Medium Length Hair & French Braid

Do you have medium length hair and you are dreaming about beautiful French braid? If you will weave your whole hair in the traditional way, the braid will be quite short. A nice way for interesting hairstyle is to braid only the upper part of the hair, so that the end of the braid was in the place, where we usually tie our hair into the ponytail. In case of the the French braid that is made this way you can also entwine with it your bangs. Loose hair outside the braid, you can leave straight or turn on the curling iron, and get lovely curls.

Long Hair – Simple Hairdo

Do you like to wear loose hair, but you want for it to look more original? Look at the picture, and see how you can easily give your hair an interesting appearance. It is the idea for the hairstyle that can be performed very quickly. If you have bangs, you can transform it into the braid, as it is shown in the picture. Treat your hair with mousse or fine hair spray, so that the long and short hair merged together, and then simply braid it, as pictured. Braid can be attached by the simple hair barrette or a small hairpin.

Long Hair Updo – Simple Bun

Are you looking for the original idea for the long hair updo to wear it every day or during special occasions? See, how you can turn your straight long hair into the elegant and comfortable updo while using traditional rubber band for hair and few inserts. First, tie your hair like it is shown on the second picture. Then create a simple bun, as in the fourth picture. Next, loose hair that has been left on the sides you should weave into the braids. For the final touch, simply wrap your braids around the bun and secure the hairstyle with some hair inserts, for the whole to be stable and durable.

Dyed Long Hair – Red Color

Do you have long hair and you want to put on a fancy color that will give your hair shine and originality? If you decide on extreme coloration, meaning, it is the first time you are going to bet on the color as intense as the red one in the picture; you should first check how you’re going to look in that color. You can do this by using software available on the web, where you can make modifications to your images in a very simple way. You may also check how many hair dyes you will need for your long hair.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is probably one of the most beautiful celebrities today. Her pitch black hair is the symbol of her class, elegance and attractiveness. On this picture, Mila has her hair pinned at the back, after slicking it back. Moreover, the hair parting has been made on the side of the head, which makes this hairstyle even more intriguing and quite interesting. Plus, the hairstyle highlights her pretty face, and gives her more charm and loveliness.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Emma Stone – Long Red Hair

Every young movie fan knows well the name Emma Stone. She’s one of the brightest young stars in American movie industry. She has very natural beauty that should be combined with lovely long hair, as in the picture. Emma wears her long hair down. And the hairstyle really presents itself better with the whole hair being swept on the one side of the head. On top of that, part of the hair slightly falls on the side of Emma’s face, which gives her even more femininity.