Medium Length Hair – Curly Hair



With curly hair is always a problem. It is arranging badly, or is difficult to comb, or simply belong to those, who necessarily want to have their hair straight. Medium length masculine hair, slightly twisted, we often associate with angel’s hair, especially, if the hair is colored blond. But there is no need to worry about the stereotypes. So if you like medium length curly hair – do not shave your head bald, just because someone told you that you do not look good.




Hairstyles for Men: Long Hair + Thick Beard

Until recently, long, male facial hair all over that covers almost entire face, was considered a trend that has clearly faded away. Today, the thick, strong facial hair returns to the hairdressing fashion. Most often, for this type of hair decides men, who have long hair. Those gentlemen are very patient in order to systematically take care of their long hair and their long beard, which requires regular care and trimming, from time to time. Strong facial hair we associate with masculinity.


Haircuts for Men – Long Hair

Today, we rarely meet gentlemen, who have their hair as long as the model in the picture. However, men’s fashion for long hair still reigns among men, who like to get wild while listening to rock music and heavy metal. Some time ago, long hair in men was associated with total rebellion against the whole world. Today, no one even cares if men wear their hair long or short. Besides, those haircuts also have the interest among the opposite sex, probably due to the popular rock bands.