Over Night No Heat Curls

Curls are probably the most beautiful type of hairstyle for the long hair. They give our hair more volume and making it looks like a living and breathing symbol of taste and elegance. In order to get these precious twists, you may want to use rollers, traditional not the hot ones, and then leave them for the entire night. In the morning you will be having a Christmas time, while opening your amazingly curled gift.

Easy and Gentle Hairstyle

Feminine hairstyles should be characterized by subtle and gentle appearance. It is the only way to bring out your delicate personality on the surface. Such hairdos can be very gorgeous, especially, if well-matched to the rest of your general style. You can browse amongst updos, curls and ponytails, picking the right hairdo for your type of beauty. And you will also see that after choosing the perfect hairdo, your attractiveness will go through the roof.

White Colored Curls

Curls go almost with everything. And I’m not talking only about types of hair. There are perfect for countless number of outfits, accessories and makeups… On top of that, curls are also quite comfortable and very feminine. You may want to try this beautiful inspiration above, where hair has been bleached and curled into amazing twists. Whole hairdo looks like it belongs to some queen from the bed-times fairytales.

Gorgeous Waves!

Wavy hairstyles are always in fashion, no matter what decade we live in. They are simple to execute and most of all, they always look great. Most suitable hair is long, of course; longer the better. You can then wear it tied into ponytail, or you can leave it undone, as pictured.  Moreover, your hair will also gain extra volume, which will make it to look fluffier. Such hairdo can be a great choice for everyday use as well as for the important gatherings and events.

Half-up with a Crystal Pin

Today, we have another spectacular hairdo used mainly for weddings, galas, anniversaries and charity events. Hairstyle has been made in the form of a half-updo, arranged with amazingly-curled hair. The whole has been decorated with a very attractive accessory in the shape of a crystal pin. And now, thanks to this fantastic inspiration, you have the chance to grant yourself a hairdo that can even outshine the bride herself.

Voluminous Pony Tail with Head Band

Is your hair flat, dull and with no life whatsoever? Are you looking to put more volume in it? If so, then we have something that will surely attract your attention. This voluminous ponytail really does the difference. It has been tied slightly higher and away from the head, making the whole to look fluffier. On top of that, the hairstyle has also been decorated with a black headband, which greatly emphasizes this fair hairdo.

Long Beautiful Hair with Bow

Bows can be a very pretty asset to almost every type of hairstyle. They come in many different sizes and patterns; some are made with textures of many kinds, while others can be made using only your own hair. No matter the type of bow, it always can improve your look. You can find bows in every store with hair accessories; on the street or on the web. Mix this decoration with your favorite hairdo for long hair and you will find the final effect very satisfying.

Dark Curly Hair

Here, we have for you another long dark hair that has been changed into amazingly-looking curls. Such hairstyle presents really well when hair is long, and therefore, many women often decide to put them on their head. It’s amazing that you can create such spectacular hairdo with sacrificing only a few minutes of your precious time. Moreover, if curly hair has also proper shine and it’s treated with care, then you will gain maximum effect.

Hair Chains

This time, we have prepared something unique and special for every one of you, who wears long hair. If you have already picked your favorite type of hairdo, and you also have it already on your head, then we have for you some original decoration for spicing up your hairstyle even more. Those stylish chains that you can see in the above picture, create a whole new look to the hairstyle to which they are applied to. Hairstyle like this can be easily used for some special occasions.

Twisted Curls

And now we have something adorable for every curls-lover, whose hair is long. This type of curls looks especially well. It stands out from the other forms, and giving very unique and spectacular effect. You can, of course, wear it everywhere, but you can also leave this hairdo for some very special occasions, where you will definitely be the center of attention. Who knows; while on the wedding, you may even have the power to outshine the bride.

Hairstyle for the Prom

Today we have something for every girl, for every teenage girl, who is preparing herself for the most important party in the high school, which is, of course, the prom. Before this event, every girl is doing her best in order to look impeccable during this essential evening. In order to facilitate your efforts, we are displaying for you a great idea for the hairstyle for the prom, which will make all the eyes to be pointed right at you.

Curls with Bow

There are not many hairstyles that can beat perfectly arranged curls. Curls and long hair is a recipe for success. Simply, grab good quality hairstyler or curling iron, and you will have the power to transform your dull hairstyle into hairdressing masterpiece. It doesn’t take long, and the final effect is simply stunning. It will change your whole image, but never for worse. And if you are in a hurry such hairstyle can really be a lifesaver.

Prom Hairstyle

Hairstyles for the prom make the same level of chaos while looking for them, as the wedding hairstyles. We constantly browsing through the different types of hairdos can’t decide on anything we are seeing. Remember that great prom hairstyle should not only emphasize your beauty but also should be comfortable and durable, and what’s more, it has to suit you. You can always decide on some simple hairdo and decorate it with lovely ornaments.

Lace Headband and Hair

Hairstyles for long hair can be sprinkled with many different accessories. We have on our disposal artificial flowers, hairpins and hair-slides with ornaments, decorated buckles and of course head scarfs and headbands. The latter ones are perfect not only for improving aesthetics of our hairstyle, but they also have more practical properties. Headbands are able to tame our hair and make it not to interfere with our daily chores.

Braided Bun

Buns are known from their durable and practical properties. What’s more, we can create them in a blink-of-an-eye. All we need is few hairpins and rubber band for hair, and we are good to go. There are also more fancy-looking buns, which deserve more attention and require more time to spare. However, the final effect could be stunning. Perfect example of such hairdo is this braided bun on the above picture. Symbol of class and elegance.

Classic Hairstyle

Classic hairstyle can be as attractive as new and trendy hairdos made with fancy and sophisticated technique. What’s more, classic hairstyles were in many cases even more complex and time-consuming than today’s ideas for having cool hair. If you want to try to transform your style into more retro, then you should definitely check the hairstyle from the photo, if you wear long hair, of course.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Anyone, who has ever played hairdressing game, like sitting in front of a mirror, creating crazy and sophisticated hairstyle, knows that sometimes some spectacular creations emerge on the surface. One of these beautiful hybrids we have for you right in the above picture. Hairstyle is a mix, made in half-up and half-down style. Looks very comfortable and quite amazing, and therefore it may be perfect for special days, such as weddings.

Soft Waves

Are you opting for more girlish appearance, a more natural one? You like to look feminine and adorable? Well, then we have something right for your taste – very gently done waves that are covering whole head as well as the whole length of the hair. With hairstyle like this you can do whatever you feel like to do, and go wherever you want to go. Hairdo has universal style, so it can be applied during weddings as well as during groceries shopping.

Prom Hairstyle

And we are going to the prom, yet again. Prom hairstyles come in many different types. We can opt for the more sophisticated ones, but also we can decide on something, which we feel sure and confident with. It doesn’t have to be some fancy updo or complicated braid. We can use, for example, something simpler, like the updo from the picture. It looks a bit messy with bangs swept on the side, giving us classy and elegant prom’s appearance.

Fishtail with Volume

Every one of us, who loves to wear the hair long, is perfectly acquainted with the fact that quite often our hair looks flat, even when well-cared. Some hairstyles can help us with this problem by giving our hair more volume. For example, such deliverance can be a fishtail braid swept on the side. The parting should be asymmetrical, because only then our hair will give us more desired volume. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.