Cosmetic Kerosene

When I was only a teenager, I learned from my mother that cosmetic kerosene can provide us with shiny hair. Back then, I have been going through a phase involving getting crazy about my beautiful hair; therefore I’ve tested every possible method for proper hair care.

Recently, I again had the opportunity to come into contact with this product, and confront my opinion about cosmetic kerosene with present, more conscious hair care. It turned out that despite the use of many conditioners, masks and well-chosen shampoos; cosmetic kerosene is still able to beat with its effects every one of those rivals, mentioned above.

Cosmetic Kerosene can be used in several forms:

1) Oil: Simply, rub kerosene on your dry or wet hair, and leave for some time. Cosmetic kerosene should be kept shorter on your head than oils – after 15 minutes of applying the kerosene, you will already be able to see impressive results. Then rinse it with the shampoo, preferably a stronger one. This method perfectly eliminates hair frizz.

2) Mask: The most popular and known to all, recipe combines cosmetic kerosene with egg yolk and lemon juice. This mixture is valued for its excellent hair nutrition properties and also for accelerating the hair growth.

3) Rinse: Simply, pour a drop or two of cosmetic kerosene (not more!) into about 34 ounces of water, and then mix it together. After the rinse is ready, you can soak in it your previously washed hair. Thanks to such treatment, you will be able to enjoy your wonderfully-shiny hair.

4) Oiling the Scalp: In order to strengthen your follicles, mix cosmetic kerosene with your favorite oil, and then leave it for about 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse it by using shampoo.




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