How to Care for Blonde and Bleached Hair?

Every girl and every woman with golden hair – natural or not – has to take a special care of her fair hair. Blond hair is much more fragile and susceptible to damage than the darker one. So, what to do to properly take care of the bright hair?

Blond hair owes its delicate structure to low content of the melanin. Unfortunately, bright color is gained at the expense of your hair’s health, because oxidation has tendency to weakening and drying your hair. See what rules you need to follow to maintain your hair glow and its perfect shade.

Things that every blonde should remember:

– Purple rinses can help to cool the color down; you can buy them in drugstores, and they are especially recommended for platinum blondes.

– Avoid chlorine. Chlorinated pool water can change the shade of your hair to a bit greenish one. So, in order to get protection against this, simply, dampen the hair with plain water, for example, straight out from the bottle.

– Do not get too friendly with a hair straightener. Blonde hair is already weak as it is, so combining it with such hot device can make you ending up with hay on your head.

– Dye only the roots. Hair dyed for the first time is stronger than the hair that was dyed many times before.

– Always remember about the conditioner, because blond hair is dry, thus, needs constant hydration.

– Choose only those products designed for bleached hair; even if your shade is natural, these products will help you to keep your hair in beautiful condition.

– Protect your hair from the sun, because it will dry your hair out even more.

– Make friends with chamomile and lemon – those are the best natural products for blonde hair, and you can easily use them in your masks and rinses.

– Give yourself into the hands of a professional, because hair coloring in the salon is much safer than at home. Trust experienced person. What’s more, if your natural hair is dark, then do not expect achieving the desired color just after one dyeing. Remember that the patience is very important here, or you might end up with burned hair.

– Fall in love with oils – those are ideal means for moisturizing the hair. Simply, apply the oil before washing your hair, and then wash your hair with a shampoo – it will be followed by a smooth and shiny hair.

– If you can, dry your hair naturally, without the use of the hairdryer. This way, your hair will be better moisturized and softer.

– You want to brighten your natural shade just a little.

– A uniform and flat blonde looks cheesy. That’s why; you want to bet on golden, shimmering reflections. Such effect can be achieved, for example, by using hair lightening gel.

Upside Down Waterfall Braid Headband

More and more often, there are appearing hairstyles that are hybrids of few other hairdos merged together. What’s more, ii can often be seen traditional hairdos being transformed into the variations of themselves. On the photo we have an example of exactly this type of hairstyle. It is a waterfall braid that was made upside down and decorated with a headband, which makes it even more visual and detailed.

Best Fits for Blonde Color

It is often said that those girls wear sun in their hair… I’m talking about natural blondes, of course, Slavic extraordinary beauties, which make every pair of eyes to be aimed and them. Not so long ago this color was reserved for handful of people only, because such coloring has been associating with unhealthy bleaching treatments and long-term hair regeneration. Fortunately, technology is moving forward, and modern dyes allow every woman and every girl to achieve this captivating color. There is only one question: Does it fit everyone?

Fashion or Beauty

Blindly following trends is hardly ever a good choice. The fact that we like some particular color does not necessarily mean we will look good wearing it. The best thing to do is to make an appointment with our hairdresser and ask him/her to professionally match our perfect shade. However, if you insist on dyeing your hair by yourself at home, you should test the selected color on your hair strand to make sure that it will come out the same as on the packaging. If the color is satisfying, then, and only then, you should dye the rest of your hair.

Girls, girls, girls…

Women with naturally dark hair should give themselves into the hands of a professional hairstylist or hairdresser. Modern brightening treatments do not damage the hair as much as they used to, however, independent experiments inside our own home may still end up unpleasantly. In addition, we shouldn’t also switch rapidly from dark hair color to the brightest possible shade, because the change may appear to be too drastic for us. In situations like this, the best choice is the dark blonde.

Blond Has Many Faces

Natural blondes have better chance to go wild with different types of shades. Their hair will easily adopt the brightest pigment, so the brightening should not be a problem. There is one special shade of blonde that one could say it has been created especially for this kind of hair. The color is very clear and extremely fashionable, however; it is very difficult to obtain on dark hair. This platinum blonde color is often worn by supermodels. It also often appears in variety of advertisements and commercials. This unbelievably white hair creates an interesting, ethereal effect. Unfortunately, it’s suitable for young women only, because the appearance of first wrinkles makes this snow-white shade resembling too much of the old and gray hair.

