Big Bun Braid

Buns are enjoying all the fuss around them, constantly giving us new options in the way of arranging them. Big or large buns can be quite an asset to our daily style as well as for more important events. Perfectly sleeked hair that ends with a large bun at the back of the head is the perfect way to grant ourselves elegant and quick to make hairdo. What’s more, we can decorate it with a nice braid, and wrap it around our impeccably done bun.

Braided Around Crown

Who didn’t have childhood dream of becoming a princess of large and majestic castle while wearing crown on the head? Well, today we try to grant you at least one of those wishes. If your hair is long and you are opting for something more unique, we’ve got just the right thing for you. This crown on the top of the head has been made with braided hair only, which beautifully wraps the head around, making on its top simply astonishing structure.

Braided Updo

Braided updos are the type of hairstyles that are widely used in case of weddings, anniversaries and other gatherings. Such hairdo, like the one on the picture, is not so easy to execute. One wrong step and you can find yourself in the land of unpleasant surprises. So, if you’re not confident with your hairdressing skills, it would be better to leave it to the hairstylist. This way, you will have the chance to shine at your wedding more than anyone else.

Lots of Little Braids

Long hair left undone can also be a good example of a fine hairstyle. However, there is also many ways to improve it further while keeping its loosened appearance. You can, for instance, try to braid your hair. But, not by making one solid and thick braid, only by arranging quite many of them, arranging your hair into small, slim and subtle braids falling down on the top of your head and intertwined with the rest of your loosened hair.

Braid and Bow

Long hair should be turn into braid at least once in a while. It’s a very refreshing change in both your general style and appearance of your hair. You can use more precise weaving technique, which will make your braid to look more elegant, or you can decide on a bit messy aesthetic by tugging few strands out of the braid. What’s more, you have also the possibility to decorate your hairstyle even more. How? Simply, pick a stylish bow and use it as a final accent.

Braided Hairstyle

Long hair without the braid is like fish without the water. So, if you like your hair long, then you should try some braiding techniques, which will improve your hair for better. There are many braids to choose from, you just have to find the right type for yourself. And if you are not familiar with braiding methods, you can always look through the web to find proper step-by-step guides, which will show you how to properly execute this braided hairstyle.

Lovely Long Hair with Braid Wrapped Around

Braids can not only be used as a main hairdo that you can weave in many different ways. You can also use this braid as a decoration of your long and loosened hair. Simply, divide few strands of your hair and execute a braid with them. After the braid is finished, you can wrap it around your head like a halo. In addition, you can twist your hair a little leaving it in a bit messy structure. Hairdo can be used at daily basis, but with a braid it can also be the brightest guest during some important and classy events.

Hidden Braid in a Side-Swept ‘Do

Now, we have something for very bright and long hair along with proper shine and vibrant health. The hairstyle is very sophisticated but also unbelievably pretty. Braid that has been created as a part of the whole has been swept under the updo, making the hairdo to be as original and unique as they come. You can leave people in the state of shock while appearing during some glamorous events, like banquets, anniversaries and wedding receptions.

The Alice Band Braid

Braids have many ways to weave them, and each technique leads you to the different type of braid. So, in order to find the proper one for yourself, you should browse through them, basing your searching on the type and length of your hair. Many braids are relatively easy to make, but there are also the ones, like this in the picture, that will require professional assistance. This band braid is maybe not so easy to arrange as, let’s say, traditional braid, but it will much benefit you with its presence.

Long Braid and Red Dress

Everyone knows that dark hair looks great when it’s in contrast with the other features that emphasize our beauty. For example, red hair, as this in the picture, along with dark long hair, can really accentuate our strong and confident personality. On top of that, you can braid your hair into a thick weave, which will then be swept onto your shoulder. Leave the hairdo a bit messy, and you will achieve the appearance brought to you by current trends in hairstyling fashion.

Lots of Little Braids

Braids are often associated with thick and long weaves. But there are also those that are smaller and thinner, and they can easily conquer your entire hair. Hairdo is quite original but also time-consuming. Therefore, if you decide on arranging it by yourself, make sure you will have enough time to execute it properly, or you can be left one big mess, which will require even more time to clean it up. Nonetheless, it’s a magnificent hairstyle.

California Braid

California is a beautiful and sunny state, the Mecca of fabulous movie industry, and one of the world’s biggest catwalks, when it comes to fantastic hairstyles. One of the braiding hairdos was even named after Cali. This braid is combined with loosened long hair, which also has been slightly twisted and left partially undone. Hairdo is one of a kind, and it can really bring out the best in all the women, younger and adult ones.

Stylish Hairstyle

Women love to amaze others with their new hairdos. No matter if they are simple or sophisticated, well-executed hairstyles can really bring more charm to our daily style. In case of lack of confidence in a particular hairstyle, making an appointment at the hairdressing salon is always a good idea to match the hairstyle to your desires. Stylish hairdos can be used everywhere and any time; during work, school, weddings and parties.

Adorable Braided Hairstyle

For every girl with long hair, who also wants to look cute and adorable, we have a fine braided inspiration that you can relatively easy make on your own. Different braids require different weaving techniques, so you should first familiarize with the proper braiding method, before you start to try to arrange your favorite hairdo. Braids can be very nice addition to your long hair, but you should keep in mind that they also should be made with precision, unless the particular type of braid requires otherwise.

Lovely Long Hair with Braid Wrapped Around

In this post, we have another stunning hairstyle for the long hair. Girls will surely love it, and women will not be able to say no to it. So, if your hair is long and dark, and you prefer to wear it loosened, then you should definitely try this hairdo. You will be surprised how well it accentuates your style and your beauty. However, decide to execute this hairstyle in a hairstyling salon, only. This way, you will have the guarantee that it will look as it should be.

Braided Messiness Love

Yes, mess on the head is today very popular, especially amongst young girls, who love their long hair and who are constantly following fashion trends. Long hair is often transformed into some gorgeous hairstyle while using some effective braiding techniques. And if you want to look trendier and younger, simply, introduce a little bit of mess to your new hairdo, and you will see the difference in no time.

Pretty Long Braid

Long braids require even long hair. Therefore, the longer the hair is, the longer, more beautiful and more unique the braid. On the picture, girl wears her hair very long, granting herself an amazingly-executed braid that is the highlight of her impeccable style. This side braid is, simply, breathtaking. The whole weave is thick and solid, and execute with Swiss precision – presenting itself really spectacular.

Funky Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Today, we are opening our bag with the most original and unique hairdos, and we reach deep inside of it. And the winner is – braided ponytail that you will definitely have very hard time to spot while walking down the street or even by going to some elegant parties. Personally, I have no slightest idea how to make this type of hairdo. Nonetheless, is very chic and rare, and if you wear your hair long, then trying this hairdo is a must.

Braided Updo

Weddings, anniversaries, business parties, New Year’s Eve parties, holidays like Christmas, and simple everyday occasions; are perfect for a type of hairstyle that you can see above. This beautiful ponytail made with the well-cared fair hair has been merged with classy and chic braid wrapped around the head like an angel’s halo. You can be sure that with this kind of hairdo you will be cherished wherever you go.

Pretty Braid

Here, we have something for every fan of the braided hairstyles. They are very diversified, that’s why every woman and every girl will surely have the possibility to opt for the hairstyle that is the most suitable for her. Braids can be pretty in many different forms, just look at the picture. Woman has her hair turned into a well-made braid that has been wrapped around the head, making beautiful hair-garland.