Peanut Butter Highlights

Here we have something sweet and delicious for you long and well-cared hair. I’m talking about the peanut butter highlights, which can provide you with sweet and adorable appearance. Twist your hair into large spirals and leave it loose. You will see that your hair has gained extra volume in it, and what’s more, that it also effectively emphasize your beautiful face.  Highlights can be done in every good hairstyling salon.

Medium Brown with Golden Highlights

Do you like to play with your hair using different coloring techniques? If you do, and if your hair is long and medium brown, then you might want to think about treating yourself to a wonderful hairstyle, which has been presented above. Brown hair has been introduced to golden highlights, which results in a fabulous and magnificent appearance. And if your hair is very long and with some impressive volume, you can leave it undone, spreading it across your whole back.

Low & Highlights

Beautiful long hair needs beautiful hairstyles in order to astonishingly present itself in all its glory. One of many potential solutions is highlights. Other one is lowlights. However, you can also combine these two and put it on your long and healthy hair. You will see how your image has been improved, when you first time look in the mirror. The best is to use services of some professional hairstylist, and gaining at the same time the guarantee of a well-executed hairstyle.

Lots of Little Braids

Long hair left undone can also be a good example of a fine hairstyle. However, there is also many ways to improve it further while keeping its loosened appearance. You can, for instance, try to braid your hair. But, not by making one solid and thick braid, only by arranging quite many of them, arranging your hair into small, slim and subtle braids falling down on the top of your head and intertwined with the rest of your loosened hair.

High Long Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest hairdos for the long hair. Simply, grab a rubber band for hair and tie it at the back of your head, as closest to your head as you can. This way, you will achieve sleeked hair on the top and nice voluminous tail at the back. You can even manipulate its height, thus changing its appearance. On the photo, the ponytail has been tied relatively high, making quite astounding appearance of this beautiful woman.

Hair Cut and Color

Today, we will show you that perfect cut should go along with perfect hair color. In order to this, you will have to experiment a little with your hair to find your desired appearance. You can use software provided by some webpages, where you will be able to see how you will look in particular type of hairstyles. All you need to do is to upload a picture of yourself and you can start your journey through the world of hairstyling fashion.

Blonde and Brunette Highlights

Have you ever tried to wear highlights in case of your long hair? Well, now you have the chance. We are presenting highlights that consist of two contrasting colors – brunette and blonde. Such hairstyle should be made only in hairstyling salon by a professional, who knows what he/she is doing. You can, of course, try it by yourself, but if you are not sure about this, it is better to leave it to the pros. Hairstyle is very attractive and can be used in many occasions.

Gorgeous Hair with a Silky White Dress

While deciding on your favorite hairstyle, keep in mind that it also should go with your outfit. After making your dreamy hairdo, you should pick a dress that will not only match your beauty, but most of all your hair. Very long blonde hair changed into the amazing and dense gold locks will work perfectly with a stunningly white dress, giving you the appearance of an angel, who recently fell down from the sky.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long hair has many advantages, with one of them being countless ways to arrange the hair into fantastic hairdos. For every day wear you may want to choose simpler and hairstyles, which also not devouring your precious time while arranging them. However, if you are preparing for some special occasion, you should think about executing more sophisticated hairdos, just as the one on the above picture.

Messy Light Colored

Fair long hair is the peak of woman’s nature. We can often spot such hair on the street, work or school. It is quite popular. But, even though this hair can be seen in case of many girls and women, it does not mean that you shouldn’t try it. Even using such common style you can still look breathtaking. Simply, undone your hair and leave it as it is. This way, you will have cute and attractive hairdo, made in no time.

Fishtail Braid Pullback

Braids go well with long hair, mostly, because they are neat, comfy and practical. They can be arranged in many ways, and in the different places on our head. For example, this braid in the picture is wrapping head around like a beautiful garland or halo. In addition, the hair is fair, thus leaving you with wonderfully angelic hairdo, which can also be the highlight of some important event, where you will definitely steal the show.

Easy and Gentle Hairstyle

Feminine hairstyles should be characterized by subtle and gentle appearance. It is the only way to bring out your delicate personality on the surface. Such hairdos can be very gorgeous, especially, if well-matched to the rest of your general style. You can browse amongst updos, curls and ponytails, picking the right hairdo for your type of beauty. And you will also see that after choosing the perfect hairdo, your attractiveness will go through the roof.

Dream Hair in Grayscale

Pretty long hair adds many benefits to our feminine beauty, especially, when left loosened. You don’t even have to straight your hair or curl it into amazing twists to achieve very girlish look. Try to leave it a bit messy, aiming at look that you see every single morning after getting up from your bed. SO, you can achieve this dreamy hairdo by putting your hair in the hands of your own sleep, which will do all the work for you.

Pink and Orange Hair Colors

Do you like to dye your long hair and experiment with different types of colors in order to find the best possible look? If your creativity is not too wide, then try to look through the Internet, where you can find many colorful inspirations, starting from this post. On the picture, you can see the girl wearing black long hair with few colorful touches; pink and orange to be exact. You can even curl your hair in order to gain more sophisticated style.

Long Hair Over Shoulder

Long hair is best when undone, and everybody knows that. One of the most feminine solutions for long or very long hair is to leave it straight. You can use a hair straightener for it, or simply sleek your hair with a help of the round brush. Well-groomed hair looks best when black and shiny, just as pictured. You can then leave it on your back, or you can introduce your hair to some slight change by sweeping the one half of your hair over your shoulder.

Wedding Hairstyle

Everyone knows that wedding hairstyles should be impeccable when it comes to their appearance. Therefore, no matter if we choose simpler or more sophisticated hairdos, we should keep in mind that it should be executed with precision, otherwise, the final effect we aim for will never be achieved.  The photo shows magnificent wedding hairstyle curled, long, black and spectacular. With this hairdo no man will say ‘no’ to you.

Swoop Bangs

Long hair can be transformed using many different solutions with one of them being a nicely done cut, leaving you with swoop bangs, which will definitely make your hair to look prettier. Bangs should match your face features and the rest of the hair. So, if you, for example, wear your hair black and down, and you crave some changes – then take a glance at the above image. Hairdo is quite girly and provides you with many beautiful aspects.

Reverse Ombre

Have you ever tried dyeing your long hair using the ombre technique? I’ll bet, you have. But, have you ever tried to wear it backwards? Reverse ombre abides the same rules as the traditional one; although, with one difference. In order to use reverse ombre on your hair, you should dye the upper hair section brighter than the bottom one. This way, while using this currently common dyeing method, you can make it to be more unique, by applying it on your hair upside down.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Every fan of very long hair should feel very lucky to wear it. Very long hair is relatively rare to spot, mostly, because many of us simply do not have the time to tame such length every single morning. And that is why we often choose shorter hair, saving our precious minutes to make it on time to work or school. However, if you don’t mind spending time for your hair care and arranging hairstyle, then you have to definitely decide to wear such beautiful long asset.

Pink and Blonde Hair

Color combinations are very trendy, especially amongst young girls, who just love to get crazy from time to time. In case of multicolored hairdos very important is contrast. Often, more intense the better. On the photo you can see a traditional blonde shade merged with pink, giving this girl pretty and slightly wild look. What’s more, colors have been perfectly matched to the haircut and to the makeup, providing a very cute appearance.