Playing Warm-Cold

While looking for shades for ourselves, we should take under consideration not only the color of our hair, but also our complexion. In general, beauty types can be divided into both; warm and cold. It is very important for us to be able to determine our type of beauty. For example, warm beauty improved with cold blonde hair color may look unnatural, just like the cold type of beauty combined with a warm shade of the hair. While it is not a rule, it is definitely a tip, which should be followed, especially, if we are changing the hair color to blonde for the first time.

Blond Hair Care

Blond hair is often considered to be a symbol of delicacy and sensitivity. Although, it is not worth to believe stereotypes, we definitely have to admit that the color blond softens sharp features of our face, and in some cases can even take away our years, making us look much younger. Regardless of whether your blonde is natural or dyed, you need to take care of your hair with special care.

Bleaching Our Hair

The worst situation goes, obviously, for bleached hair, especially, if your previous hair color was brown or black. Decolorization opens up her hair cuticles, making them dull and accelerating flushing of the pigment. Therefore, it is necessary for the artificial blond to be cultivated with cosmetics for dyed hair, which closes the scales of the hair and prevent loss of color. Often bleached hair becomes dry and weakened, thus, can break and fall out. Hair ends are always in the worst condition. Trimm the hair ends of your blond locks from time to time, and also apply serum to prevent your hair from splitting in two. A great way to restore the health of your hair is the use of regenerating masks. You can choose already made cosmetics, or make some homemade mixtures. Mask that is especially recommended for blond hair is made of egg yolks, one tablespoon of olive oil, and juice from the one half lemon. Yolk will deeply nourish and rebuild your hair, while olive gives it more softness, and lemon, more shine. Mask should be applied on the hair for about 30 minutes, and the head should be wrapped around with plastic wrap. After 30 minutes, take off the foil, rinse the mask, and thoroughly wash your hair.

The Best Shampoo for Blond Hair

You have to avoid shampoos with strongly-cleansing or anti-dandruff properties, because they washed out the color of dyed hair. In addition to hair dyeing, there are also natural ways to slightly brighten your blonde hair, or to create natural and luminous highlights. One of such solution, is to rinse your hair in chamomile brew, of course, the best is fresh. Dried chamomile is available in every pharmacy and herbal store. Choose a real drought, and not express brewing tea, packed in bags. After washing your hair, rinse it with a lukewarm brew. Chamomile smells good, so you don’t have to rinse it. The method is effective, especially, during summer time, because the brightening effect of chamomile is compounded during the time of high insolation. You can also use a shampoo specifically designed for blonde hair. Such cosmetics are also primarily based on the chamomile extract. In order to add more luster to your fair hair, you can decide on using lemon juice on your hair.

How to Care for Dyed Blonde Hair?

Hair dyed blond can give its owner tough times. First of all, bleached hair becomes dry and dull. If the treatment is repeated too often, the damage may be irreversible, and the broken ends will be suitable only for cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to use highly regenerating facials, and oils for hair. Sometimes happens that even hair color applied by the professional hairdresser, does not always meet your expectations, especially, if you put the hair dye on the natural hair color. Green or yellow shades can be deleted with special shampoos available in the stores for hair care, or with so-called silver rinse.

Pearled Hair Tie

You have probably seen hundreds types of buns, but I’ll bet not every one of you have seen bun like this one on the picture. This type of bun differs from others in several ways; however, the most noticeable one is the string of pearls tying it around. Bun is just perfect for the wedding ceremony. Pearls give this hairdo everything it needs to make us feel special, unique, elegant, beautiful and deeply in love. So, you should definitely say to this hairstyle “I do”.

Cute Long Blond Hair

Long blonde hair looks fantastic in every version. However, the easiest hairstyle and also one of the great ones is freely falling straight hair swept over the shoulders. Hairstyle looks very feminine and natural accenting model’s girlish appearance. It is perfect for all young girls, who love to wear their hair long as well as for the adult women, who are busy at work and don’t have enough time to arrange their hair every single morning.

