Hairstyle for a Little Boy – Long Hair or Not?

Mums often want their son to look like Prince Charming or Bob, just like in fairy tales for children. And in most of cases it’s a real nightmare for a kid to have hairdo like that. Little boy will feel much more comfortable with the short hair, than for example, with hair falling down onto his shoulders. For a little boy having long hair is very difficult… because people often confuse him with a girl, and all he wants to do is to clearly emphasize his identity and gender. Therefore, if son complains to us: “I do not want to have long hair! Let’s go to the hairdresser!”; we should  listen to him. Women often do not realize or ignore the fact that it is humiliating for a child, when someone confuses his sex!

Hairstyle for A Little Boy: Long Hair



A small, few years old child, will not have a problem with any haircut. He/she may be a little bit scared before the first visit in hairdressing salon, but it will not matter to him/her what kind of hairdo he/she will get. However, when the child begins to discover his identity, he/she may not agree with your choices, even those related to the haircut. For example, if you force your son to wear long hair – and he does not want to; it may be due to that he’s ashamed to admit that other children and adults sometimes make a mistake by taking “him” for “her”?




Children: First Visit in Hairdressing Salon



When we decide to take our child for his/hers first time haircut, you should prepare them for that. It’s just like a visit to the doctor or dentist. The child needs to know why we’re going to this place and that cutting hair is nothing to fear about, on the contrary. The most important thing is not to scare our precious treasure, because we may experience his/hers panic reaction. So we must to arm ourselves with patience and take a little time, before we try to convince our child once again.




Hairstyle for a Little Girl

Contrary to appearances, choosing a haircut for a little girl and going with her to a hairdresser; is not always a fantastic experience. The child often says things like “When I grow up, I’m gonna be a hairdresser” about ten times an hour, but when we first time make an appointment in hair salon, the child is often in shock, and parents are too. However, you should not worry about it, and just try to prepare your child for a haircut, instead.

Haircut for Men or Haircut for Boys?

Hairstyle on the photo is rather an idea of ​​the hair for a young boy, who likes to play with fashion and likes to play with his ​​beauty. Few guys, I mean, few serious guys would have decide on this type of hairstyle, not more; especially with bleached accents as pictured. However, if you want to rejuvenate yourself a bit, you can grow a hair in such a way to look just like every teenager’s dream – Justin Bieber. Remember, however, the longer the hair, the more time you have to sacrifice for it.

Hairstyle for a Little Boy – Longer Hair

When choosing a hairstyle for a little boy, we should pay attention for more things than just only for the hair to look aesthetically. With a haircut, just like with the outfit, we emphasize the sex of our child. So it would rather be better to avoid long hair in young boys, because someone can confuse them with girls. When choosing a hairstyle for the annual, two-year old kid, we should focus on the comfort! Your child will certainly feel better in short hair. Longer hair can be left at the top of the head, as pictured.

Hairstyle for a Boy – Mushroom Style

Once, gentlemen always wore their hair short, of course besides those, who were listening to heavy metal and wore long ponies. Today, more and more men like to experiment with their hair and hairstyles. And women like to experiment with the hairstyles for their sons. Hairstyle, which is still in fashion, is a hairstyle made in mushroom style, such as this one in the photo. Once, the hair had to be cut in a straight line. However, today we often focus on shaded ends for the whole not to look artificial. Plus, slightly graduated hair looks much more natural.

Hairstyle for a Little Boy – What to Choose?

Once, the most popular haircut, in fact, the only right haircut for a little boy, was a short cut. This was applied not only for little boys, but also for the bigger ones. Even men cut their hair short. Today, more and more often we choose other various hairstyles for our young citizens. One of these hairstyles is presented in the picture: hair is much longer than the traditional hedgehog, and it is also far from the mushroom haircut, where every hair was evenly cut in a straight line.

Hairstyle for Boys – Bob Haircut

Bob haircut makes us think a little bit of fairytale princes and white knights. And every little boy dreams to be a prince or a knight, especially, if he likes fantasy. Bob hairstyle looks great with young boys, especially with blonde hair. This haircut does not need to be always perfectly arranged and combed, so there won’t be any harm not if sometimes the hair will get a bit messy from the blowing wind. Little boy with a slightly longer hair looks genuinely and politely at the same time.


Boyish Hairstyle – Medium Length Curls

If your son or little brother wears naturally curly hair, which are arranged in spirals, then a good way for everyday hairstyle is the average length cut. This type of cut will make our beautiful and sexy curls to be visible at the first glance. Besides, it is very comfortable and we can tie our hair by using elastic rubber band or sports headband. It will allow you to do your chores without disturbance from your hair.


Hairstyle for Boys – Party for Kids

Your younger brother is preparing himself for a school play, or party for kids, or he is celebrating his birthday and he wants to look that day really, really sharp? You do not have to decide on the original cut or on the headgear to be a substitute for a cool hairstyle. A good way to make our kid to be interested in hairstyles (no matter boy or girl), is to have fun in the process, for example, by using a hair coloring spray. This spray can be very easily cleaned off using regular shampoo, plus, it does not leave stains.


Traditional Hairstyle for a Boy – Long Hair + Parting

It is not true that the hairstyles of the old photos of our ancestors have completely gone to rest. Today, when it comes to our children, we can decide on every hairstyle: from the original Mohawk in the middle of the head to the long hair parted like the picture. Such hair is convenient for styling. Parting on the side, parting in the middle, with hair slicked back – there are many variations on this type of hair. Hair has shorter cut at the back, while on the top and in the front, is longer. It looks nice, especially in version as in the picture – the traditional parting.


Hairstyle for Boys – Mohawk

Even the boy, who had just started to grow his hair, will look good in Mohawk haircut. Of course, in case of a two year old, we will not be setting Mohawk vertically and treat it with tons of hair gel. However, children in school-age may, from time to time, request such styling while going to school. This hairstyle is very convenient, especially in the summer. Hair does not warm our child’s head. What’s more, the whole looks very original and the haircut draws attention to itself.


Boyish Hair – Bob Haircut

Once, the hairstyle that is a bit chaotic, and which is called bob haircut, was for some period of time completely unfashionable. Today, on such hairstyles decide boys, who go to primary school, as well as students and adult men, who enjoy their hair a little bit longer. The most important step in making this hairstyle, this cut, is appropriate layering of our hair. If the hair will be well-layered, the entire hairstyle will be light and comfortable. Moreover, it will be elastic and will allow us for more options.