hairstyle like this can be a nice asset to your beauty. Is very neat and classy, and now, thanks to our step-by-step guide, you will have the knowledge to do it yourself.

French Fishtail

French fishtail is a version of braid that you can do by yourself, inside your own home. You don’t need some special hairdressing skills for it; you just have to be familiar with your hair, that’s all. To make this process for you even easier, we have placed a step-by-step tutorial in shape of images, which have on them every step in making the perfect French fishtail. So, if you have long hair and you are opting for fine and girly hairdo, then there is for you no better place to be.

Color Braid

Braids go in many forms, with different shapes, sizes, lengths, and thickness. It is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles to execute. On the picture you can see a very thick braid, perfectly formed. If you would like to spice up your hairstyle even more, we suggest you to decide on some fancy and colorful ribbons, which will definitely highlight your femininity. Awesome hairdo for school as well as for crazy night out.

Simple Side Braid Tutorial

Long blonde hair is suitable almost for every type of hairstyle. You can browse among braids, curls and updos; and you can be sure, you will be satisfied with your choice almost every time. Nice example of the perfectly feminine hairdo is side braid that can be made even without the hairdresser’s assistance. How to make it? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to follow tutorial presented above.

Elegant Updo with Bow Formed from the Hair

Long hair looks great in every hairstyle, provided the hairstyle has been well-thought out and beautifully executed. Above pictures are the examples of the hairstyles for long hair, in every possible color. You only need a rubber band for hair and some hair clips, which will be holding the bow in one place. The hair tied into ponytail you divide two strands from, which can be arranged in a bow. Then, for the final touch you simply tying your hair – and done!

High Bun for Long Hair – Comfortable Hairstyle

If you are looking for a really interesting idea for a hair updo – a bun, which will be slightly different than the standard pinning – we hope you find the hairstyle in the pictures well-suited for this job. Cotton candy bun is a bun that was pinned quite high. The hair around the bun is sleeked, but the bun looks a bit like it has been wrapped with cotton candy, or was made of some kind of wool material.

Elegant Bun with Braids on the Sides – Long Hair

Bun is a great idea for a hairstyle for the summer, especially, if we have long hair, which further heat us during hot days. An updo made this way is convenient, because it does not need to be improved during the entire day. The picture presents a bun that is on the one side simple, but on the other also original, mainly, because it has been decorated with plaited braids on the sides, which have been formed from thin strands of hair.

Bun Created with Braid – Long Hair

Updo that is presented in the picture is quite easy to do, in spite of appearances. By using our tutorial, you can see and try out, how to arrange such a hairstyle step-by-step. If you are looking for an idea for a hairstyle for a party, celebration, to spend time with friends, or for a romantic date – – and you have long hair – our idea is simply perfect for you, regardless of your hair color.

Natural Bun for Every Hair Color

Messy knot is a terminology for the hairdo that was named like this by the author of the tutorial with images attached to the entry. This means we can also say that is a messy bun. In case of this hairstyle, the mess does not constitute some kind of a flaw, on the contrary. Updo looks natural and it does not need to be corrected, when some strand of hair will tug out from the pinning, or something will shifts a little. This type of hairstyle is well-suited for women, who love to feel comfortable during, for example, their holiday.

Garland Updo Made with Braid for Long Hair

Hairstyle presented in the picture is an excellent idea for an every-occasion updo. On one hand, it is a simple haircut, great to wear every day – to work, college or a meeting with friends. On the other hand, thanks to the updo being very elegant, we might as well use it for important occasions, like friend’s wedding or going out to the club.

Princess Hairstyle – Long Black Hair

Long hair, especially during the summer, may cause some problems. It looks good arranged even in the simplest of ways, however, we want to take advantage of the fact that long hair has a lot to offer, so we try to come up with something interesting. On a set of images attached to this entry, a cool idea for an every-occasion hairstyle. It’s a really soft and comfortable updo. See how to do it step by step and take a look at the end result.

French Braid – Step by Step

Summer makes a time to experiment with a wide range of hair updos. The temperatures get high, so we prefer to have our hair pinned up, because it makes us feel better. The photo gives an example of hairdo that looks elegant, but is suitable for any occasion, work, among many. Here, you have an opportunity to learn, step by step, how to make French bun – a simple updo.

Vintage Styled Ponytail – Long Hair

Ponytail hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring. There is no need to decorate it with colorful hairpins or any accessories for the haircut to look interesting. In a tutorial, consisting of a few photos, we can see a step-by-step instructions how to get yourself hair in a vintage style. Such hairstyle is great for everyday styling, for work, university – but also to a party, a date or even important output.

Long, Loose Hair Decorated with Braids

If you’re interested in the latest trends in hairdressing, you surely encountered images of intertwines created with long hair, such as the one pictured at the bottom of the page. The idea of creating braids with hair strands intertwined with one another is an interesting and original idea for a hairstyle, literally fit for every occasion. In the smaller pictures you can see a step-by-step guide to such a hairdo.

Tutorial: How to Make a Simple Bun – Long Hair

Bun is a hairstyle that we eagerly choose for the summer because it is comfortable, and the hair does not warm up our necks or backs. If properly arranged, it’s perfect to wear on the beach. Example of a bun, suitable not only for beach but also for summer walks, is shown in the pictures attached to this entry, showing you step by step how to make such an updo yourself.

Decorative Braid Along the Hairline – Garland

Garlands are mainly associated with weddings or childhood pastimes involving intertwining flowers (especially the clover ones, right?). We can, however, choose to wear a garland on everyday basis, but not necessarily one that goes around the entire head. Pictures show, step by step, how to arrange a “braidy” hairstyle that will suit any occasion and go well with every styling. Simple, but beautiful hairstyle.

Idea for a Bun Made of Braids

When we search the Internet for tutorials, we usually see ones consisting of several pictures, often about five and a photo that shows the end result. The pictures attached to this entry, show a much more advanced ‘step by step’, as the hairstyle itself is advanced as well. An updo such as this is difficult to make by yourself at home, with no previous experience, but we can always take this to a hairdresser.

Wedding Bun – Long Hair

The pictures present a step-by-step way to form an elegant and original bun – a hairstyle suited for a weddings or any important events. We do not urge you to try to arrange the hair yourself, if you’re not skilled in this type of thing – rather than that, for example, you can take these photos to a salon where you have made an appointment.