Cute HairStyle

Hair styling is a form of art, which allows you to arrange your hair into very complex and unique hairdos, spicing up your own style and giving yourself an amazing appearance. There are countless hairstyles to choose from; so you can match them to your type of beauty, face features, types of hair and also to the particular occasion. The most important things are; always make your hairdo with the best possible precision, and care for your hair to look shiny, healthy and luscious.

Bob Haircut

For those women, who are opting for the decision to cut their hair shorter, or for women, who already have medium-length hair but they want to introduce some changes to their hair; we have a perfect solution. This type of haircut is called bob, and it can be done in every hairdressing salon. However, before we decide to cut our beautiful long hair, we should use applications on the web, which will help us to visualize our look of the particular type of haircut.

Short Hair with an Extremely Long Bangs

Women, who decide to cut their hair short, usually do it for two reasons. First, we believe that it’s a nice and fresh look for us. The second reason – we tend to think that short hair equals less trouble. However, contrary to what it may seem, short cuts with long bangs, often require more modeling than hair of long or medium length. After all, we can’t arrange them in a ponytail.

5 Strand Pullback

Long hair has always been popular and even with more time for its caring, washing, combing and arranging; long hair is the most often choose haircut. We can do with it really unreal things. For example, the above picture shows us the way to create the 5 strand pullback hairstyle, which looks really breathtaking. Some hair was made into a braid and some other sections have been tug out and leave to fall freely on the side of the head. It’s a very charming hairstyle.

Short Hair for Women + Longer Bangs



If our goal is to treat ourselves with a short hairstyle, then we should decide on the long bangs. You will always be able to cut it short later on. That’s why; the best way to start is to leave for yourself a long hair in front as well as on top of your head. It will give us the possibility to style and arrange our hair in very interesting and sophisticated way, to make our appearance to look more original. So, do not be afraid of a short hair – they also can look sexy and attractive.


Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Long hairstyles with bangs, which are much shorter in the back, are suitable for each of us; for each type of beauty and for women of all ages. Long asymmetrical bangs allow us to style our hair in many ways. We do not always have to wear hair straight or combed onto one side. With the long bangs we can do the curls, plus, we can arrange our hair anyway we want to.

Short Hair – Men’s Haircut for Women



Not only women, who are in their 40-50, opt for short hairstyles. The old myths and legends say that short haircut was only chosen by women, who didn’t want to take care of their hair anymore. Meantime, short hair rejuvenates us, makes our facial features to look more attractive and in many cases is more suitable for us than long or medium length hair. If you need more proof, all you need to do is to look at famous movie stars, like Halle Berry or Meg Ryan, who are living example of that short hair can be sexy, too!


Bob Hairstyle – Feminine or Not?

Well, the answer seems to be obvious: bob hairstyle is not necessarily feminine and it could ruin our image. This type of hairstyle can only be chosen by a woman, who has sharp and expressive facial features that “defend by themselves”, while hair is just a less important accessory. However, even in this case, better solution is to get more elegant cut than unnecessarily taking away our charm with this type of haircut.

Short Black Hair – Hairstyle for Every Day



Short hair is suitable for each color and for each type of face features. However, the selection of the cut should be strictly matched to our beauty. For example, one of us may look perfectly with so-called bob haircut, whilst for other women this type of a haircut would be worse than a crime. The most versatile hairstyles are like example shown on the above image – meaning; different length hair that falls naturally and nicely down.


Medium Length Hair for Blondes



Some hairdressers believe that hair color and the cut are two different things, which should not be combined together. In our opinion, the choice of a haircut that is perfect for every-day-use should go hand in hand with the color. For example, hairstyle on the picture is a medium length hair that looks very attractive when wearing by blonde girls, because due to the hair color we can see this strong cut. With dark hair, such as dark brown or black; a specific brush, which shows our hair volume, would no longer be so clearly visible.


Medium Length Hair: What Type of Woman’s Look Would Be Perfect for It?



