Braided Updo

Braided updos are the type of hairstyles that are widely used in case of weddings, anniversaries and other gatherings. Such hairdo, like the one on the picture, is not so easy to execute. One wrong step and you can find yourself in the land of unpleasant surprises. So, if you’re not confident with your hairdressing skills, it would be better to leave it to the hairstylist. This way, you will have the chance to shine at your wedding more than anyone else.

Hidden Braid in a Side-Swept ‘Do

Now, we have something for very bright and long hair along with proper shine and vibrant health. The hairstyle is very sophisticated but also unbelievably pretty. Braid that has been created as a part of the whole has been swept under the updo, making the hairdo to be as original and unique as they come. You can leave people in the state of shock while appearing during some glamorous events, like banquets, anniversaries and wedding receptions.

Gwen Stefani – Uniquely Braided Updo

Rock music I right around the corner, bringing you one of the craziest hairdos you will ever see. This uniquely braided updo has many benefits to look for in it; however, you will have to spent few bucks more during your hairdresser visit in order to create this wonder on your head. Gwen’s fair hair looks especially well arranged in such braided hairstyle, mainly, because bright hair always makes hairdo to look more noticeable.

Breathtaking Hairstyle

Today, we have something really special. Hairdo from the picture is simply spectacular and very unique. Beautiful long blonde hair arranged into sophisticated hairdo is probably the peak of the femininity. Such hairstyle should only be made in professional hairstyling salon, by a pro-hairdresser, who knows every trick to women’s hairdos. However, this hairdo can only be used during special occasion, because it is quite time-consuming.

Blonde Braided Headband

Hairstyles often look better if introduced to some beautiful hair-accessories. However, that doesn’t mean you should choose some artificial ornament and pin it in your hair. You can also decide on using, for example, a headband, but not the traditional one, but the one made with your own hair. It will keep your hair in check and also decorating your hairdo in the process. The rest of the hair you can leave loosened, allowing it falling freely on your back.

Ponytail Halo Braid

Now we have something really special and really gorgeous. This ponytail halo braid hairstyle is simply breathtaking. Traditionally tied down ponytail at the back of the head has been combined with so-called halo-braid that runs around the whole head making some sort of halo-looking pattern. It is made with Swiss precision and requires advanced hairstyling skills. This hairstyle should be perfectly executed; otherwise, the final effect will be very poor and much unsatisfying.

Long Blonde Braided Hair

Long blonde hair can really add up to our natural charm and feminine appearance. Plus, fair hair goes with everything, and always looks great. Today’s idea for the hairstyle for long hair that is bleached and left loosely, are wonderful braids that enhance our look very impressively. Braids should be asymmetrical and made in different parts of the head. You can easily wear it for important celebration, like parents’ anniversary or birthday of your closest friend.

Thick Braid

Braids never go out in fashion. Their variety of different forms and lengths make every woman, mainly those, who wear their hair long or medium length, really opt for this type of hairstyle. Braids are durable, comfy and most of all relatively quick and easy to create. Arrange this kind of hairdo with your hair and see for yourself how your look improves for better, giving you extra beauty, charm, and grace.