Interesting Man’s Hairstyle – Extreme Cutting



Certainly, only a few men would have their hair or facial hair colored… let alone to color their hair green. However today, more and more young gentlemen decide on the above cut. On the side of the head hair is cut very short while the top hair grows to a certain length. More and more men are also choosing to wear a full beard, because it’s comfortable and masculine solution:-)




Crazy Men’s Hairstyle: What They Say about Our Hair?



Our look often reveals, who we are. When we create for ourselves hairstyle like in the picture, usually we want to show our friends, relatives and strangers on the street, how brave and crazy we are, and free, and independent. However, people not always perceive our fashion tricks as we would like them to. Sometimes, they think we went insane, while other times they may think that we were the victims of a nasty joke of our friends, who made us a haircut while we were sleeping.




Masculine Cut Only for the Brave… or Crazy



Would you be brave enough to put something like this on your head? Can you imagine coming to work in such a haircut, in fact, the remains of a haircut? If you would appear in such a hairstyle in your school, your teachers probably would get a heart attack. With such a haircut is no laughing matter, because when you realize that this was ​​a mistake and you look foolish, the only thing you have left is to shave your head completely or wear a wig:-)




Unusual Masculine Cut – Hedgehog with Long Bangs



Hairstyle like in the picture looks good. However, only until shortly cut hair will not start to grow back. This haircut requires fairly frequent adjustments, in fact: trimmings. Besides, the daily alignment of hair part and making the longer side of our hair, which forms a kind of bangs, it can be quite tedious for some laze men. Besides, imagine that you leave your house, and strong wind blows like mad. Your hair starts to fall on your forehead with the hair ends falling into your eyes.




Masculine Haircut + Hair Gel: Still Fashionable?



Some time ago, a guy with no gel on his hair was a rarity, at least, when it comes to guys, who care about their look. Today, we find too much gel in our hair a bit embarrassing. However, hair gel on man’s head is nothing wrong, as long as we use a reasonable amount of it. Too much gel in our hair may seem like we haven’t wash our hair for a long time. What’s more, poor quality gel, after some time, can turn into a rigid mass, which will begin to crumble and looking like dandruff.




Curly Medium Length Hairstyle for Men



In women, the hair of this length, which we can see in the picture, we would call a short cut. For a guy the same length of hair is a medium length. Most guys do not want to do their hair every day, and to play with styling it, so they prefer to stick with the classic short hairstyles, which require only limited washing and refreshing – no combing, no styling, no smoothing or backcombing. However, if you feel growing your hair a bit, then you should do the same thing as the guy in the picture: leave the hair shorter on the bottom and let it grow on top of the head.




Masculine Haircut or Not?



When you look at this picture, I’m sure you associate it with the rock music fans, which, however, is far from the classics. In these days, men often opt for hairstyles that look a bit like straight from the manga comics or from the music scene with a crowd of raging teenagers that go crazy over their favorite singers. Before you decide on the hair – the cut and the color, think about whether is worth it. Because maybe, after some time, you will be horrified while looking at the pictures of this haircut.




Haircut for Men or Haircut for Boys?

Hairstyle on the photo is rather an idea of ​​the hair for a young boy, who likes to play with fashion and likes to play with his ​​beauty. Few guys, I mean, few serious guys would have decide on this type of hairstyle, not more; especially with bleached accents as pictured. However, if you want to rejuvenate yourself a bit, you can grow a hair in such a way to look just like every teenager’s dream – Justin Bieber. Remember, however, the longer the hair, the more time you have to sacrifice for it.

Short Hairstyles for Men – Still in Fashion!

If you are looking for a suitable hairstyle for yourself, and you are worried that in order to be in fashion, you have to choose some strange cut or to grow hair; then you really have nothing to be worry about. Short hair for men is still in fashion, and you can easily decide on wearing such a hairstyle. Hairstyle as the one in the photo is a combination of classic short hair with a slightly longer part of the hair on the top, which can be combed up, or made in a parting. It all depends on the day!

Men’s Hairstyle: Medium Length Curly Hair + Parting

In the world of men’s hairstyles there is almost the same freedom as in the world of hairstyles for women, but most guys will definitely stay with the classic short cut. Short hair requires less work, which means more time for fun. Guys are rather pragmatic and prefer to spend time in a different way than we do. Spending few hours every week in front of a mirror is not a problem for us at all. Even the hair of such length as in the picture, which, however, require the use of a comb in the morning, for most guys is, simply, too much.

Men’s Hair – Great Chaos?

Not every guy looks like Cristiano Ronaldo. And some of us would say: fortunately! In case of men’s hair that we see every day on the street or hair that we can see on the catwalks; there is a total chaos. Some men like to put gel in their hairstyles, while for others such hair is unthinkable. Most important, however, is for all the men to look aesthetically with their hair that should always be arranged to give the owners fresh and natural look.

Short Hair – Zac Efron

Wondering how is it that the biggest movie stars always look like they were uncombed, and yet they still look great? Hairstyle in Zac Efron’s style is a short hair with shaded ends. The hair looks good, even when it hasn’t seen a comb for a longer time. In order to raise the hair a bit, we just need a little bit of hairspray, gel or mousse for hair styling. Short hair is comfortable and versatile. Plus, this hairstyle always works perfectly for men.



Men’s Hair Every Day

Medium length and long hair for men are coming back into fashion, especially, type of hair like in a model in the above picture that can be turned into several different hairstyles. Plus, hair like this is comfortable and do not interferes with anything. Its daily care doesn’t take much time, which is really appreciated by guys. Hairstyle for men in this style is fashionable, especially, among young men, who like to often change their appearance. The hair can be combed forward, backward or sideways; allowing creating whole variety of hairstyles.


Medium Haircuts for Men – Wave on Bangs

Although, for some time, medium length hair in men has gone to rest, now it is increasingly coming back. Longer hair in men, if it is well and nicely arranged, it looks elegant. However, if the hair will not be well-cared, it may look messy and not necessarily aesthetically. Longer bangs can be arranged, for example, as pictured, with a straight parting, arranged in the form of a gentle wave. This hairstyle makes our men to look like lovers from the old movies.


Average Hairstyle for Men

What do you think; is the hair in the picture short or long? Or maybe you mean? Are there any specific limits on the length of hair and the related terminology? Long hair is one that you can tie into a small ponytail while using rubber band for hair, or so it is generally accepted. Medium and short hair is basically the same thing. For one person, short hair may ends, when hedgehog begins to slowly grow again. While for someone else, even hair that reaches beyond the jaw line is still short.


Short Haircut for Polite Boy

Hairstyle from the photo is a great way for the cut and for the hairstyle not only for the well-behaved boys. Although, men’s haircuts with long hair and the parting has been gone from fashion world for some time. However, old-school trends are once again knocking on the fashion gates. Men’s hairstyle for a polite boy is easy to make if the person has appropriately long hair. Such hair can be arranged in different ways. Moreover, if we apply a hair gel, it will make this hairstyle even more feisty appearance.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Zac Efron’s Haircut

Wondering how is it that the biggest movie stars always look like they were uncombed, and yet they always look great? Hairstyle in Zac Efron’s style is a short hair with shaded ends. The hair looks good, even if they didn’t deal with a comb for a very long time. In order to raise the hair up, you should use some hairspray or gel, or even mousse will do the trick. Short hair is comfortable and versatile. And in case of men, hairstyle like this, always works perfectly.