Long Dutch Braid

Long Dutch braid is characterized by its wide and thick appearance. If we have some braiding skills, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to arrange it. Long and precisely made braid is the calling card of our style. It highlights our beauty and class, keeps our hair from disturbing us, protects us from extra heat during summer, and is also beautiful and lasting hairstyle. So if you opt for the braid, French fishtail is probably your best fit.




Sailors Knot Braid

Sailors Knot Braid

Braids are very popular amongst women, who like to wear their hair long. There are numbers of varieties of the braids, and every one of them highlights our…

Fishtail Braid – Very Long Hair

Fishtail Braid – Very Long Hair

Girls, who grow their hair for years to be as long as it possible can, know very well that such hair has just as many advantages as flaws.…

Elegant and Original Long Hair Braid

Braid’s an unusually comfortable and versatile hairstyle, because they look great with medium and long hair, owned by a woman of any age. An interesting look for an…

Dutch Blond Braids

Do you have long hair because you cannot imagine yourself with some shorter haircut? If so, we have perfect example of the hairstyle that will boost your attractiveness…

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Long hair has always been a symbol of femininity, beauty and class. The fanciest hairstyles are made while using long hair. Let’s take, for example, Dutch fishtail braid.…