Ombre Curls

Have you ever wonder if there is something you can do in order to further improve your traditional curly hairdo? We may just have the answer for you. Before you start curling your long hair, you may try to use ombre technique. Choose the shades right, otherwise, you will not be able to achieve desired results.  After that, if your ombre looks well, change your hair into very large twists and let it fall on your shoulders.

Bunny Sweaters and Curls

Are you aiming for some cool style that is now trendy and every young girl is using it? You may want to take a glance at the above photo, if you of course planning to change your style for a little bit more hip-hop. Simply, try to curl you long hair into small twists, helping the whole to achieve more volume. Remember to leave your hair undone. After that, just put your hood on your head and your new hip-hop style is now in progress.

Light Golden Waves

Waves are very often chosen by the women with long hair, mainly, because of the comfort, quickness and simplicity during creating this hairdo. If you are not confident of your hairdressing skills, you may want to bring your hair to the salon, where you will be sure it will be done right. Long fair hair, undone and well-cared, is one of the best choices when deciding on waves, no matter smaller or larger ones.

Over Night No Heat Curls

Curls are probably the most beautiful type of hairstyle for the long hair. They give our hair more volume and making it looks like a living and breathing symbol of taste and elegance. In order to get these precious twists, you may want to use rollers, traditional not the hot ones, and then leave them for the entire night. In the morning you will be having a Christmas time, while opening your amazingly curled gift.

Sparkling Wedding Hair

Wedding hairdos can be quite astonishing, especially, when made with precision and heart. We have prepared for you such inspiration on the above photo. You can see that the whole hairdo is not only impeccable in every manner, but what’s more, it has been also decorated with some additional accessories. Such additions can be quite benefitting. Simply, sprinkle some glitter on your wedding hairstyle, and it will outshine every guest on your ceremony.

Waves and Length

Did you ever notice that the longer the hair the more beautiful it is? Well, it’s true. Hair with such great length deserves to be treated like royalty, so don’t skimp on the hair care. One of most amazing hairdos for such long hair is waves. Longer the hair the larger the waves should be. This way you will get a whole new appearance with only a little sacrifice in the shape of your free time. Hairdo like this you can easily wear for many different occasions.

Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is the symbol of our vitality, youth, and beauty. Therefore, it is very wise to keep your hair in proper care. Otherwise, you will be stuck with hay on your head, at best. You can as well lose your hair altogether. So consider good quality cosmetics, like shampoo that is right for your type of hair, and conditioner, which also follows the same rules. Remember to systematically wash your hair, too. This way you will become a proud owner of healthy, shiny and strong hair.

Messy with Sleeves

Messy hairstyles are a recent hit, and every woman decides on this hairdo in a blink of an eye – probably, because it is not only trendy but also very attractive and quite comfy. Besides it doesn’t take long to arrange it, especially if the messy hairdo is being made with long and loosened hair. In addition, match it with your outfit, like on the image, and you will gain a very trendy but yet very adorable style.

Amazingly Curled Hairstyle

Curls – we all love them and would want to wear them every single day. Of course, it can be done. All you need is to acquire good quality curling iron and take couple of minutes of your free time. You can even decide on different size. It all depends on your taste and the type of your personality. If you want to look more feminine we recommend large waves; however, if you are opting for feistier look, you should consider small spirals, like the ones on the photo.

Blonde and Brunette Highlights

Have you ever tried to wear highlights in case of your long hair? Well, now you have the chance. We are presenting highlights that consist of two contrasting colors – brunette and blonde. Such hairstyle should be made only in hairstyling salon by a professional, who knows what he/she is doing. You can, of course, try it by yourself, but if you are not sure about this, it is better to leave it to the pros. Hairstyle is very attractive and can be used in many occasions.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long hair has many advantages, with one of them being countless ways to arrange the hair into fantastic hairdos. For every day wear you may want to choose simpler and hairstyles, which also not devouring your precious time while arranging them. However, if you are preparing for some special occasion, you should think about executing more sophisticated hairdos, just as the one on the above picture.

Messy Light Colored

Fair long hair is the peak of woman’s nature. We can often spot such hair on the street, work or school. It is quite popular. But, even though this hair can be seen in case of many girls and women, it does not mean that you shouldn’t try it. Even using such common style you can still look breathtaking. Simply, undone your hair and leave it as it is. This way, you will have cute and attractive hairdo, made in no time.

Easy and Gentle Hairstyle

Feminine hairstyles should be characterized by subtle and gentle appearance. It is the only way to bring out your delicate personality on the surface. Such hairdos can be very gorgeous, especially, if well-matched to the rest of your general style. You can browse amongst updos, curls and ponytails, picking the right hairdo for your type of beauty. And you will also see that after choosing the perfect hairdo, your attractiveness will go through the roof.

Pink and Orange Hair Colors

Do you like to dye your long hair and experiment with different types of colors in order to find the best possible look? If your creativity is not too wide, then try to look through the Internet, where you can find many colorful inspirations, starting from this post. On the picture, you can see the girl wearing black long hair with few colorful touches; pink and orange to be exact. You can even curl your hair in order to gain more sophisticated style.

Wedding Hairstyle

Everyone knows that wedding hairstyles should be impeccable when it comes to their appearance. Therefore, no matter if we choose simpler or more sophisticated hairdos, we should keep in mind that it should be executed with precision, otherwise, the final effect we aim for will never be achieved.  The photo shows magnificent wedding hairstyle curled, long, black and spectacular. With this hairdo no man will say ‘no’ to you.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Every fan of very long hair should feel very lucky to wear it. Very long hair is relatively rare to spot, mostly, because many of us simply do not have the time to tame such length every single morning. And that is why we often choose shorter hair, saving our precious minutes to make it on time to work or school. However, if you don’t mind spending time for your hair care and arranging hairstyle, then you have to definitely decide to wear such beautiful long asset.

Pink and Blonde Hair

Color combinations are very trendy, especially amongst young girls, who just love to get crazy from time to time. In case of multicolored hairdos very important is contrast. Often, more intense the better. On the photo you can see a traditional blonde shade merged with pink, giving this girl pretty and slightly wild look. What’s more, colors have been perfectly matched to the haircut and to the makeup, providing a very cute appearance.

Peinado Hair

In this topic we will focus on the peinado hair, which in my opinion create one of the best appearances of the long hair. What’s more, if your hair is not only long but also very bright, you can be sure you will gain the most noticeable hairdo. Hairstyle has been made with Swiss precision, putting emphasis on every single detail, thus transforming the whole hair into the fashionable state-of-art. Do you want to feel pretty? Then, just try it on.

White Colored Curls

Curls go almost with everything. And I’m not talking only about types of hair. There are perfect for countless number of outfits, accessories and makeups… On top of that, curls are also quite comfortable and very feminine. You may want to try this beautiful inspiration above, where hair has been bleached and curled into amazing twists. Whole hairdo looks like it belongs to some queen from the bed-times fairytales.

Blonde and Brunette Waterfall Wedding Hair

Weddings – all women love them and all want to be a bride or a bridesmaid. However, during occasion like this, our look must be complete. Everything has to work with everything and for the hairdo itself – more adorable the better. If you wear long fair hair, and you have in front of you this wonderful day, then you may try to wear waterfall hairstyle, which will definitely steal the thunder even from the bride herself.