Long Bob with Slight Angle in Front

Bob haircuts are often picked by women with medium length hair. However, this type of haircut works also in case of hair that is long. It should be well-cared, though, in order to maximize benefits offered by this hairdo. You can acquire this type of cut in every hairdressing salon, so you don’t have to look too far. And in case the traditional bob is something that is not for you, then you can always decide on bob with slight angle in the front.

Long Bob Haircut

Long hair can not only be transformed into amazingly-looking hairdos, or decorated with gorgeous hair accessories or dyed with very attractive color. You can also cut it in many different but still fantastic forms. Haircut on the photo is called bob haircut, and it often can be seen in case of hair of medium length or short. We have for you a bob haircut that looks perfect with long hair and can be quite a success in many ways.

Feminine and Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircut

Asymmetry in our hair or in our hair style is a good choice only when our face features are symmetrical as well. Otherwise our haircut asymmetry will be further strengthening our face, and that’s not the point. Example of hair from the photo is the perfect solution for women with vibrant hair color. Asymmetry is still playing a leading role in here; however, the color in some way makes our sight not focusing on the asymmetry only.

Bob Hairstyle – Feminine or Not?

Well, the answer seems to be obvious: bob hairstyle is not necessarily feminine and it could ruin our image. This type of hairstyle can only be chosen by a woman, who has sharp and expressive facial features that “defend by themselves”, while hair is just a less important accessory. However, even in this case, better solution is to get more elegant cut than unnecessarily taking away our charm with this type of haircut.