Long Blonde Hair with Beret

Many of us often forgets that in order to improve our hair further, we do not necessarily need to dye it in some fancy colors, arranging into sophisticated hairdos or even decorating it with stylish hair ornaments. There is also one more thing that will help your hair to look better. I’m talking about hats, bonnets and berets, which are perfect for a quick fix of your daily style, and maintaining your beautiful appearance. In addition, they are also practical with giving you extra protection from the sun during summer and keep you warm in the winter.

Bobby Pin Hairstyle

Many hairdos require some supporters that will be holding the whole together, especially during some live activities, such as dancing, jogging or riding a bike. One of the best solutions to support your hair is the bobby pin. Bobby pins can make your hairdo to be as durable as it can, if of course you apply them properly and in right places. With pins holding your hair, you will not have to worry about your hair disturbing you during your actions.

Strawberry Blonde

Blonde hair, such the one on the image, is a very beneficial aspect to the beauty of every woman, who wears her hair long, fair and undone. Parts of hair had been transformed into gentle and very large twists, uncovering the whole face, thus accentuating its features. What’s more, hair is characterized by quite nice volume, which makes the whole hairdo even more marvelous. So, if your hair is long and bright, then you should try this hairdo on. It will give you the ability to spread good mood everywhere you appear.

Pink and Blonde Hair

Blonde long hair looks very adorable when combined with a live and vivid color. Fair hair guarantees the strongest contrast, thus making the hairstyle most visible. Try, for example, treating your hair using a pink shade, which will definitely transform it into a fairytale wonder. Such hair will instantly give you more confidence and the feeling of radiant beauty. Give it a try and check for yourself how beneficial this masterpiece on your head can be.

Blonde and Black Hair

Who had once been dreaming of the hair that looks a little like zebra stripes, now has the perfect occasion to see how this type of hairdo looks in case of the long hair. Model wears her hair dark and undone, and also gently twisted. The whole hair is decorated further by using bleached highlights that gives on of the strongest contrasts possible. Hairstyle definitely has unique appearance, changing your hair into stripes straight from the warmest continent on the planet.

Blonde-Purple Braided Hairstyle

Today, we have a quite attractive hairdo, which is quite unique in terms of the two colors that have been combined together, creating a very original braid. Braid itself is quite thick and properly arranged. In order to make such hairdo for yourself, you will have to divide your hair on three strands with one of them dyed purple. Next step is to execute a braid, of course. After finishing your hairdo, you can be sure your appearance will be unbelievable.

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair can be seen wherever we look; on the streets, in the school or at work… literally everywhere. What’s more, with such craving for this color and for girls’ urge to become blondes, makes the choice for a unique hairdo almost impossible. So, if you are opting for at least merely original hairstyle; try to curl your long and loosened bright hair, turning into curls the bottom hair section and leaving the upper one well-groomed.

Mary-Kate Hair

Long hair can be very attractive and very seductive if properly cared and matched to the type of our beauty. Such hair looks best when loosened. It is more than enough to achieve attractive look we opt for. What’s more, it also comes with such advantages, like comfort, practicality, durability of the hairdo, and most of all – an impeccable beauty. Long hair can be arranged very fast, which is perfect for the morning rush, or you can transform it into some fancy-looking hairdo that can be a great choice for every special occasion.

Hair for a Night Out

Are you a party-lover and you can’t wait for sun to set down to be able to start another night of crazy and wild fun? Well, then this hairdo is for you, if, of course, your hair is long enough. This chic updo can be made with a relatively short amount of time, and it can be fixed even quicker. That’s why it is a great idea for the night-out hairdo that will stay on its place even during the wildest parties. And you will not have to worry about your hair, which will give you the chance to focus on the fun part.

Blonde Curly Hair

For every blonde haired girl and women out there, we have something that is cute, gorgeous and filled with feminine nature. Long blonde hair turned into amazing curls, with the hair uncovering the whole face; can be a great choice for every day wear as for more important occasion. Hairstyle looks very natural and girly, giving you very impressive upgrade of your style. So, equip yourself with good curling iron and transform your hair into real state of art.

Waterfall Braids

Long hair loves braids because they give the hair very attractive form. There are multiple types of braids you can weave, but one of the most gorgeous ones is the one on the above photo. This braid is called a waterfall braid, and it is perfectly arranged on the head of this girl from the picture. If your hair is blonde, this braid will suit you even more because fair hair will make it to be more noticeable. With hairdo like this you can easily brag amongst you friends, making them jealous-red.

Long Blonde Hair

Long hair with blonde shade is probably the most attractive appearance for every woman and every girl. To bleach our hair we don’t need much; a proper hair dye and some skills is quite enough. If you are not sure how to bleach your hair, then the hairdressing salon will be a good choice. What’s more, long blonde hair can also be arranged in many different kinds of hairstyles, like for example, seductive and sexy-looking curls, as pictured.

Cute Blonde Hair

Blonde color is the most popular shade to choose for applying it into our hair. And not without reason. Fair hair is better for arranging hairdos – they can be spotted easier. What’s more, blonde hair also gives positive way of thinking and more pleasant appearance. However, the best part is that bleached hair is simply fantastic to have, to look at and to cherish it. So, if you are thinking of changing your hair color to brighter one, you should at least try it.

Blonde Is the Perfect Color

Blonde is the most popular color we choose to dye our hair, or rather to bleach it. Bright shades make us look more joyful and happy. What’s more, they accentuate our beauty and also our feminine or girly side. We can use permanent or semi-permanent dyes, and doing by ourselves or with the help of a professional hairstylist. All those things depend only on our individual choice.

Long Blonde Straight Hair

We all know that in case of long hair, it looks best when straight, down… and blonde. Every man loves blonde girls and many brunettes want to be blondes. However, when we decide to bleach our hair, we should remember that best hairdos are the simplest ones. So, try to wear your hair down and straight, and you will se that you do not need any of those fancy updos, braids and curls. Grab a straightener and make your hair smooth as silk.

Long Blonde Braided Hairstyle

While wearing long hair, we can use many hairstyling techniques in order to transform our hair into some very attractive and gorgeous hairdos. Just like the one on the above photo. Braided fair hair that also is long and well-cared can be a fantastic asset to our daily appearance. You can stun your friends at work or your school-mates, or even strangers that pass you on the street. So, if you want to look beautiful and elegant, braided blonde hairstyle is one of your best bets.

Flowing Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair can hypnotize every guy in a-blink-of-an-eye. Best appearance with such hair is to wear it down letting it to uncover our whole face. You can make a perfect parting right on the middle of your scalp. Next step is to create large and delicate curls that will be able to flow down on your shoulder and your back. Such hairdo is extremely attractive and feminine; and you can be sure that attention from men will improve rapidly.

Blonde Hairstyles

Long blonde hair can be done simple and pretty. For every woman, who opts for a girly hairstyle, and for all the girls, who wear long hair, we have an idea for very quickly in arranging, but fantastic and pretty at the same time, hairstyle, which can be found on the above picture. Simply, make a symmetrical parting on the head and prepare two rubber bands for hair. Both sections of the hair tie into ponytails on the sides of the head. Sweep ponies over your shoulder, and your hairstyle is done.

Exotic Hairstyles for Long Hair

Lack of free time, career chasing and daily routine, often prevent us from making with our hair something special. However, if you have time to spare and our passion is arranging hair in unbelievable forms, then you should try to put a hairstyle, which has been presented on the above image. It is quite exotic looking and it will definitely make you stand out from the rest. Hairstyle is based on asymmetrical waves that cover the entire head. It’s a real masterpiece.