Curly Shiny Bow

Long hair looks well in every type of hairdo, if it’s of course well-matched to the rest. While choosing the right hairdo for some important celebration, you may want to try this one above. Hair has been transformed into beautiful large twists, which have been tied at the back of the head. The whole is decorated with tasteful bow, which cannot only add extra charm to your style but also to give your confidence a serious boost.

Little Girl Hairstyle

Today, we have something for our younger readers. Hairstyle on the picture is most suitable for little girls, who love fancy things on their heads. This braiding updo is very cute and adorable, and therefore, should be a great satisfaction for your little daughter to wear it to school, or to some party. You will probably need to take the advantage of the hairdressing services in order for the hairdo to be perfectly executed.

Pretty Half Updo

Updos have many forms and they are picked on many different occasions. Of course, updo looks best in case of hair that is long; longer the better. You can, for example, make an updo from only the part of your hair while other part should be left loosened. This way, you will achieve amazing effect that is just gorgeous to wear during some special occasions. What’s more, if you decide to make curls from this loosened hair, you can even wear it on your wedding day.

Braided Headband with Ponytail

Looking for a hybrid hairstyle that is comfortable, practical, original and gorgeous? Well, you have just have found it, then. So, in order for you to execute this hairdo the way it should be made, we have prepared for you a form of a little guide, where you can see how to arrange this miracle on your head. Braided headband will keep your hair from going on a wild streak, while ponytail will add some girly accents, emphasizing your femininity.

Ponytail Halo Braid

For everyone, who loves to decorate their long hair with some accessories, we have something special and unique. Hair add-ons don’t have to be artificial made from plastic, metal, or texture. You can also apply on your head decoration made from your own hair. You can, for example, bleach not so large portion of your hair, and then create a braid with it. If the rest of your hair is slightly darker than the braid itself, you can wrap the braid around the head, forming some sort of halo or crown. The contrast will upgrade your appearance in a blink of an eye.

Messy Braid and Ponytail

Messy hairstyles are today quite popular. It is trendy to look like you have just waked up. Besides, messy hairstyle can be a mix of few different types; like for example, combining together braid and ponytail. Hairstyle like this looks very attractive, and you can party with it until the last breath, because even if something will shift or fall apart, it won’t be so visible due to the hairstyle’s messy aesthetic.

Top Crown Braided into Ponytail

Sophisticated hairstyles can be very astonishing and creative in their appearance, however, they are also often time-consuming and very tricky to make. So, the hairdresser or hairstyling services are very welcomed in here. Remember, if you are deciding on a mix involving few different types of hairdos; be sure you will have the time for it. One of such hairstyles is the one on the picture: Hair has been braided into a crown that is wrapping the top of the head, and then formed into ponytail.

French Braided Headband

French braid can be mostly used by women, who like long hair, or at least of medium length. You can do it by yourself, or with the help of your friend, or you can use services of professional hairdresser or hairstylist, if you have no styling skills, whatsoever. To improve your hairstyle and give it more attractive appearance, you can take a portion of your hair; make it in a French braid, but in a way for the braid to have the ability to play the role of the headband.

Braided Headband with Ponytail

Braided headband with ponytail is a mix of few hairstyles that compose together perfectly. Don’t let the appearance fool you, this hairstyle requires some time to spare in front of the mirror, but it’s really worth it. Its originality and uniqueness can be major assets here. The whole looks very intriguing and feminine, and what’s most important; this hairdo can be used in almost every situation.

Braided Headband

For every women and girls out there, who love to wear their hair down and straight, we have fantastic upgrade for your daily basis hairstyle. The trick is to braid a section of your hair into a braid, but one that can be applied on your head as a hairband. The rest of the hair is sleeked down, making perfectly straight and smooth surface. Then, you have to wrap your braid around the head in order for it to play the role of practical and wonderful headband.

Small Fishtail Braid

Need a trendy hairstyle for the major event, but you don’t want it to be too crazy or too inappropriate? Well, we have something, which you will surely fall in love with from the first sight. Girl on the photo wears her hair down, however, only partially. Second section of the hair has been made into small fishtail braid that is in a bit of disarray, making the whole hairstyle to look messy, but also quite elegant at the same time. That’s why; you can wear it everywhere, from crazy-wild party to public speeches and business meetings.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is one of the most common varieties of braids. It takes some time to create, but it’s not as hard as creation of, for example, 5-strand braid. If fishtail is properly executed we will have many admirers in no time. In case of this hairstyle, longer the hair, more attractive the braid is. So, don’t waste any more of your precious time and grant yourself a perfectly-braided hairstyle that will rock your whole hairdressing world.

Simple Bun

Buns, no matter if they are simple or not, they all have one thing in common – they are very practical. Aside from not disturbing us and being quite durable, we can easily fix the bun if something suddenly shifts, moves or falls apart. They can be used at parties and birthdays, or weddings and business meetings. Other words, they are a perfect match for every, even the most important occasion.

Cute Braid

Who said that hairstyle can be only visible in case of blonde hair color? The above image completely denies this. Beautiful braid made with even more beautiful black hair that has been perfectly sleeked back, is a type of hairstyle that will surely catch the eye of more than only one guy. It adds us mystery and charm, making us more desirable. Hairstyle can be done fast and without any hairdressing tricks.

Braided Updos

Updos can be made in thousands different ways. We can decide for the classic, namely for the retro braids that are used by many women for generations. However, we can also be trendy and opt for those types of braids that make our appearance unique and authentic. Girl in the picture has her hair made in updo that has been located on the top of the head along with asymmetrical braid, and large portion of the hair wearing down. Really crazy hairstyle.

Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are very popular today. Our imagination simply has no boundaries. Just look at the above image. Hairstyle like this is an invention of great creativity combined with good hairdressing skills. It’s an updo made at the back of the head, which is also little bit asymmetrical. This bun-like updo presents very well, especially, on the head of the young bride, who can’t wait for the most important day of her life.

Crochet Bow Headband

There are several ways how to make our hair to look like it has more volume. For example, we can treat it with some hairstyling cosmetics, or use a hairstyler… But one of the quickest ways to do that is to equip ourselves with crochet bow headband. We simply put it on our head lifting it up a little making our hair to lift up too. What’s more, when using crochet bow headband we also gain hair decoration in the process.

Big Black Bow

Hair accessories can make our hairstyle to look prettier, wilder, more sophisticated, more girly-looking, and different. There are many additions that you can spice up your hair with. All you need to do is to use the Internet and find online stores with hairdressing merchandise. You can browse through hair clippers, hair buckles, hair slides and inserts, hairpins, and many other practical and decorative accessories that will improve your look. If you have black long hair and you love to wear it down and straight, you can always change your style a little, and obtain for yourself big black bow that will add mystery to your hairstyle.

Wrap around Braid

Who didn’t want to be a princess in times of their youth? I think everyone did. Now you have the chance to feel like a real princess, and all thanks to the hairstyle that we have prepared just for you. Look at the picture to see sleeked perfectly back long hair freely falling on the back. The hair on the top of the head has been wrapped around in form of thin braid or braids giving us the fairy-tale appearance.


Weaved hairstyles apply mostly for long hair, but hair of medium length is also suitable candidate for it. There are many different weaves and braids out there, and you can easily match something to your beauty, all you need is to show a little initiative. If you have some styling skills then you can create weaves inside your own home. However, in case of more sophisticated braids, you should visit hairdressing salon.