Perfectly Imperfect Bun

Buns are good friends of the long hair. They have the ability to give you the chance to quickly arrange your hairdo, especially during the morning madness. All you need is few minutes of your time, or even less if you’re skillful enough. And in order to keep your appearance trendy, try to mess up your bun a little. Simply, pull out few hair strands from it, and you will achieve whole new look using relatively the same hairdo.

Braid with a Bun

Have you ever think about merging together two different types of hairstyles? It is a very beneficial option, because you can gain advantages from the two hairdos at once. However, you have also to be careful to properly execute them; otherwise you can be left with only the flaws. So, if your hair is long, and you feel like you want to try this hairdo on, then feel free to combine, for example, a bun with some nice close-to-the-base braid.

Big Bun

Buns always look great. No matter if they are small or large, simple or complex – buns can be real life-savers, especially, when we’re in hurry and we don’t have the time to fight our hair. With the long hair, large buns are a better choice. They make us to be more visible, but also give more volume to our hair. We can arrange them in traditional and precise way, or we can opt for a more trendy style, and make a little mess with our hairdo by arranging it loosely or by tugging out few thin hair strands.

Buns for Long Hair

Long hair doesn’t always need to be loosened, even if this solution works best for it. Sometimes it is good to change your undone style and make with your hair something different. It doesn’t need to be a sophisticated and complex hairdo; the simple ones will also be a great choice. You can, for example, opt for a bun that is designed for the long hair. Leave it a bit messy and chaotic. This way you will get the trend that is currently used in hairdos across the whole world.

Bun with Back Braided

Do you like to arrange your hair into a bun? If so, and if you are looking for some changes because this traditional buns’ appearance makes you tired, you can try to spice up the things a little. For example, a fine combination is a simple bun merged with subtle and very feminine braid running vertically across the back of your head. The braid is a very beneficial asset that will definitely improve your style and will make you feel prettier than usual.

Hair Bun

Bun is as simple to arrange as it is to write. You can spot it everywhere you go, with its largest quantities in many offices filled with businesswomen. Buns are often chosen by women, who are in a hurry, especially in the morning, when every minute has its weight in gold. You can not only arrange it easy and quickly, but after you will also be able to rapidly fix whatever is broken. On top of that, buns look attractive and classy, and therefore, they are even chosen by the brides.

Simple Hairstyle Laid Back Look

Simple hairstyles are, obviously, the most chosen ones. The only thing that is limiting us in case of their arranging is our own creativity. All you need is to experiment with your hair a little, giving it variety of different forms while searching for the perfect hairdo. One of such simple inspirations can be spotted on the above picture. Hairdo is well-matched to the type of girl’s beauty, and what’s more, is quite simple to execute.

Imperfect Bun

Buns are known of the fact that they are very simple to make, comfortable and practical, and also easy to fix if something will break down. You can often see buns perfectly arranged with no unnecessary details sticking out of it. However, there are also buns that are created in a bit messy way, so-called imperfect buns. In order to make one, simply, make a less effort during its creation, or tug out few single strands, and you are done!

Fanned Out Bun – Easy Style

Buns can be a nice way to arrange your hair, especially, when you are in a great hurry. This hairdo can be executed in quick, simple and multiple ways. In order to make the bun, you will need a few hairpins, and a few minutes of your precious time. If you want for your bun to be more unique, you can always decide on making fanned out bun, which is as easy to arrange as it is in case of their relatives. It is a simple hairdo but also very comfy and attractive.

Perfect Bun

And now we have another bun, and another way to arrange it. This bun works best for ladies, who love class, style and elegancy. Bun has been made perfectly without even the slightest mistake. Such hairdos work well, especially, if you are in a great hurry and you have to do something amazing with your hair while having only few minutes of your time to spare. So, if you have some last minute event emerging on the horizon, then this hairdo is ideal for you.

Bun with Braid Wrapped Around

Braids and long hair are like soul mates; they can’t live without each other. Besides, braids can be executed in many ways, and even merged with different types of other hairdos, making the whole to look more original and unique. Most of all, braids are very compatible when mixed with a bun – one of the quickest and simplest hairdos for long hair. You can wrap your braid around the bun, achieving whole new look while using old methods, combined.

Tangled Up Bun Updo

Buns can be used for merely every occasion and with every type of long hair, no matter its structure, color or volume. Bun is creating very quickly – take few hair slides and pin your hair at the top of the head. And that’s it – your bun is done. However, bun that is on the image is not so quite simple as one might think. You will need a hairdresser for that, or at least a friend, who has advanced hairstyling skills. Otherwise, you can be stuck with an awful hairdo for the entire day.

Bun Braid Updo

And now we have another hairstyle for well-groomed long hair that has been a pride of women’s beauty for many years. Hairstyle is very easy to arrange, you just have to acquire for yourself few hairpins and you are good to go. The whole hairdo takes only few minutes to create and you can be sure that you will not only make to work on time, but you will also knock down everyone with your fantabulous appearance.

Double Buns

Twin buns, as pictured, can be a quite amazing asset to both our daily and for special occasion style. These hairdos are very attractive, especially, in comparison with the short amount of time and low level of hairstyling skills needed to execute them as they should be. Such buns can be used merely for everything. You can make to school on time, or to work. Or you can wear them during weddings and birthdays, because they will be a great success no matter where you decide to appear.

Chic and Elegant Bun

Many owners of the long hair often decide to put buns on their heads. Why? The answer is simple: buns are very easy to make hairstyles and in a short amount of time, too. What’s more, you don’t have to be afraid anymore that something will shift, break or get loose, because buns have one major advantage – they can be fix very fast without ruining our evening or our day at work. However, if you decide on a bun like in the photo, you will probably do best if you use a help of the professional hairstylist.

Bun Hair

Buns can be very tasteful and pretty. But I’m not talking here about crusty and tasty treats straight from the bakery, but about types of hairdos that can be arranged on our heads. Buns are quite simple and very quick to create; of course, it all depends on the level of their complexity.  They can be a nice addition to our daily style as well as for special appearances, like weddings, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

Cute Bun with Crossed Braid

And now we have something special: Something that can be used during special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries or other important celebrations. First, you have to create a bun. You can decide on the traditional one that is pinned high on the top of your head. And then you should create thin and detailed braids on both sides of your head. For the final touch, you should cross the braids near the top of your head, right under the bun. Hairstyle is very adorable.

Bow Under Sock Bun

And once again we land right in the middle of the world of the beautiful buns. Simple buns can be done quite quick and simple; however, more sophisticated ones require pro-hairdressing skills to execute them properly. What’s more, buns can be upgraded by variety of hair accessories you can buy online. For example, if you have made a sock bun on your head, you can tie a colorful bow right under it to accentuate the whole arrangement even more.

Buns Buns Buns…

Every time, when you want to be quick with arranging your hair, you can decide to wear a bun. It’s a very practical hairstyle, perfect for daily activities. You will not be bothered by your hair, because all of it will be pinned together making durable structure. What’s more, if something will break, then you have few easy ways of fixing it, and you can do it very fast, too. In order to execute this hairstyle, you will need few hairpins and a little of your precious time.

Stylish Hairstyle

There are many types of hairstyles that go with everything and are well-matched for every occasion. However, during such situations, we often want for our hair to look different, more sophisticated, but still gorgeous. Those hairdos shouldn’t be done by ourselves but by professional stylist, who will execute them just as they should be. One of such amazing and elegant hairstyles, you can admire on the above picture.