Burberry Hair Bow

Long hair has many options for fantabulous hairstyles. However, if we prefer to decorate our hair with accessories more than arranging fancy hairdos, we have something just for you. Model in the picture wears her hair long and tied at the back of the head. Whole hairstyle has been spiced up with beautiful Burberry Bow, which gives model more girlish appearance. It is a great hair ornament for little girls with long hair, but also for women, who like to feel from time to time like little princesses.

Blonde Hair Pretty Bow

Long blonde hair is the dream of many girls and women. Many of us dye the hair blonde and grow it constantly, in order to achieve the same length as in the picture. Model from the image has very feminine appearance, which is highlighted by the fair hair made in gentle and large waves falling down on her back. We can always sprinkle our hairstyle with some additional decorations, for example, by pinning fancy bow, which will make our hair even more fabulous.

5 Strand Braided Updo

Long blonde hair looks attractive in every form. This post is presenting you with the fancy arranged braid that is tangled up, showing many knots. First step is to make a braid with five strands of hair. Braid should be executed perfectly, without some hair tugging out. Braid is tied at the back using method based on making knots. The hairstyle uncovers our neck, and therefore, we look more feminine and feel prettier.

Natural Bun for Every Hair Color

Messy knot is a terminology for the hairdo that was named like this by the author of the tutorial with images attached to the entry. This means we can also say that is a messy bun. In case of this hairstyle, the mess does not constitute some kind of a flaw, on the contrary. Updo looks natural and it does not need to be corrected, when some strand of hair will tug out from the pinning, or something will shifts a little. This type of hairstyle is well-suited for women, who love to feel comfortable during, for example, their holiday.

Adorable Bow Arranged with Long Blond Hair

Popularity of bows in the hairstyling world is so massive that will probably never go out of style. Sometimes, we associate bows with little girls, who have braids tied with rubber bands with a bow. Bows have often many different colors with lovely ornaments. Hairstyle presented in the pictures, shows step-by-step how to create a hairstyle, which is formed from two symmetrically divided strands of hair.

Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair – Wide Braid

If you think you look best while wearing your hair down and you are looking for wedding hairstyles to wear on your most important day, then we have for you an excellent suggestion. Hair of this blondie in the picture has been braided from mid-lengths into a very wide braid. Hair naturally passes from the widest weave to the narrowest one. The front of the hairstyle looks like loose hair, while at the back like an elegant updo.

Garland Updo Made with Braid for Long Hair

Hairstyle presented in the picture is an excellent idea for an every-occasion updo. On one hand, it is a simple haircut, great to wear every day – to work, college or a meeting with friends. On the other hand, thanks to the updo being very elegant, we might as well use it for important occasions, like friend’s wedding or going out to the club.

An Original Braid for Blondes

Braid is one of the most comfortable hairstyles. We feel well wearing it, especially during hot summers, when we don’t like constantly fixing our hair. An example of a braid which looks original and makes for a solid, but interesting updo, can be found in the image below. This type of hairstyle looks great with long, blond hair, as the updo stays visible.

Braids for Blondes

Blond hair usually presents itself well, regardless of their shade or kind. Blond looks great, whether it’s a natural or dyed hair color – ranging from very light bleached blond, to all the darker colors. Picture showcases a second variation of blond hair. A braid updo, decorated with thin braid, woven into the side of the hairstyle, summing up for an amazing end result. A simple way equals interesting effect.

Bow Hair – Hairstyle for Blondes

One of the most comfortable, every season hairstyles, for long haired women, is a simple ponytail, sometimes called “horsetail”. Hair is pinned with nothing but a hair band. To decorate such a hairstyle, you can choose from a variety of hairpins: detailed slides, hairpins with flowers or hair bands with all kinds of fancy gadgets. The picture gives us a somewhat different proposition – hair decorated with a bow, formed by two strands.

Medium Length Hair – with or without Bangs?

