Voluminous Updo

Looking for more volume in your hair? If your hair is long and you like updos, then you’ve come to the right place. Such hairdo should be worn mostly during special occasions, because it is quite time-consuming. However, once you arrange it, you will want to never take it off. Hairdo is perfect from every angle, which means it is a work of a well-talented hairdresser. So, if you feel up for it, then you should definitely grant yourself this amazing creation.

Pinned Updo

Updos have many faces, and often requires different approach to their arranging. Nice updo can be done relatively quick, while others, especially those that we’re using for the weddings, not so much. You should remember that every updo, or every hairdo for that matter, you can spice up even further. All you need are some pretty hair decorations, like this tasteful hairpin placed in the updo on the above picture.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Recently, there are more and more messy hairdos emerging from the world of fashion. Messy look is now very trendy, and you can do this in case of almost every hairstyle there is. All you need to is to mess it up a little by tugging out some hair strands and also by making a bit loose execution. You can, for example, try the updo from the photo. As you can see, strands in this hairstyle have been pulled out from the whole giving a text-book example of the messy hairdo.

Curled Updo Hair Bow

Bow pinned in the long hair can look quite adorable, especially if it matches the color and the type of hairdo. You can easily improve your hair with these kinds of accessories. And there are many to be used in order to make our appearance look much better. You can not only choose amongst the different kinds of bows, but also you can decide on flowers (artificial or live ones), ornamented hair slides, headbands, and even garlands.

Curly Updo

Updos are wedding hairdos, and everybody knows it. However, in order to stand out from the rest, during this amazing day, while having your hair arranged into a simple hairdo, is a bit tricky but not impossible. Before you make your favorite updo, try to curl your hair first. This way, you will not be left with a dull and common hairdo, but a whole new updo that is not also quite rare but it can sweep many out of their feet.

Braided Updo

Every girl, who likes to braid her hair, put your hand up! This inspiration is just for you. Braided updo can be worn no matter the circumstances; therefore, it is always good to decide on this hairdo, especially, when preparing for some fancier events, like galas, weddings and benefits. If you do not have the proper braiding techniques, it will be better if you will leave the arrangement of this hairstyle to some professional hairdresser.

Cool Chic Updo

Decorated hairstyles have something in them that no other hairdos have. Even when simple and common, with proper ornaments applied, look simply breathtaking. With suitable hair accessories you can opt for every possible appearance; natural, feisty, bold, feminine, crazy wild, and even a masculine one. It all depends on what type of ornaments you choose and what type of hairdo you will combine them with.

Cute Updo Hairstyle

All women like updos. They gladly put them on will going to work, school or college classes. And they even choose the more sophisticated ones, while going to some special events, like anniversaries, business parties and graduations. Updo from the picture is one of the less demanding ones. Therefore, you can easily use it for everyday wear. On top of that is also very cute and elegant, and what’s more, it presents itself really, really well.

Updo Braids

Here we have another hairstyle that is a perfect choice for the most important day in every woman’s life. I’m talking about the wedding, of course. Wedding hairstyles require special involvement in their creations in order to accentuate the perfect bridal style. The hairstyle displayed above is very attractive and also one hell to make. Multiple weaves and braids, thinner ones and thicker ones, all merged into a one asymmetrical and one of a kind hairdo.

Messy Updo Liquid Eyeliner

Hairstyle we are making for ourselves in the morning before we go to work, or for some exclusive celebration, like wedding reception, should not only makes us to look gorgeous and comfy, but it also must be well-matched to the other parts of our image. I’m talking about the dress, the shoes, the accessories, and of course the makeup. On the picture, you can see a messy, now trending worldwide, hairstyle that has been properly matched to the model’s outliner, making her really standing out.

Middle Part Updo

Are you looking for quick and easy hairdo? If so, you just have found it. The above image is presenting us with the hairstyle that is quite simple to arrange. It is a traditional updo that can be used wherever we go; to school, to college, to work, to grocery shopping, to a party or even to some more exclusive events. We can’t achieve the same level of elegancy and luxury by using this hairstyle, however, our appearance will be much improved, either way.

Updo Hairstyle

Long hair and updos fit together like cork and the bottle of fine wine. They can be arranged in many ways, making you feel like whole new you. In order to create an updo you will need few hairpins or a hair buckle, and couple minutes of your time. You can decide on simpler or more complex ones. It’s only up to you and your taste. You can also opt for sleek updo with few strands of hair tugged out next to your ears.

Perfect Updo

Updo like this one on the above image is a great calling-card of every classy woman, who loves to feel chic and elegant. Such updo can be made quite fast and we don’t need legion of hairdressers for that. Hairdo perfectly accentuates this model’s beauty, especially her gorgeous face. What’s more, the updo itself is very neat and fine, attractively uncovering her neck and bringing much charming aspects to her style.

Pinned Curls Updo

Curls are the highlights of many hairstyles, especially those made with long hair. After making curls with your shiny and healthy hair, you can improve it further if you want. For example, a good idea would be to make an updo out of them. Such hairstyle will not only look gorgeous, but it will also be practical, comfortable and lasting. And that is why you can wear it everywhere you go. What’s more, its elegancy and class makes it even well-suitable for the wedding.

Updo Hairstyle

Updos are very popular. Such hairdos are often chosen by businesswomen and teachers; mainly by women, who don’t want for their hair to interfere with their daily chores. Updos differ from each other in terms of their form, place on the head, and also level of complexity and beauty. You can make it relatively quick, and you will always have enough time to make to your work on time. And if something will break, you can easily fix it back.

Hair Updo into Bow

Are you preparing for the wedding or some other elegant celebration? If so, then you have to pick a proper hairstyle, the one that is comfy, classy, beautiful and original; and we have just the right offer for you. Hair that has been made in updo in the shape of a stylish and gorgeous bow is always the perfect choice for important events, like anniversaries and birthdays. That’s why, every one of us, who wants to stun everybody around her, should definitely try this option.

Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

In today’s world, there are probably few women, who don’t know, how to create a perfect and impeccable updo using long straight hair. However, if you don’t have this kind of knowledge and you got long hair, and you want to make an updo out of it, then you should take a peek at the above images. They are made in a way of step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the entire hairstyling process.