Brunette Hair with Bow

Long straight hair is probably the easiest way to transform your head into something more adorable, and also to enhance your daily style. Such hair doesn’t need further improvements, but this does not mean that you can’t use them. Try, for example, put a stylish bow into your gorgeous hair, and you will see how such small accessory can be quite valuable to the appearance of your hair. You can acquire such ornaments online.

Purple Ponytail with Bow

As you can tell from the picture, even the simplest hairstyles can be transformed into unique creations. For example, if you like to wear your hair long and you are opting for quick styling, then feel free to use a ponytail, which is probably the simplest hairdo of them all. However, in order for the pony not to look too commonly, try to dye your hair with some original shad, like purple, before you start tying your hair. Moreover, the whole can be decorated further with a stylish bow.

Ponytail Finished with a Bow

Aside from the fact, that when it comes to hairdos for long hair, simplicity is the key. However, no one said that the hairdo cannot be improved further. For example, choose some easy-to-make hairdo, like ponytail, and then decorate it with some accessories. In case of the ponytail, the great final touch is in the shape of a bow that can be pinned at the base of the pony. It will give you more femininity and sophistication.

Blonde Hairstyle with a Black Bow

Blondes with long hair have probably the most advantages when it comes to the level of attractiveness and noticing the hairdo. Fair hair’s the main asset is that every type of hairstyle that has been created with it, automatically becomes more noticeable and easier to spot. The same thing involves the hairdo on the above photo, where beautiful blonde hairstyle has been decorated with contrasting black bow, giving the whole more elegance and trendy style.

Curled Updo Hair Bow

Looking for the wedding hairstyle? Then, look no more. The above photo shows you a very fine hairdo for the more important occasions, like wedding ceremonies and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays and exclusive parties. Updo is characterized by the relatively simple arrangement and also by its chicness and interesting structure. Updo from the image is slightly modified, made with curled hair, and on top of that, decorated with adorable bow. It is a perfect style for the wedding.

Braid and Bow

One of the best hairdos for the long hair is braid. Why? Mostly, because it is comfortable and practical, and it does not disturb us during our daily activities. Such hairdo does not need to be improved further; however, it can be if you want to. For example, you can buy a few beautiful hair accessories that will go with your braid, such as the bow, for example. You can easily pin it at the end of your braid, giving it more ways to be admired by others.

Pretty Hair with Bow

Woman’s hair can be arranged in countless ways, better or worse. Long hair looks well in almost every type of arrangement, but the best way is to leave it loosened. Change your hair into the pretty curls and you will gain one of the best appearances for the long hair. Moreover, you can improve it by using some decorations that will bring out the essence of your new hairdo. There are many great solutions with beautiful bow being one of them.

Braided Bow

Do you want your hair to look like a Christmas present wrapped with a creative bow? If so, simply look up. On the photo, girl wears her beautiful fair hair long and loosened. However, this feminine hairdo has been spiced up by some additional elements. One of them is a beautiful bow, but not artificial one, only the one that has been made with our own hair at the back of the head. The second one is the pink color that has been applied on the bow, making it to look simply stunning.

Bow Long Hair

And now we have something for everyone, who loves to have a little bit of a mess on her head. This hairdo looks really chaotic, and what’s more, it takes quite a time to make it. Such trendy options should be executed in pro-hairstyling salons, where you will have the guarantee of fine and properly-executed hairstyle. You can then wear it to some crazy party, or you can as well go to college class with it. It all depends on you.

Long Blonde Curly Hair with Bow

Curls can be done relatively quickly and in many different shapes. If we have good quality curling iron or rollers, we have already half of the work behind us. Now, we should decide what type of curls we want to make for ourselves. After creating our desirable curls, we have the chance to decorate our hair further. All you need is to acquire for yourself some hair-accessories, like for example a bow, and you are good to go.

Stylish Bow

Hair accessories surely can bring many aesthetical benefits to your haircut, decorating your hair with beautiful ornaments in shape of flowers, hearts and fancy-looking buckles or hairpins. But your hairstyle can also be decorated without using any of those above. You can create decorations out of your hair. For example, if your hairstyle is in the finale stages, you can take few strands of the hair and transform it into fabulous bow on the top of the head.

Low Bow

Forget about fancy hair ornaments or artificial decorations in order to spice your hairstyle up. You don’t need that, because we have for you a far better solution than this. Look at the picture and at the amazingly-made bow while using only the section of our beautiful long hair. It’s a type of bun of course, but not the common one, too. Hair has been combed back and pinned into a bow-like updo while using some hair slides and rubber band for hair. Very original appearance and neat style.

Bun with ribbon and braid

The bun tied with a ribbon, as presented in the picture, will look great to wear on everyday basis, or some sort of special event, like weddings or important meetings. It’s a hairdo perfect for hot summer days, as it doesn’t heat up our neck, while the ribbon makes for a nice touch, especially when it matches your eye color. It’s fairly easy to make so you won’t have to ask a professional stylist for help. Hairstyles like this never go out of style.