Elegant Updo with Medium Length Hair

Most of us consider ourselves as individuals. We would like everything that surrounds us to really be ours, coming straight from our hearts, consistent with our favorite trends. However, we often also like to copy what someone has already conjured. This includes hairstyles: it is fun sometimes to reach for the advice of someone else, or pry, how to quickly make a simple hairstyle, when some invite on unexpected elegant event is handed to us last minute.



Lovely Braided Updo

Wedding ceremony is getting closer and closer, and you don’t have your wedding hairstyle chosen yet? Well, if your hair is long, and you wear it down all…

Bun Created with Braid – Long Hair

Updo that is presented in the picture is quite easy to do, in spite of appearances. By using our tutorial, you can see and try out, how to…

Natural Updo for Long Hair

Most of us will say, after trying it out, that it's an ideal hairstyle. Moreover, to arrange it, you don’t need any practice, all we require is a…