Medium length hair (although, some of you would define a hairstyle on this picture rather as short hair) is suitable for each of us, provided that the hair is properly matched to our face. For example, straight trimmed medium length hair (with bangs) will fit only a woman with delicate and gentle facial features. And for every girl or woman with round face, layered hairdo with small “teeth” would be the best decision.




Hairstyles of Movie Stars – Not Always Crazy



Some celebrities, stars and starlets, with every step try to show and emphasize how much they are genuine, original, unusual, sophisticated and different from other people. Just look at Lady Gaga, who is losing her fans, because instead of music we can only see another scandalous situation, which often involves her outlandish costumes and controversial hairstyles. On the above picture, famous movie star, Anne Hathaway presents us original and very short hair, like a boy’s haircut. Isn’t it more original than acting like crazy all the time? Even madness and extravagance can eventually make you sick to your stomach.




Catwalk Hairstyles – Are They Suitable for Everyday Use or Not?



When we look at pictures from the catwalks, where we can see hairstyles of the models, we often grab our head and think: “I would not want to look like this even in a million years!” Meanwhile, it turns out that not all stylists went totally crazy, and that it is possible to create something original. In a matter of fact, so original that even “the girl next door” will be able to make it. Something that is great for New Year’s party or other attraction.



Short Hair in a Bright Color – Rejuvenates Us?

Many women decide to change their hair color on a much brighter one… when they begin to notice they are not as young. There is a common belief that blonde color rejuvenates us – and often it does. But we must be careful with blonde, because if we choose incorrect shade (too warm, too cool), our face may present itself very bad. So watch out while bleaching hair, and think about the shade, which will highlight your beauty.

Short Hair with Long Bangs

If you have medium length hair or long hair, and you would like to change your hairstyle to shorter one, think about leaving little bit longer bangs. You will always have the possibility to shorten it further. Besides, leaving your bangs as it is, will make your face does not change too “drastically”, if you’ll cut your hair short. Longer bangs also provide more opportunities for styling our hair.

Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair



If you think that with short hair is impossible to do anything interesting, even for such an important ceremony like marriage – you’re dead wrong. And we will prove it to you. Sometimes, all you really need is a little bit of styling and some idea that says; even with very short hair we can create something quite interesting. You should look around for interesting ornaments for short hair. And keep in mind that they will match the color of your dress and your jewelry (for example; white + gold or gold + silver).




Short Feminine Hairstyles – Mega Sexy!



Short female hair can also add us sex appeal and charm. The most important thing is choosing the right cut. In case of some hair, even very short haircut without styling may be a bit flat. Some other hair, however, even without cosmetics, will look as if it was intentionally raised up. While having high forehead, we should also apply longer bangs. With low forehead this is not necessary. The choice of our hairstyle depends mainly on the shape of our face!


Very Short Hair – Feminine and Sexy!


If you think that only women with long hair can look feminine and subtle, with hair giving them extra sex appeal, then the above photo will quickly derive you from the error. If even our favorite celebrities opt for such hairstyles, we can safely conclude that they are on something. Very short hair, especially in bright color, fit perfectly for a woman with a gentle, but at the same time expressive beauty.


Short or Medium Length Hair – Evening Hairstyle



Women, who have short or medium length hair, often have a problem with choosing suitable hairstyle for the evening out, such as exclusive New Year’s Eve party. A solution that we present in this picture will check in case of medium length hair, and in case of short hair with long bangs. We can easily do this type of hairstyle by ourselves inside our own home. The only things we need are good quality curling iron and hairspray.




Short Hair: Sharp Cut



When we decide to change the length of our hair, we must always think this decision through. Remember that when you are looking at some hairstyle in the magazine or in the pictures on varius websites, and you like what you see; it does not always mean that you will look good in hairstyle like that. There are some hairstyles – like this one in the picture – that require intensive styling to look well. Besides, it is not a cut for every type of hair.