Waves and Length

Did you ever notice that the longer the hair the more beautiful it is? Well, it’s true. Hair with such great length deserves to be treated like royalty, so don’t skimp on the hair care. One of most amazing hairdos for such long hair is waves. Longer the hair the larger the waves should be. This way you will get a whole new appearance with only a little sacrifice in the shape of your free time. Hairdo like this you can easily wear for many different occasions.

Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is the symbol of our vitality, youth, and beauty. Therefore, it is very wise to keep your hair in proper care. Otherwise, you will be stuck with hay on your head, at best. You can as well lose your hair altogether. So consider good quality cosmetics, like shampoo that is right for your type of hair, and conditioner, which also follows the same rules. Remember to systematically wash your hair, too. This way you will become a proud owner of healthy, shiny and strong hair.

Amazingly Curled Hairstyle

Curls – we all love them and would want to wear them every single day. Of course, it can be done. All you need is to acquire good quality curling iron and take couple of minutes of your free time. You can even decide on different size. It all depends on your taste and the type of your personality. If you want to look more feminine we recommend large waves; however, if you are opting for feistier look, you should consider small spirals, like the ones on the photo.

Blonde and Brunette Highlights

Have you ever tried to wear highlights in case of your long hair? Well, now you have the chance. We are presenting highlights that consist of two contrasting colors – brunette and blonde. Such hairstyle should be made only in hairstyling salon by a professional, who knows what he/she is doing. You can, of course, try it by yourself, but if you are not sure about this, it is better to leave it to the pros. Hairstyle is very attractive and can be used in many occasions.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Every fan of very long hair should feel very lucky to wear it. Very long hair is relatively rare to spot, mostly, because many of us simply do not have the time to tame such length every single morning. And that is why we often choose shorter hair, saving our precious minutes to make it on time to work or school. However, if you don’t mind spending time for your hair care and arranging hairstyle, then you have to definitely decide to wear such beautiful long asset.

Brown Hair Color

Wearing brown long hair? If so, we’ve got an inspiration for you. Check the above image. Long and gently twisted hair can be a lifesaver when it comes to execute your hairstyle in a hurry. Couple of minutes with your curling stick, and your hair is done! Try to wear it loosened to gain all the benefits this hairdo has to offer. In addition, you can put some silver accents in your hair, to make it more unique and original.

Wavy Blonde Hair

Blonde hair often means natural appearance and girlish beauty. All it needs is for you to grow it long. After that, simply, decide mostly on simple hairdos. Better yet, on hairdos that require wearing your hair down, like waves. Waves can be a very pretty asset to your hair, especially if they are properly executed. You can then leave it as symmetrical as you can, or you can make a mess on your head, and you will still be looking gorgeous.

Pretty, Loose Curls

Have you ever been wondering why some curls look quite spectacular while others not so much? It all lies in the proper care of your long hair. Without it, you will be wearing on your head a pile of hay instead of gorgeous and adorable twists. Curls should highlight your hair as well as your beauty. And that is why your hair has to be in great and vibrant health, or your efforts will go unrewarded. So grab your curling iron and change your hair into a stylish masterpiece.

Modern Flat Waves

Do you like to wear waves in your long hair? You can do them in many different ways; from little twists to larger and more subtle ones. But, have you ever tried to wear your waves flat. It’s a quite recent style that enhances the traditional waves, making them to appear more noticeable. Waves like these on the image are much accentuated, thus the hairstyle looks classier and fancier. Best type hair for this is blonde, because it makes most vivid appearance of any type of hairdo.

High Bun with Braid in Front

Buns are known from the fact; they are often being executed at the back or at the top of the head. However, there are actually also some other options, like for example, you can arrange your bun along with a braid in the front. This way, the hairdo will take whole other approach to improving your style. Try to combine it with the properly-cut bangs in order to bring out the maximum benefits this hairdo has to offer.

Bobby Pin Hairstyle

Many hairdos require some supporters that will be holding the whole together, especially during some live activities, such as dancing, jogging or riding a bike. One of the best solutions to support your hair is the bobby pin. Bobby pins can make your hairdo to be as durable as it can, if of course you apply them properly and in right places. With pins holding your hair, you will not have to worry about your hair disturbing you during your actions.

Curly Hairstyle

Curls have been known for long time for their ability to turn every hair into the attractive hairstyle, which will revive even the dullest and uninteresting hair. In order to create those wonderful twists you will need a hairstyler or rollers. However, the best device for such process is of curse good quality curling iron. It will make your curls very fast and very detailed. Although, keep in mind that every hot device harms your hair, so be sure it is well-cared before and after.

Low & Highlights

Looking for some inspiration in the shape of fantastic hairstyle for the long and loosened hair? Then, seek no more. We are presenting you wonderful way to improve your hair and give it more extra charm. Remember that such procedure should be executed in the hair salon, where you will have the guarantee that your hairstyle will not destroy your style and your attractiveness. You can also use software available online that will help you to visualize yourself with a potential hairstyle.

Beautiful. Big Hair!

Large permanent hairdos were very popular back in the 80’s. However, today, we also can spot few of those but arranged in a modern way, using the current, better methods. In order to make your hair to be more voluminous you should decide on a messy hairdo that will create for you such an illusion. What’s more, you can also put some highlights in your hair, if you have the desire to improve the whole even more.

Vampy Lips and Center Part Hair

Every girl, who is aiming at hairdos that are ideally groomed and everything about them screams “perfection”; then, you should definitely consider the hairdo from the photo. It has symmetrical parting and straight, smooth hair.  What’s more, the whole hairstyle has also been matched to the model’s makeup, which effectively accentuates the general style and the feeling of elegance. Such appearance can be used for some important celebrations, like galas, benefits or banquets.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Want to treat yourself a nice looking updo and you have no idea what to choose? Then, we present you one that will surely have your attention. This messy updo in the picture will grant you not only the appearance you are looking for, but will also make your current style to follow the recent fashion. Hairstyle can be prepared in quite easy way. And remember to tug some strands out of the updo in order to gain desirable messy look.

Lauren Conrad and Elegant Hairstyle

Who is up for a beautiful celebrity hairstyle for the long hair? Lauren Conrad presents us a type of sleek hairdo for the long and undone hair. Hair wonderfully flows down her back, giving her very astounding appearance. It looks quite natural and feminine, and therefore very attractive. Such hairdo doesn’t need anything else in order to give you the look you are opting for. You can, of course, decorate it if you want. Either way hairdo represents a gorgeous asset to your style.

Luscious Dark Hair

Every girl, who wears dark long hair, loves to brag about beautiful appearance of her hair. And she should; because nothing better emphasizes woman’s nature that long and undone hair. It makes her look feminine and desirable. Moreover, such hair can give us a significant boost to our self-confidence and also grant us a look that we have never ever experienced before our hair was short.

Gorgeous Waves!

Gorgeous hair + gorgeous girl = gorgeous appearance. Long hair transformed into small curls or large and delicate waves are on the one of the highest levels of the perfect appearance, so you should definitely think about applying them on your head, too. You can execute them relatively quickly. But remember to keep your health healthy in order to use its shine to emphasize your hairdo even more.

Curl your Hair

Have you ever try curls while wearing long hair? If not, then it is about time to make them. First, grab some good quality curling iron, hairstyler, or hot rollers. And that’s it. Couple minutes of your free time and you’re done. However, if you decide to use hot rollers, you will have to leave them over night in order to present you with a new and special appearance. Besides, curls go with everything – no matter your style or the occasion.