Bunny Sweaters and Curls

Are you aiming for some cool style that is now trendy and every young girl is using it? You may want to take a glance at the above photo, if you of course planning to change your style for a little bit more hip-hop. Simply, try to curl you long hair into small twists, helping the whole to achieve more volume. Remember to leave your hair undone. After that, just put your hood on your head and your new hip-hop style is now in progress.

Light Golden Waves

Waves are very often chosen by the women with long hair, mainly, because of the comfort, quickness and simplicity during creating this hairdo. If you are not confident of your hairdressing skills, you may want to bring your hair to the salon, where you will be sure it will be done right. Long fair hair, undone and well-cared, is one of the best choices when deciding on waves, no matter smaller or larger ones.

Messy with Sleeves

Messy hairstyles are a recent hit, and every woman decides on this hairdo in a blink of an eye – probably, because it is not only trendy but also very attractive and quite comfy. Besides it doesn’t take long to arrange it, especially if the messy hairdo is being made with long and loosened hair. In addition, match it with your outfit, like on the image, and you will gain a very trendy but yet very adorable style.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long hair has many advantages, with one of them being countless ways to arrange the hair into fantastic hairdos. For every day wear you may want to choose simpler and hairstyles, which also not devouring your precious time while arranging them. However, if you are preparing for some special occasion, you should think about executing more sophisticated hairdos, just as the one on the above picture.

Peinado Hair

In this topic we will focus on the peinado hair, which in my opinion create one of the best appearances of the long hair. What’s more, if your hair is not only long but also very bright, you can be sure you will gain the most noticeable hairdo. Hairstyle has been made with Swiss precision, putting emphasis on every single detail, thus transforming the whole hair into the fashionable state-of-art. Do you want to feel pretty? Then, just try it on.

Black and Blonde Hair Colors

Do you want to look really spectacular wearing your long hair? Then, you should look on the photo above. You can find here an inspiration for the hair that consists of two colors merged together – blonde and black. Such hairstyles are today in fashion, especially, because they look like celebrity hairdos. You can twist them and make it wavy, and your hairstyle will still be looking gorgeous. In addition, it is just perfect for social events.

Long Hair with Color

Dyed hair is nothing new in today’s fashion. However, it is still very popular and widely used. Mostly, because dyed hair looks really great, of course, if the color is well-matched to the type of our beauty and our hair. It will not hurt to experiment with those colors a little. It will help you find your perfect appearance. If your hair is fair, feel free to take the advantage of the inspiration displayed on the above picture.

Long Dark Waves

Long hair should be turned into beautiful waves at least once in a while. Such hairdos can be very attractive, giving you boost to your confidence and appearance, and also enhancing everyone around you. Besides, it does not take long hours to arrange them. That’s why; you should definitely think about changing your dark and undone hair into those gentle twists, and you’ll see you will fall in love with this hairstyle from the first sight.

Fancy Hair with Loops

Hairstyles sometimes take very sophisticated forms, especially, when we are in preparation for some important celebration. In these times, we often decide to put on our head something that is more complex and fancier than our everyday wear. And on the picture above, we have presented one of such hairstyles, where hair has been made into looped updo at the back of the head. Hairdo looks quite elegant and classy; hence it’s mainly suited for special occasions.

Cute Hair Pretty Eyes

Perfect beauty must go well with perfect hairdo. On the above picture, you can see a very attractive model, whose beauty has been very well accentuated with the use of the proper hairstyle. Eyes have been treated with a makeup that is suitable not only to the face features, mainly the eyes, but it also completes its benefits with the advantages provided by the hairdo. In addition, every emphasizing-her-beauty aspect perfectly cooperates with others, granting her an appearance out from this world.

Hair Volume and Smokey Eyes

Hair with adequate amount of volume is always well appreciated by women, who love to wear their hair long. However, in order to achieve proper hair volume, the hair should be well-cared and provided with excellent nutrition. This way, you will be able to arrange countless types of hairdos, and every one of them will look astonishing. What’s more, if you match your hairstyle with a proper makeup, you will gain maximum of the visual benefits.

Adorable Fishtail Braid

Fishtails are one of many types of braids, and on top of that, also one of the most beautiful ones. In order to make such braid you will have to look through the web, where you can find many guides on how to weave your hair using different techniques. Such braid can be then used during your college classes or in school, making you look professional and appealing. With proper practice you will be able to create this braided tail in no time.

Gorgeous Hair

Every one of us, no matter if the hair is long or short, wants to look spectacular. In case of long hair, however, it often takes much more time to achieve this effect. But, is it really? When you decide to left your hair undone, allowing it to freely swing in the wind, you will outclass all the sophisticated and fancy hairdos that require never-ending hours to execute them properly. Such hairstyle can be used for everything; from grocery shopping to the honorable guest on some important event.

Swept Sideways Long Hair

Have you got enough of wearing the same old hairdo over and over again, but at the same time you feel you don’t want to change your style? Well, it’s a toughie, but nothing is impossible. So, if you are, for example, wearing your hair down and straight; then, try to twist it a little and sweep the whole on the one side. This way, you will not need to quit your current style while also at the same time achieving the whole new one.

Dark Hair with Braid

Many owners of long hair often decide to leave their hair undone. In my opinion, this is the best look for the long hair. You can, of course, raise the quality of your hairdo, simply, arranging it into some large and gorgeous curls. What’s more, you can even spice up this hairdo by using some braiding techniques that will allow you to create additional asset to your hairstyle – a braid. Braid will definitely accentuate the whole hairdo, making you feel like a real woman.

Curly Brown Hair

Curly hair looks best when long. They automatically give our hair more charm, more volume and improvement of our style. Good quality curling iron is here the best possible choice in order to become an owner of such beautiful twists. However, if you do not have a curling iron, you can always use a hairstyler or rollers. Such sexy and attractive hairdo would be a perfect fit for some romantic dinner for two or the first date, where the first impression counts the most.

Blonde Hair with Twist

Are you looking a great hair inspiration, because you are preparing for the most important day of your life, or your friend’s life? If so, try this hairdo on the above picture, if, of course, your hair is long and you prefer to wear it down but keeping its magical powers in the process. Try to curl your hair into beautiful twists that are asymmetrically arranged and also quite thick. Such hairdo will sweep off the feet everyone, who will be looking toward your glazing beauty.

Long and Brown Wavy Hair

And now we will create some more waves for the hair that is long and loosened. With this hairstyle you can show yourself off everywhere you go. It has so high level of attractiveness that all the men will be, literally, laying at your feet. These little spirals flowing down on the back is also the perfect choice for wedding hairstyle. And if you decorate it with some wedding ornaments for hair, you will be the brightest star there.

Messy Ponytail

Now, we will make a little mess – a mess on our heads. Long hair knows perfectly what a ponytail is. Such hairdo is often chosen by us, when we are in hurry, or when we don’t feel like creating some fancy hairdos on our head. But keep in mind that while deciding on this simple hairstyle you can make it trendier by giving it a little bit of messy look. Simply, tug some thin strands out of your hairdo and leave them to hang freely. This way, you will achieve a whole new old look.

Braided Bow

Do you want your hair to look like a Christmas present wrapped with a creative bow? If so, simply look up. On the photo, girl wears her beautiful fair hair long and loosened. However, this feminine hairdo has been spiced up by some additional elements. One of them is a beautiful bow, but not artificial one, only the one that has been made with our own hair at the back of the head. The second one is the pink color that has been applied on the bow, making it to look simply stunning.