If you’re wondering whether your hair needs bangs, try to analyze a few things. Do you think that your body is tall? If so, bangs seem like a right option for you. When choosing any type of bangs, pay attention to the shape of your face. Basically, any kind of bangs fits an oval face, including the straight one. But if your face happens to be round, it is better to choose shaded bangs, like the one in the photograph.

Delicate Blond Curls + Bangs to the Side

Light blond hair looks particularly good on women with either very light or very dark complexion. Blondes with fair skin are usually the owners of natural blond color, while women with darker skin complexion typically have bleached hair. In the picture, you can find a cool idea for a simple hairstyle for a woman with light blond hair of medium length. Delicate, natural-looking curls plus simple bangs combed to the side. An everyday hairstyle, that’s also perfect for important meetings.

Wedding Hairstyle for Women with Long Hair – Blond

Blond will be the subject of this entry, because that’s the color of the woman’s hair presented in attached picture, but it’s a nice wedding hairstyle idea for hair of any color. Some of us, rightly or not, believe that hair worn down is the most preferred and the best look for them. Wedding is an occasion when we want to look both good and original at the same time. The hairdo in the picture makes a perfect wedding suggestion for fans of hair worn down.

Wedding Hairstyle for Blonds

Did you wake up this morning with smile on your face, because the most important day of your life has just begun? So many things to do, but you didn’t have the time to choose your dreamy hairstyle yet? No worries, we have something just for this particular occasion. Blonde hair made in to classy waves falling freely on the back + some luxurious decorations with beautiful ornaments can really spice up your bride-style.

Stunning Fishtail Braid

Braids are often chosen by women and girls, who love to wear their hair long. Braided hairstyle is quite simple to make and it’s comfortable, especially, during intense activities or summer time. It does not disturb us, and what’s more, it can last throughout the whole day. Picture shows us a magnificently made braid, a fishtail braid to be exact. Hairdo is thick and wide, and presents really amazing, symbolizing precision and elegance.

Dark Blonde Curls

Blonde long hair is not only a dream of many women, but also of many guys, who love long hair on those women. Hair like this can be arranged in many amazing hairstyles, all that is limiting us is only our imagination. Dark blonde long hair would look especially well with large and soft curls made from the bottom section of the hair. The upper part is sleeked and asymmetrically parted, making this hairstyle a real state-of-art.

Braid & Low Updo

Some important occasion is knocking on our door and we have nothing to wear, no idea for makeup and hairstyle, and our taste for accessories has faded away. Well, if you have those problems, you should take the advantage of our proposals that will solve your problems, at least your hairstyle problem. So, if you have long hair and you opt for some fancy hairstyle, just look at the picture. Thick and wide braid that has been mixed with low updo, can presents itself very classy, effectively highlighting your beauty.

Pretty & Simple Half Up

If you are visiting this site, then you are probably looking for some attractive hairstyle that you can change your hair into. If you wear your hair long, then this post is perfect for you. Long hair down with gentle weaves falling down on your back, spiced up with little thin braid running around the entire head. Braid looks like some sort of a border, which divide your sleek top section of the hair with the loose and wavy bottom one. This hairstyle is an amazing choice for the wedding and for other important family gatherings.

Fresh Summer Blond Waves

Gentle weaves on medium length hair always look very fashionable. They grant us more class and grace, making our appearance very spectacular. Of course, for this type of hairstyle, you will need some hot hair devices, which will have the possibility to transform your hair into blonde piece-of-art. If you want to look original and seductive at the same time, you should definitely opt for blonde waves.

Short Hair in a Bright Color – Rejuvenates Us?

Many women decide to change their hair color on a much brighter one… when they begin to notice they are not as young. There is a common belief that blonde color rejuvenates us – and often it does. But we must be careful with blonde, because if we choose incorrect shade (too warm, too cool), our face may present itself very bad. So watch out while bleaching hair, and think about the shade, which will highlight your beauty.