Natural Curls and Waves

Naturally-looking hairstyles are the best choice for every long hair owner. However, you should also consider the fact that your hair must be of proper health, otherwise the dream will fade away. One of such amazing inspiration for natural curls and waves has been presented above. This beautiful fair hair has been left undone, which gives it the best possible appearance. Great volume and astonishing final effect are the best aspects in here.

Dream Hair in Grayscale

Pretty long hair adds many benefits to our feminine beauty, especially, when left loosened. You don’t even have to straight your hair or curl it into amazing twists to achieve very girlish look. Try to leave it a bit messy, aiming at look that you see every single morning after getting up from your bed. SO, you can achieve this dreamy hairdo by putting your hair in the hands of your own sleep, which will do all the work for you.

Blond Wavy Hair

Today, we will be once again making beautiful curls that emphasize our beauty in an unspeakable way. For this, we will need a good curling stick, in order to create such wonderful springs, as pictured. In case of this type of hairdo, we recommend to wear your hair down. It will allow you to enjoy the best possible appearance, which this hairdo has to offer. And the most important thing is that you will never have to fight with your hair through the whole morning to tame it and arrange it into pretty hairdo.

Beautiful Blonde Color

In order for the hair to be pretty and well-arranged in case of any hairdo, you should keep in mind its proper care. No matter if your hair is dark or blonde, long or short, dyed or natural; without good nutrition there will be no astonishing effect whatsoever. However, if your hair is healthy and blonde, we have for you amazing inspiration you can use. When you look up, you will see a beautiful hairdo made with long hair, which has been slightly twisted.

Dream Hair

Dream hair has different meaning to different people. However, in case of women with long hair, we have one of inspiration that many of you may find as the dream-has-come-true. Hair has been left loosened and well-groomed. What’s more, this straight hair has been arranged a bit messy, looking like a ‘hairdo’ you acquire every time when you are take a first glance toward the mirror in the morning. Feel free to try it out.

Cute Long Undone Hair

Long hair is the peak of woman nature, and many of us often decide to grow a hair that is long, luscious and plays a role of our calling-card. Types of hairdos for the hair with such length are many, available throughout the use of types of different techniques, cosmetics and our own imagination. You can also leave your hair as it is; undone, healthy and beautiful. Remember that often the simplest hairstyle is also the perfect choice.

Undone Hair with a Slight Wave

Yet again we have for you another variation of the long hair. And yet again, the hair has been left undone and straight, flowing down on the model’s shoulders. Hair has been gently waved making an illusion of more volume hairdo, which is also quite natural and girly in its appearance. Such hair can be used for everything. However, it is best for a daily wear, like to school or to work, or even during our relaxing time off.

Long Blonde Hair with Beret

Many hairdos for long hair can be decorated further by using amazing hair accessories to spice the whole thing up even more. You can decide on artificial or live flowers that you can pin in your hair, or on some ornamented hair buckles or hair clips, which will surely improve your current look. Another way to enhance your hairdo is to decide on wearing a hat, a cap, or a beret. And when you leave your hair loosened, you will gain an effortless but still amazingly-looking hairdo.

Ginta Lapina – Blonde Bleach Platinum

Ginta Lapina is a supermodel, well-known all over the world. Her spectacular photo-shoots, along with breathtaking clothes from the best designers, simply, ask for some perfectly-executed hairstyles. Ginta likes to wear her hair down and straight and also bleached with platinum blonde. Such noticeable hair color will definitely improve the daily look for better. What’s more, it is probably one of the best shades of blonde that can be applied on hair.

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde hair that is blonde and loosened is the peak of femininity. Blonde hair color is the most popular shade to choose when we dye our hair. What’s more, it gives us also the possibility to make our hairdos more noticeable. If you wear your fair hair down and you are looking for the right type of hairstyle, we recommend curls, which will give an upgrade to your beauty and your everyday style in no time.

Beautiful Long Hairstyles

Just as the title of this post states; hairstyles made with long hair are really beautiful. You can browse ‘till you ran out of strength, because there are so many of them out there. If you are opting for quick hairstyle, convenient and durable at the same time, feel free to check long hair with large waves running down from the middle section of your hair’s length. The whole can be then decorated with a thin braid that will add you extra charm and more femininity to your appearance.

Bleached Long Hair

Many women often opts for little or larger changes in their looks. One of those changes applies to their head. For example, dyeing the hair or even bleaching it in order to achieve beautiful blonde color is very popular option amongst girls, who want to brighten their hair. Long fair hair looks very seductive, and along with long waves with side parting and hair swept on the one side of the head, gives us really spectacular appearance.