Ponytail with Bow

Ponytails are often chosen by women with the long hair, and even more often by younger girls. Such hairdo works perfectly in school, where your hair shouldn’t interfere with your daily chores, and most of all to be comfy and practical. However, no one said that this simple hairdo cannot be spiced up further. Of course, it can. A good solution here is to decide on a fancy bow that you can place on your pony. And your image will go up in no time.

Ponytail Finished with a Bow

Looking for simple hairstyles for your long hair? Ponytails are here your best bet, mostly, because they are simple, quick to make and very attractive. This easy hairdo can also be improved further if you want to. Simply, try to decorate it with some fancy accessories. We recommend a nice stylish bow that you can pin it at the base of your pony. You will gain a whole new look, using the old traditional ways.

High Long Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest hairdos for the long hair. Simply, grab a rubber band for hair and tie it at the back of your head, as closest to your head as you can. This way, you will achieve sleeked hair on the top and nice voluminous tail at the back. You can even manipulate its height, thus changing its appearance. On the photo, the ponytail has been tied relatively high, making quite astounding appearance of this beautiful woman.

French Twist and Ponytail

Do you have an idea for your long and blonde hair? No? Then, we will help you find the proper inspiration by looking at the above image. As you can see, model on the photo has her hair tied into ponytail, which is also freely loosened. Hair has been transformed into French twist, which has the ability to naturally accentuate the whole, giving you at the same time the feeling of comfort and practicality.

Barbie Ponytail

And now we have something for girls, who want to look like a Barbie doll. You will need to bleach your long hair first, if you do not wear your hair fair already. Next step is to simply tie your hair into a pretty ponytail. You can also turn your hair into gentle waves before you start doing your pony. And that’s it. Wavy ponytail made with blonde hair is one of the best marks of dolly appearance. All is missing is a great dress, and we can go to hunt down our Ken.

High Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest hairdos for long hair. One rubber band for hair and couple of seconds, and the hairstyle is ready. It is not only simple but also very appealing; and what’s more, the height of the pony can be regulated, gaining whole new look with every shift. So, feel free to tie your pony relatively low, while other time tying it higher. In addition, ponytail is also very practical and comfortable, which makes it even more worthy of you trying it out.

Messy Ponytail with a Braid

Do you like to wear long hair and simple hairdos that go with it? Then, look up, and you will see one of the simplest and at the same time prettiest hairdos for the long hair. In order to make it a bit fancier-looking, you should add to the traditional ponytail a tasteful braid that will make your hair to simply look better. It’s an easy hairdo with a very nice touch, and it will be a great choice for many occasions.

High Long Ponytail

Long hair means long ponytail, and thus, more hair to emphasize your attractiveness. Remember that simple hairdos are also often the most marvelous ones, because nothing beats the natural appearance that every girl and woman needs to try bring out at least once. Once, because it will be more than enough to never quit this hairdo, ever again. Grab a rubber band for your hair and tie it into ponytail, slightly higher than usual. After that, look in the mirror, preferably while sitting on the chair, because the appearance of this hairdo can sweep you from your feet.

Amazing Ponytail Love the Volume

The simplest solutions are often the best ones. This also involves our hair, especially the hair that is long and well-cared. In case of such hair, a simple hairdo is more than enough to effectively emphasize its beauty, bringing out the quintessence of the slumbering inside of us femininity. All you need to do is to take a rubber band for hair, and your hairdo is ready. Ponytail will uncover your neck and face, accentuating all your face features, while giving you the comfort and practical solutions.

Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Wearing blonde hair and looking for some simple hairdo, which is also very attractive at the same time? If so, look up and see very simple ponytail that brings out all the aspects of feminine beauty. Tied hair has been slightly twisted, which makes the tail to look as if the hair have had more volume, giving the whole more angelic appearance. With such hairstyle you will be spreading rays of sunshine wherever you go.

Braid Wrapped Ponytail

Well-groomed long hair needs well-matching hairstyle that will properly emphasize its healthy appearance. The best choice is to sleek your hair and make out of it a high ponytail that can be further decorated by few thin braids. Those braids should be made with thin strands of hair that you should separate from the rest of the hair before you start to tie the ponytail. For the finale touch, simply, wrap the braids around the base of your ponytail to give the whole more attractive look.

Braid into Ponytail

Are you a busy woman, who has no time to properly care for her look? Well, this can change if you are wearing your hair long and have at most few minutes of the free time in the morning. Simply, make your hair into braids and then combine it with the ponytail. You will achieve very beautiful hairdo that you can bring with you no matter where you go. It’s simple and quick to make, and what’s more, it will surely be a great hit.

High Ponytail with Braid

Long hair can be arranged in many ways, simple and more sophisticated. One of the quickest and easiest to make hairdos is a ponytail. It comes with many forms; you can tie it high on your head or lower. Remember to perfectly sleek you hair while tying up the ponytail. What’s more, you can improve it more. In order to do that, you can tie your ponytail by using thin braid made with few strands of hair. Hairdo is still a common one, but with this unique touch it is this time able to stand out from the crowd.

Long Cute Ponytail

Ponytails are best friends of every girl, who loves to wear her hair long, arranged into some durable, easy and practical hairdo. And the ponytail is the perfect example of such hairstyle. You can tie it high or low, tight or loose; and it will always be looking great. Simply, acquire a rubber band for hair, and tie it at the back of your head. You can also tug few hair strands out, to give yourself even more adorable appearance.

Twisted Ponytail

Every girl with long hair perfectly knows what ponytail is. They have been arranging such hairdos for years, and it always looks attractive. Moreover, the ponytail is very simple and fast to make hairstyle; all you need is a rubber band for hair. You can execute many different forms of ponytails, along with the one we presenting above. It is a twisted ponytail that looks more trendy and sophisticated, giving whole ponytail family a completely new appearance.

Ponytail Halo Braid

For everyone, who loves to decorate their long hair with some accessories, we have something special and unique. Hair add-ons don’t have to be artificial made from plastic, metal, or texture. You can also apply on your head decoration made from your own hair. You can, for example, bleach not so large portion of your hair, and then create a braid with it. If the rest of your hair is slightly darker than the braid itself, you can wrap the braid around the head, forming some sort of halo or crown. The contrast will upgrade your appearance in a blink of an eye.


Ponytail is very simple hairdo. We can do it everywhere and anytime. It is durable; however, even if the pony will fall apart or something will shift, you will be able to correct it very quickly. All you need is a rubber band for hair. Simply, tie your hair in the back, and you’re ready. You can also manipulate the height of the ponytail. This way you will get a new hairstyle every time. Perfect for girls, who want to look natural and highlight their girlishness.