Sweet like Cinnamon

This post will provide you with something sweeter than usual. Long hair with beautiful shade of brown that looks like cinnamon sticks is definitely the type of hairdo one should wear for some important celebrations. Leave your hair loosened, and only partially tie it at the back of your head using previously-made, subtle and pretty braid. Hairstyle is quite girly and you can be sure it will grant you many benefits.

Dark Blond Curls

We have another curly hairdo just for you. Long and bleached hair looks best when left undone, merely, because it provides us with the most natural appearance the woman can gain. Allow your pretty hair to fall on your shoulders, emphasizing the beauty of your face and making you irresistible. You can even use few different shades of blonde, and bleaching your hair partially with the darker and partially with the brighter shade.

Messy Loosely Pinned

Do you like to follow the world of fashion, trying every new solution for your hair? If so, then we have something you probably never tried before. And if you did, it won’t hurt to try it again. Try to transform your long and seductive hair into nicely-looking curls. This was the step one. The second step is to pin your hair at the back but in a bit of a messy way. This ‘transitional’ hairdo can be then used not only for every day wear but also for more elegant events.

Light Waves

Long hair and waves is the perfect combination – natural, sweet-looking and very stylish. Such hair screams ‘femininity’ very laud, therefore, every long hair owner should try it at least once. Waves are very easy to make, and you don’t even have to visit hairdressing salons in order to arrange it, because trust me; you will be perfectly able to make this hairdo inside your own home. And the final effect is simply breathtaking.

Golden Flowing

Golden hair color gives us extra charm and elegance. There are many shades of gold to choose from, and also many ways to combine them with a proper hairdo. Above, you can see a model, whose long hair has been dyed golden, left loosened and a bit messy. It is a very nice option for girls, who go to the high school or college. You only need few minutes to look that beautiful, and you also won’t be disturbed by your hair if something breaks, because you will be able to fix it in no time.

Classy Dress and Pretty Long Hair

Long hair and proper outfit is a very dangerous combination, for the hearts of men, of course. Girl with long and well-cared hair, wearing fabulous dress that emphasizes hairstyle even more, will definitely raise the heartbeat in every guy. So, try always matching your hair with your outfit. And the best way to that is to cut few hours of your precious time out of your life, and sacrificing it for the experiments with your look in front of your bedroom mirror.

Peanut Butter Highlights

Here we have something sweet and delicious for you long and well-cared hair. I’m talking about the peanut butter highlights, which can provide you with sweet and adorable appearance. Twist your hair into large spirals and leave it loose. You will see that your hair has gained extra volume in it, and what’s more, that it also effectively emphasize your beautiful face.  Highlights can be done in every good hairstyling salon.

Medium Brown with Golden Highlights

Do you like to play with your hair using different coloring techniques? If you do, and if your hair is long and medium brown, then you might want to think about treating yourself to a wonderful hairstyle, which has been presented above. Brown hair has been introduced to golden highlights, which results in a fabulous and magnificent appearance. And if your hair is very long and with some impressive volume, you can leave it undone, spreading it across your whole back.

Low & Highlights

Beautiful long hair needs beautiful hairstyles in order to astonishingly present itself in all its glory. One of many potential solutions is highlights. Other one is lowlights. However, you can also combine these two and put it on your long and healthy hair. You will see how your image has been improved, when you first time look in the mirror. The best is to use services of some professional hairstylist, and gaining at the same time the guarantee of a well-executed hairstyle.

Dream Hair in Grayscale

Pretty long hair adds many benefits to our feminine beauty, especially, when left loosened. You don’t even have to straight your hair or curl it into amazing twists to achieve very girlish look. Try to leave it a bit messy, aiming at look that you see every single morning after getting up from your bed. SO, you can achieve this dreamy hairdo by putting your hair in the hands of your own sleep, which will do all the work for you.

Long Hair Over Shoulder

Long hair is best when undone, and everybody knows that. One of the most feminine solutions for long or very long hair is to leave it straight. You can use a hair straightener for it, or simply sleek your hair with a help of the round brush. Well-groomed hair looks best when black and shiny, just as pictured. You can then leave it on your back, or you can introduce your hair to some slight change by sweeping the one half of your hair over your shoulder.

Morning Hair and Long Sleeved Denim

Many of us often forget that hair, no matter the length, should be well-matched not only to the type of our beauty but also to the outfit we wear. For example, if your hair is long, straight and fair, then you can try to wear denim shirt, which will bring out your beauty aspects in no time. It’s a very casual appearance, but very attractive one. You can use it for school time or for hanging out with your friends, or to go shopping – options are endless here.

Long Straight Hair

Long hair needs to be pamper like little child. The proper hair care is here more precious than gold. And if your hair is healthy and strong, you can then start to make some wonderful hairstyle with it. For example, if your hair is long and you like to wear it loosened, then you may want to check the above photo. Straight hair like this can be achieved with a help of a hair straightener or proper comb or brush.

Long Layered Hairstyle

You have long hair and you don’t know how to arrange it? Try to use layers, and you will quickly find that this was one of your best choices. Layered hairstyle can be made while in hairdressing salon. This way you will have the guarantee the hairstyle will be as beautiful as you have imagined it would be. You can wear it proudly during college classes, shopping, work, parties, and many more. So feel free to check it out.

Fabulous Long Curls

Every woman, who has her hair curly by nature, should consider herself very lucky. For the rest of us, there are devices available, which will make your straight hair to be turned into fantastic twists. I’m talking about the curling iron, of course. You can also use a hairstyler or rollers, and your curls will be amazing as well. You can then wear your hair loosened, astounding everyone around you, no matter if it is school, college, work or wedding.

Brown Hair with Twist

That’s true, long hair looks best when loosened and probably straight. However, it is not the only fantastic appearance of hair this length. Have you ever tried to give it a little twist? It’s quite simple, really. Besides, who would not want to wear long hair like this woman in the picture? Hairdo is gorgeous, and also original. Messy structure falling down at the back looks sensational and therefore you can use it for almost every type of event.

Cascading Curls

Are you a curls lover and on top of that your hair is very long? Then, we have for you something that will blow your mind. Cascading curls are, in my opinion, the most beautiful locks you can ever be able to put in your long hair. Such curls require more sophisticated approach; therefore, if you are not sure how to twist them, it would be better if you try to use services of some professional stylist. This way, you won’t be able to recognize your reflection, when you take a glance towards the mirror.

Caramel and Chocolate Hair

Do you like sweets? Would you like to become one of them? Then change your long hair into caramel and chocolate appearance, which will make everyone to crave for your sweetness. Try also to twist your hair a bit. This way, you will gain more elegance and more seductiveness in your general style. Hairdo works perfect during weddings and anniversaries. Besides, it presents itself quite natural, emphasizing every aspect of woman’s beauty.

Black Hair and Gorgeous Curls

Dense and dark hair is always a good choice, especially if hair is long and shiny. What’s more, if we combine this shade with some pretty twists, we will grant ourselves to the one beautiful hairstyle. Curls are not that difficult, really. Just grab you curling iron or a hairstyler and you will achieve this hairstyle relatively quickly. Moreover, its comfort, beauty and few other benefits will definitely convince you to never quit this cute hairdo.

Long Hair Girl Swag

This time, we are presenting hairdo for the women wearing their hair very long. The picture speaks by itself – a gorgeous hairstyle with amazing swag can boost your appearance to the unreachable level. Such hair is hell to tame; however, if you finally make it happen, you will see that there is no other hairdo you would like to wear. And remember to care of your long hair, because it needs it much more than the hair of the more common lengths.