Big Bun Braid

Buns are enjoying all the fuss around them, constantly giving us new options in the way of arranging them. Big or large buns can be quite an asset to our daily style as well as for more important events. Perfectly sleeked hair that ends with a large bun at the back of the head is the perfect way to grant ourselves elegant and quick to make hairdo. What’s more, we can decorate it with a nice braid, and wrap it around our impeccably done bun.

An Original Wedding Bun

Typically, buns are combed in such a way that their center is located in the back of the head – below or above. Sometimes we encounter haircuts stacked slightly to the side, but an idea like the one shown in the attached photo, is quite rare. Here, the center of the bun is located on the top of the head, a little to the side and close to the forehead. Arrangement of such a hairdo, as chaotic as it may seem, is not an easy task. However, an experienced hairdresser can certainly make one for you.

Long Hair – Thick Bun

Those types of hairstyles – very straight-looking buns – are increasingly present in fashion, especially, in the field of wedding hairstyles or haircuts for important ceremonies. In the picture you can see how to easily create such a hairstyle. For this type of simple hairstyle, clips are cool and interesting additions that give the whole a more original look. Barrettes do not have to be made from expensive materials or heavy metals. It may be a simple plastic gadget that makes your haircut to look interesting and different.

A Simple Bun – Fashionable or Poor?

We are often finding in the stores with clothes and fashion accessories specific bands that look like big rubber bands, which are used for making buns, as pictured. They mostly look, like they were made of sponge, while resembling a large bagel’s shape. We put this band on a pony hair that was tied earlier, and then we wrap it with our hair to compose a shape as the one on the picture. So, this hairstyle is fashionable or poor? Everything can be fashionable, and everything can be poor – depends why we decide on such hairstyle.


High Updo & French Braid

Buns in such form as in the picture; large, broad, equal, had returned to hairdressing fashion for good. If you want to treat yourself to the hair like this, because you are preparing for some important occasion, you can decorate it further with a French braid. Firstly, you should braid it from the bottom (from the top is also okay), and then pin your hair in a bun. To perform a bun, we will need a wide rubber band that is suitable for this type of updo. These bands, which resemble made of sponges little hoops that we can acquire in many jewelry stores, often in stores with cosmetics, garments and accessories.


How to Create a Large Bun – “Spongy” Rubber Band for Hair

Some time ago, in clothing stores, appeared accessories in forms of large rubber bands for hair that look like they were made of sponge or other types of mousse. They guarantee a quick and easy way for us to create amazing and durable updo. On the above picture you can see step-by-step how to make this hairstyle and how to make for an updo to be durable. Sometimes, simple methods are the most effective ones, and simple solutions are the most surprising!