Over Night No Heat Curls

Curls are probably the most beautiful type of hairstyle for the long hair. They give our hair more volume and making it looks like a living and breathing symbol of taste and elegance. In order to get these precious twists, you may want to use rollers, traditional not the hot ones, and then leave them for the entire night. In the morning you will be having a Christmas time, while opening your amazingly curled gift.

Messy Updo Tutorial

You like updos but you can’t figure out how to arrange them? Well, the above tutorial will definitely help you with this problem. Here you can watch step-by-step how to create perfect trendy updo. And by ‘trendy’, I mean ‘messy’ of course. Hairdos with little mess in them are very popular recently, even amongst mature women. Such hairstyles are relatively easy and quick to arrange, and what’s more, they are presenting really, really well.

Pinned Updo

Updos have many faces, and often requires different approach to their arranging. Nice updo can be done relatively quick, while others, especially those that we’re using for the weddings, not so much. You should remember that every updo, or every hairdo for that matter, you can spice up even further. All you need are some pretty hair decorations, like this tasteful hairpin placed in the updo on the above picture.

Ombre with Bangs

There are many hairstyles to choose from, no matter the length or type of hair. However, if you are planning to do with your hair something really original, you may try to combine two or more types of hairstyles. For example, if you love to wear long hair, you may want to decide on ombre with bangs, which looks quite unique. You can also sleek your hair in order to get maximum shine and the highest possible level of attractiveness.

Lea Michele’s Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre is today commonly known and widely used dyeing technique, which through all these years gathered countless numbers of inspirations, and its amount still grows. This time, we are presenting ombre by Lea Michele, which if I may add, look simply stunning. It gives her very natural appearance, and therefore, bringing out on the surface the quintessence of Lea’s femininity, making her to look like girl next door.

Braided Around Crown

Who didn’t have childhood dream of becoming a princess of large and majestic castle while wearing crown on the head? Well, today we try to grant you at least one of those wishes. If your hair is long and you are opting for something more unique, we’ve got just the right thing for you. This crown on the top of the head has been made with braided hair only, which beautifully wraps the head around, making on its top simply astonishing structure.

Long Bangs

Bangs – many women love them but not everyone suits such look. Therefore, in order to grant yourself bangs, you should first check if it will match your style. Very important is for your bangs to go along with your features; otherwise, you will be stuck with a bad haircut and a bad mood. You can use online applications that give you the option to check your appearance in a particular hairdo. All you need is to upload your photo.

Sparkling Wedding Hair

Wedding hairdos can be quite astonishing, especially, when made with precision and heart. We have prepared for you such inspiration on the above photo. You can see that the whole hairdo is not only impeccable in every manner, but what’s more, it has been also decorated with some additional accessories. Such additions can be quite benefitting. Simply, sprinkle some glitter on your wedding hairstyle, and it will outshine every guest on your ceremony.

Waves and Length

Did you ever notice that the longer the hair the more beautiful it is? Well, it’s true. Hair with such great length deserves to be treated like royalty, so don’t skimp on the hair care. One of most amazing hairdos for such long hair is waves. Longer the hair the larger the waves should be. This way you will get a whole new appearance with only a little sacrifice in the shape of your free time. Hairdo like this you can easily wear for many different occasions.

Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is the symbol of our vitality, youth, and beauty. Therefore, it is very wise to keep your hair in proper care. Otherwise, you will be stuck with hay on your head, at best. You can as well lose your hair altogether. So consider good quality cosmetics, like shampoo that is right for your type of hair, and conditioner, which also follows the same rules. Remember to systematically wash your hair, too. This way you will become a proud owner of healthy, shiny and strong hair.

Quick Fix to Fixing Bad Bangs Job

Bad cut is probably every woman’s most horrifying nightmare. And why it shouldn’t be? It takes away our precious beauty, leaving us with dull appearance and very bad hairdo. Fortunately, there are methods to fix this noticeable error and once again being able to enjoy your amazing look. You can, for example, decide on a hairstyle that we presented above, which definitely masks all the wrongs that have been done during this terrible cut.

Messy with Sleeves

Messy hairstyles are a recent hit, and every woman decides on this hairdo in a blink of an eye – probably, because it is not only trendy but also very attractive and quite comfy. Besides it doesn’t take long to arrange it, especially if the messy hairdo is being made with long and loosened hair. In addition, match it with your outfit, like on the image, and you will gain a very trendy but yet very adorable style.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie didn’t have any contribution to the fashion, entertainment or hair-fashion world. However, she’s constantly appearing on the covers of many magazines and websites, always looking fantastic, especially in terms of her hairdo. On this photo, Nicole wears her long hair bleached and left undone. Natural look is also emphasized by gentle waves, which are delicately flowing down her shoulders.

Love It, Celeb Hair

Celebrities often brag about their impeccable appearance and precision in matching every little detail, so the whole could look astonishing. Hairdos worn by celebrities are not always as sophisticated as one would thought, however, they are every time beautifully arranged giving us the urge to create something that cute with our hair. One of such pretty inspiration you can admire above, where loosened long hair perfectly highlights this model’s femininity.

Amazingly Curled Hairstyle

Curls – we all love them and would want to wear them every single day. Of course, it can be done. All you need is to acquire good quality curling iron and take couple of minutes of your free time. You can even decide on different size. It all depends on your taste and the type of your personality. If you want to look more feminine we recommend large waves; however, if you are opting for feistier look, you should consider small spirals, like the ones on the photo.

Cotton Candy Hair Color and Braid

Rainbow in your hair can be quite appealing, especially; if you are a young girl and you like to live wild by having fun at some crazy parties. Cotton candy hair is just right for it. Plus, it looks like pulled out straight from a fairytale land. You also have the chance to arrange your multicolored hair into some fancy hairdos, improving it further by using subtle braid, which can be wrapped around the head, giving you the fabled look you’ve always dreamed of.

Classy Dress and Pretty Long Hair

Long hair and proper outfit is a very dangerous combination, for the hearts of men, of course. Girl with long and well-cared hair, wearing fabulous dress that emphasizes hairstyle even more, will definitely raise the heartbeat in every guy. So, try always matching your hair with your outfit. And the best way to that is to cut few hours of your precious time out of your life, and sacrificing it for the experiments with your look in front of your bedroom mirror.

Braided Updo

Braided updos are the type of hairstyles that are widely used in case of weddings, anniversaries and other gatherings. Such hairdo, like the one on the picture, is not so easy to execute. One wrong step and you can find yourself in the land of unpleasant surprises. So, if you’re not confident with your hairdressing skills, it would be better to leave it to the hairstylist. This way, you will have the chance to shine at your wedding more than anyone else.

Ponytail with Bow

Ponytails are often chosen by women with the long hair, and even more often by younger girls. Such hairdo works perfectly in school, where your hair shouldn’t interfere with your daily chores, and most of all to be comfy and practical. However, no one said that this simple hairdo cannot be spiced up further. Of course, it can. A good solution here is to decide on a fancy bow that you can place on your pony. And your image will go up in no time.

Ponytail Finished with a Bow

Looking for simple hairstyles for your long hair? Ponytails are here your best bet, mostly, because they are simple, quick to make and very attractive. This easy hairdo can also be improved further if you want to. Simply, try to decorate it with some fancy accessories. We recommend a nice stylish bow that you can pin it at the base of your pony. You will gain a whole new look, using the old traditional ways.