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          Product name C.I.NO Range of inks application Characteristic
          Sheetfed TRN PA NC CLPP PU PG Alcohol Water
          6113 Permanent Yellow 5GX ★ P.Y.74               greenish, transparent
          6128 Benzidine Yellow 10G P.Y.81         greenish, transparent
          6177 Permanent Yellow 277 P.Y.83               greenish, high strength,
          6111 Permanent Yellow HRB P.Y.83               reddish, semi-transparent
          6181 Permanent Yellow HRO2 P.Y.83       reddish, high strength,
          high transparent
          6110 Permanent Yellow HRO5 ★ P.Y.83     greenish, transparent,
          6202 Permanent Orange GY P.O.13       yellowish, transparent
          6212 Permanent Orange GR ★ P.O.13     reddish, high strength, transparent
          6223 Permanent Orange GT P.O.13                
          6236 Permanent Orange RWT ★ P.O.34        
          6238 Permanent Orange OF P.O.34                
          6229 Permanent Orange OFY P.O.34               reddish, high transparent,
          high luster
          6302 Permanent Red F2R ★ P.R.2       yellowish, good gloss, high strength
          6317 Fast Scarlet 2BN P.R.48:1     bluish, transparent
          6367 Fast Scarlet 2BWI ★ P.R.48:1               yellowish, semi-transparent,
          high color-power
          6320 Brilliant Red 2BXL ★ P.R.48:2           bluish, high luster, low viscosity
          6318 Brilliant Red 2BL P.R.48:2           yellowish, high luster, low viscosity
          6321 Fast Scarlet BBS P.R.48:3               yellowish, well luster,
          high color-power
          6323 Lithol Scarlet LB198 ★ P.R.49:1               high color-power, well luster,
          good storage stability
          6363 Lithol Scarlet LR P.R.49:1               bluish, low viscosity,
          good storage stability
          6326 Red Toner CW P.R.53:1               high color-power,
          good storage stability
          6327 Red Toner C P.R.53:1                 transparent
          6356 Red Toner CNLF ★ P.R.53:1           bluish, transparent, high luster
          6357 Red Toner CLFY ★ P.R.53:1           yellowish, transparent, high luster
          6344 Lithol Rubine 6B298 P.R.57:1                 yellowish, transparent
          6329 Lithol Rubine 4BD P.R.57:1                 yellowish, transparent, well luster
          6331 Lithol Rubine WF ★ P.R.57:1               bluish, low viscosity,
          good storage stability
          6332 Lithol Rubine WF188 ★ P.R.57:1               yellowish, low viscosity,
          good storage stability
          6330 Lithol Rubine 404R P.R.57:1           yellowish, low viscosity, transparent
          6333 Lithol Rubine 404B P.R.57:1           bluish, low viscosity
          6342 Lithol Rubine 4BPG P.R.57:1               bluish, high luster, low viscosity
          6334 Lithol Rubine 4BGL ★ P.R.57:1           bluish, high luster, low viscosity
          6353 Lithol Rubine 4BL ★ P.R.57:1           yellowish, high luster, low viscosity
          6341 Lithol Rubine 8B ★ P.R.57:1             bluish, high strength
          6347 Lithol Rubine 4BE P.R.57:1                 semi-transparent, well fluidity
          6348 Lithol Rubine 4BPC P.R.57:1                 yellowish, semi-transparent,
          well fluidity
          6349 Lithol Rubine 5BPC P.R.57:1                 yellowish, transparent, well fluidity
          6350 Lithol Rubine 6BPC P.R.57:1                 bluish, high transparent, well fluidity
          6338 Fast Pink Toner RGG P.R.81         yellowish
          6339 Fast Pink Lake 6G P.R.81           bluish, high luster, high transparent
          6386 Fast Pink Toner PMA P.R.81:3         yellowish, high strength, high luster
          6337 Permanent Red FGR P.R.112               good covering capacity,
          easy-dispersing, high color-power
          6569 Permanent Red 169 P.R.169             bluish, easy-dispersing,
          high color-power


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