Braided Hairstyle

Long hair without the braid is like fish without the water. So, if you like your hair long, then you should try some braiding techniques, which will improve your hair for better. There are many braids to choose from, you just have to find the right type for yourself. And if you are not familiar with braiding methods, you can always look through the web to find proper step-by-step guides, which will show you how to properly execute this braided hairstyle.

Lots of Little Braids

Braids are often associated with thick and long weaves. But there are also those that are smaller and thinner, and they can easily conquer your entire hair. Hairdo is quite original but also time-consuming. Therefore, if you decide on arranging it by yourself, make sure you will have enough time to execute it properly, or you can be left one big mess, which will require even more time to clean it up. Nonetheless, it’s a magnificent hairstyle.

Adorable Braided Hairstyle

For every girl with long hair, who also wants to look cute and adorable, we have a fine braided inspiration that you can relatively easy make on your own. Different braids require different weaving techniques, so you should first familiarize with the proper braiding method, before you start to try to arrange your favorite hairdo. Braids can be very nice addition to your long hair, but you should keep in mind that they also should be made with precision, unless the particular type of braid requires otherwise.

Four Strand Braid

Braids are the best friends of every girl, who wears her hair long. There are many types of braids as well as braiding techniques. You can find step-by-step instructions on particular weaves by browsing through the Internet, for example. You can decide on methods that are using three strands of hair. Those are the most typical ones. However, you can also try four-strand braid that will surely make a difference in your daily appearance.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Here, we have for you another variation of braided hairstyles. This time it’s a Dutch braid, you can even make inside your own home. In order to weave such beautiful hairdo, you have to be familiar with Dutch braiding technique. There are many guides on the web on how to make a braid like this, so it should not be any problem. After finishing braiding your new appearance, you can sweep the braid on the front and tug out few hair strands near your ear.

Messy Updo; Braided and Wrapped

This post presents something for every bride or every bridesmaid that awaits a celebration in form of the wedding in the near future. Hairstyle is the type of a messy updo that has been braided, making the braids to wrap the head around with their ends pinned into an updo. Such elegant and chic hairdo can be easily used for some classy events, like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and many others.

Beautiful Hairstyle

Since the beginning of time, hairstyles were one of the crucial aspects in women’s beauty. Crazy and sophisticated forms and wild colors with varieties of hair accessories; were typical then as they are now. Complex hairdos can be quite demanding in terms of both; our time and our skills. That’s why the best way for hairstyle that is tough to make, is to visit hairdressing salon. You will have the guarantee of the quality of your hairdo.

Waterfall Braid

For every girl out there, who love their long hair and fantabulous hairstyles that can be executed with it, we have something gorgeous and lovely. Check the above image, where you can find professionally made waterfall braid, which, and I’m saying this with no joke, is one of the most amazingly-looking hairstyles for long hair. And it’s also my favorite kind. This hairdo requires some time, though. Best to make a visit in pro-hair salon, this why you will be sure, you have made it right.

Braided Hairstyle

Hairstyles have many faces. They can be short and feisty-looking, or long and natural with feminine appearance. We can create some really fancy and crazy hairstyles, when we have time for it, or we can just sweep our hair here and there, to achieve quick but impressive final effect. So, of you opt for the latter option, you want to check the world of braided hairstyles, which can be lasting, comfy, presentable and most of all unique and pretty.

Cool Hairstyle

Hairstyles that are difficult to make are often objects of admiration. We spend long hours in order to arrange them perfectly; and we often use services of professional hairdressing salon to be sure our hairstyle will be lasting and made with precision. One of these kinds of hairstyles is the one pictured above. It has a snail-like updo that looks really unique and original, and it is well-suitable to stun all the guests during some important celebration.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Are you the proud owners of the long hair but you don’t know what to do with it? Let me show you. Simply, look at the picture, where you can find chic fishtail with a few messy accents. Hairstyle looks really amazing, especially, if the weave has been perfectly executed. If so, we can now tug several thin strands of hair from our fishtail. Hairdo will gain a new look in no time. It will transforms from simple and elegant hairstyle to more sophisticated, modern piece of art.

Messy updo

For every woman and girl, who likes to play with the hair will definitely be satisfied of the option we have put on the above picture. Updos are very practical and comfortable to wear. They are quite attractive and often chosen by women with no extra time to spare. This messy hairdo is great in terms of durability, time-costs, and most of all, it grants us a very subtle and girlish appearance.