Messy Light Colored

Fair long hair is the peak of woman’s nature. We can often spot such hair on the street, work or school. It is quite popular. But, even though this hair can be seen in case of many girls and women, it does not mean that you shouldn’t try it. Even using such common style you can still look breathtaking. Simply, undone your hair and leave it as it is. This way, you will have cute and attractive hairdo, made in no time.

Pink and Orange Hair Colors

Do you like to dye your long hair and experiment with different types of colors in order to find the best possible look? If your creativity is not too wide, then try to look through the Internet, where you can find many colorful inspirations, starting from this post. On the picture, you can see the girl wearing black long hair with few colorful touches; pink and orange to be exact. You can even curl your hair in order to gain more sophisticated style.

Pink and Blonde Hair

Color combinations are very trendy, especially amongst young girls, who just love to get crazy from time to time. In case of multicolored hairdos very important is contrast. Often, more intense the better. On the photo you can see a traditional blonde shade merged with pink, giving this girl pretty and slightly wild look. What’s more, colors have been perfectly matched to the haircut and to the makeup, providing a very cute appearance.

Long Black Hair Perfect for Summer

Summer can be quite overwhelming season for the owners of long hair. Burning sun gives us extra heat, making the hair to play by its rules. However, there are many solutions how to avoid this heat and still looking beautiful. During summer time long and loosened hair can be a real treat for the eyes, especially the darker one. Wear it down and slightly curled, and you will see that your image will be much more stunning.

Long Dark Hair

Long hair brings much joy to its owners as well as to the people around them. Proper care of such care is a must, otherwise hay on the head is guaranteed. Long black hair looks best when undone, of course. But you have to remember that this is not the only hairstyle you can make with it while keeping your hair loosened. For example, nice alternative to straight long hair is curls – easy to make beautiful twists.

Long Brown Hair

Do you like to wear your long brown hair down? And you should, if you are aiming at feminine appearance. Growing long hair requires patience as well as its care, but nonetheless it is worth it. Brown is a quite common color, however, it does not mean it has to be boring or taking for granted. What’s more, with such beautiful hair like this on the picture, you will shine like the brightest star. So, stop wasting time and try it on.

Cool Purple Hairstyle

Girls often decide to wear their hair long, mostly, because many of them like to play with their hair, looking for the perfect appearance for every type of occasion. For example, if you are aiming for the hairdos that are perfect for wild parties and crazy all-night fun, then you should try to dye your hair using a rarer color, such as purple. In case of hair dyed this way, it doesn’t really matter what type of hairdo you choose; it will still be looking fabulous.

Wavy, Messy + Pop of Pink

Long hair needs to be spoiled with different types of hairdos; otherwise we can be bored by it in a matter of weeks or even days. Try to combine few types of hairdos together, forming quite charming or spectacular creations. For example, if you like your long hair to be undone, then decide on waves. After that, introduce to them some more unique aspects, like making not only wavy but also messy hairstyle on your head. For the final step, use a touch of pink, and you are good to go and party.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Many think that blonde and brunette hair is the only hair that can look charming and feminine. It could not be further from the truth. On the above image, you can see proof of that. Girl wears her beautiful long hair in a very attractive shade of brown. Hair has been made into small curls, which emphasize the beauty of girl’s hair, especially in the light of the sparkling rays of sunshine. Hairdo looks very natural and pretty, and younger girls should be having with it a real blast.

Plum Underside on Dark Hair

And once again our winner is ombre. This variation has been created from putting together two dark shades; plum and black. The lower purple part as well as the black upper part of the hair has been left a bit messy and undone. Hairstyle is very distinctive and brings many dark aspects to the general style. Therefore, if you will decide to change your hair using this inspiration, first you should think this through, and ask yourself if this style fits your personality.

Chained Hair

Chained hair looks good if has a proper length. Such hair can of course be improved further or simply left just as it is. Hairdo is very trendy and works perfectly in case of younger girls, who like to have fun blowing of some steam at a crazy party. What’s more, hairdo can also be used while going to work, college or school. Is quite natural and appealing, thus, it can be worn by everyone, especially those, who look to boost their confidence.

Dream Hair

Dream hair often means the proper hair length that is suitable just for us. Many of us thinks that the longer hair the better. And it’s true. Aside from the fact that long hair needs more attention in terms of its care and styling, it is a perfect calling card for every one of us, who wants to feel like a real woman. So, be patient and grow your hair until it reaches your desirable length. This way you will get more confidence and more natural appearance with only proper care of your hair.

Volume. Layers. Length. Perfect.

In this post, we have for you a perfect hairdo for the long hair. Every woman, who seeks feminine hairdos, should definitely look at the above picture. You will find that every aspect of this hairstyle is perfect; from its volume, through the layers, finishing on the length. Such hairdo looks amazing in case of younger girls, but adult women can wear it also, especially, during more important events, like weddings, galas and birthdays.

Medium Brown with Golden Highlights

When it comes to the hair, the combinations of the colors used to improve its appearance are simply endless. You can go really crazy and make for yourself a look that involves not one or two, but even three or four, or even more shades. This way, you will be sure you are wearing an original hairstyle. One of such options is presented on the above picture, and considers long hair that has been dyed with medium brown and treated with golden highlights. Classy and pretty.

Flowing Straight Hair

Long hair looks best in its simplest form – loosened and straight. This ridiculously easy hairdo is the essence of woman’s nature and feminine appearance. Well-groomed, well-cared, and well-arranged hair will make us not to need anything else to spice up our whole style. Healthy and properly combed out hair will give you the amazing effect of flow, running down from the roots to the tips. So, if your hair is long and healthy, you should definitely try this jaw-dropping hairstyle.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Today, we have another hairdo for the long hair, which is also very appealing. You can easily achieve this magnificent look by using services of some professional stylist. Or if you have your own hairdressing abilities, then you will have no hard times during execution of this hairstyle. In addition, this hairdo is so gorgeous that it should only be used during important occasions, like galas, business parties, Christmas parties, anniversaries, birthdays, benefits and charity balls…

Fishtail Braid Pullback

Are you a fan of braids and long hair? Well, if you are, then we have for you a unique variation of the well-known fishtail braid. Have you ever try to pull it back? Simply, divide few thin strands of your hair and make a fishtail with it. The rest of the hair should be left loosened and straight. In order to get straight hair, use a straightener or sleek it with the round brush. After that, just pull your fishtail back, and you will gain something that reminds a subtle garland or halo.

Amazing Long Hair

Long hair left undone can grant you a more feminine appearance than some sophisticated hairdos that require long hours to execute them properly. Simply, turn your hair into fine and delicate twists while keeping it loosened. You can even treat your hair further by using highlights, which will give you more impressive appearance and also few other benefits involving your general style. Besides, with hairdo like this you can be able to show yourself literally everywhere.

Lovely Blonde Hairstyle

Long blonde hair once again takes the whole cake. Brides look very special wearing it, especially, if the hair has been transformed into some spectacular hairdo. Lovely hairdos are the perfect choice for happy celebrations, where you can easily brag about your unique hairstyle, making everyone to be green with jealousy. Those blonde locks are arranged a bit messy, making you feel like a princess from some fabled land.

Love the Color and Cute Hair

In order for long blonde hair to maximize its potential, you should grant it some extra volume. This way, you will achieve the best possible appearance of your hair. You can transform it into gentle and asymmetrical waves, as pictured. They will give you the volume you are looking for. Hairdo is quite easy to arrange and it also has the skills to bring out the feminine and delicate nature of your personality.