Long Hair Blond

Long hair is often worn by girls and women who want to preserve their feminine appearance. It takes longer time to wash it, dry it, and brush it, and arranging some beautiful hairstyles with it. However, we don’t have enough spare time to play with our hair every single day. Therefore, if you are in hurry you can always leave your hair straight and wear it down; simple but very natural and attractive. Grant yourself a symmetrical parting, dye your hair blonde and be the brightest thing right after the sunshine itself.

Blonde Up

Blonde is probably the most popular color chosen while dyeing our hair. Long blonde hair looks fantastic with multiple choices for hairdos. You can do with it almost everything. However, today we often don’t have enough of free time to arrange our hair into something really spectacular. But no worries, fast to execute and easy to create hairstyles can also be very trendy. Leave a little mess on your head, tug some strands out and make beautiful braid that runs close to your head and you’re done.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair goes with everything. We can use whole range of accessories, braiding or curling techniques, dyeing it with many different colors, making it perfect or messy; and our hair will always look very appealing. One of the great ideas is hair worn down with fancy plait around the head. This type of plait has many meshes, through which you pull thin strands of hair making them fall on your back. Very attractive hairstyle and it’s suitable for every occasion.

Braided Half Updo

Long hair, no matter if arranged into updo, traditional bun, large or small curls, fancy braids; it always looks very feminine and gorgeous. There are many attractive hairstyles for long hair down. One of them is braided half updo, which is tied at the back of the head, and which consists of two braids merged together to form an updo. The back section of the hair has been left loose, allowing hair to fall freely at the back.

Pretty & Simple Half Up

If you are visiting this site, then you are probably looking for some attractive hairstyle that you can change your hair into. If you wear your hair long, then this post is perfect for you. Long hair down with gentle weaves falling down on your back, spiced up with little thin braid running around the entire head. Braid looks like some sort of a border, which divide your sleek top section of the hair with the loose and wavy bottom one. This hairstyle is an amazing choice for the wedding and for other important family gatherings.

Short Hair in a Bright Color – Rejuvenates Us?

Many women decide to change their hair color on a much brighter one… when they begin to notice they are not as young. There is a common belief that blonde color rejuvenates us – and often it does. But we must be careful with blonde, because if we choose incorrect shade (too warm, too cool), our face may present itself very bad. So watch out while bleaching hair, and think about the shade, which will highlight your beauty.

Short and Medium Length Hair – Everyday Hairstyle



Often, we think wrongly, that long hair requires much more daily treatments than short or medium length hair do. The same goes, when it comes to everyday styling. Fact is that more time will take us to wash, apply conditioner and dry our long hair, than in case of short hair, but the time difference between treating long and short hair is not so big. When it comes to styling… well, it is often the short hair that requires from us greater dedication and commitment, because with short hair mistakes are very vivid.




Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston and her Immortal Look



When you watch the pictures of Jennifer Aniston, you probably cannot resist the impression that she is wearing the same hairstyle – the same cut and the same color as always. Jennifer’s hairstyle is an example of that when finally find what in 100% fits perfectly into our beauty, it’s not worth to quit from it just because we spot on any website or in a magazine, a hairstyle that we like, but we’re not quite certain whether it will fits us.




Straight Blonde Hair + Long Bangs

Blond hair looks particularly well in bright version in women, who have a delicate beauty. We should be careful with blonde color when deciding on our coloration, because, sometimes dyeing dark hair blond, the color may not catch on right away. When you have dark hair and blonde dreams, it is best to first check how effectively you will look in this shade. For example, you can always decide on manipulation in a graphics program, where you only need a picture of yourself. It is good to make this change in the hairdressing salon, and not by yourself, because after all this is done, you can be very surprised, and not in a good way.


Short Hair Different Style – Sidelocks

If you leave a longer strand of hair right in front of the ear, where men wear sideburns, then such a strand is called a sidelock. We can wear it combed behind our ear, or as pictured. Such a cool hairstyle works for women, who have a round face; because it subtracts them visually some pounds. Especially the hair looks good in blonde and other bright colors, where there is a very large, visible contrast between the lock of hair and our complexion.