Braid and Bow

Long hair should be turn into braid at least once in a while. It’s a very refreshing change in both your general style and appearance of your hair. You can use more precise weaving technique, which will make your braid to look more elegant, or you can decide on a bit messy aesthetic by tugging few strands out of the braid. What’s more, you have also the possibility to decorate your hairstyle even more. How? Simply, pick a stylish bow and use it as a final accent.

Lovely Long Hair with Braid Wrapped Around

Braids can not only be used as a main hairdo that you can weave in many different ways. You can also use this braid as a decoration of your long and loosened hair. Simply, divide few strands of your hair and execute a braid with them. After the braid is finished, you can wrap it around your head like a halo. In addition, you can twist your hair a little leaving it in a bit messy structure. Hairdo can be used at daily basis, but with a braid it can also be the brightest guest during some important and classy events.

Blonde with Braid

Improving your hair is one of the main steps to have amazingly-looking hairdo. For example, if your hair is long and you like to wear it undone because you love how it makes you feel; then, try to put in your hair something else. Great solution is here a proper accessory, which you can buy in every store connected to the world of hair fashion. You can also make a stylish braid and place it at the back of the head.

The Alice Band Braid

Braids have many ways to weave them, and each technique leads you to the different type of braid. So, in order to find the proper one for yourself, you should browse through them, basing your searching on the type and length of your hair. Many braids are relatively easy to make, but there are also the ones, like this in the picture, that will require professional assistance. This band braid is maybe not so easy to arrange as, let’s say, traditional braid, but it will much benefit you with its presence.

Bun with Back Braided

Do you like to arrange your hair into a bun? If so, and if you are looking for some changes because this traditional buns’ appearance makes you tired, you can try to spice up the things a little. For example, a fine combination is a simple bun merged with subtle and very feminine braid running vertically across the back of your head. The braid is a very beneficial asset that will definitely improve your style and will make you feel prettier than usual.

Lovely Long Hair with Braid Wrapped Around

In this post, we have another stunning hairstyle for the long hair. Girls will surely love it, and women will not be able to say no to it. So, if your hair is long and dark, and you prefer to wear it loosened, then you should definitely try this hairdo. You will be surprised how well it accentuates your style and your beauty. However, decide to execute this hairstyle in a hairstyling salon, only. This way, you will have the guarantee that it will look as it should be.

Dark Hair with Braid

Many owners of long hair often decide to leave their hair undone. In my opinion, this is the best look for the long hair. You can, of course, raise the quality of your hairdo, simply, arranging it into some large and gorgeous curls. What’s more, you can even spice up this hairdo by using some braiding techniques that will allow you to create additional asset to your hairstyle – a braid. Braid will definitely accentuate the whole hairdo, making you feel like a real woman.

What a Cute Hairstyle

Cute hairstyles can be a real asset to our daily or special appearance. They look great, we feel great, and that’s why they are so popular. Every one of us wants to look original and gorgeous, and now we can. Simply, look at the above picture, and you will see a lovely hairstyle – a form of an updo that was made with thick braids making the whole hairdo very noticeable. So, if you are opting for some cute changes to your everyday appearance, you should start with the above idea.

Side Braid

Side braid is a relatively simple hairdo, and it doesn’t require much time to arrange. Such hairstyle can be quite practical and comfy, especially during summer, when the heat is often unbearable; and the braid protects us from gaining the extra heat by uncovering your neck and keeping the whole hair together. You can easily wear it while going to the beach or for some casual hanging out with your friends. Remember to tug few strands out, right above the ears, to make your hairdo even lovelier.

Waterfall Braid

For every girl out there, who love their long hair and fantabulous hairstyles that can be executed with it, we have something gorgeous and lovely. Check the above image, where you can find professionally made waterfall braid, which, and I’m saying this with no joke, is one of the most amazingly-looking hairstyles for long hair. And it’s also my favorite kind. This hairdo requires some time, though. Best to make a visit in pro-hair salon, this why you will be sure, you have made it right.

Braided Hairstyle

Hairstyles have many faces. They can be short and feisty-looking, or long and natural with feminine appearance. We can create some really fancy and crazy hairstyles, when we have time for it, or we can just sweep our hair here and there, to achieve quick but impressive final effect. So, of you opt for the latter option, you want to check the world of braided hairstyles, which can be lasting, comfy, presentable and most of all unique and pretty.

Small Fishtail Braid

Need a trendy hairstyle for the major event, but you don’t want it to be too crazy or too inappropriate? Well, we have something, which you will surely fall in love with from the first sight. Girl on the photo wears her hair down, however, only partially. Second section of the hair has been made into small fishtail braid that is in a bit of disarray, making the whole hairstyle to look messy, but also quite elegant at the same time. That’s why; you can wear it everywhere, from crazy-wild party to public speeches and business meetings.

Cute Braid

Who said that hairstyle can be only visible in case of blonde hair color? The above image completely denies this. Beautiful braid made with even more beautiful black hair that has been perfectly sleeked back, is a type of hairstyle that will surely catch the eye of more than only one guy. It adds us mystery and charm, making us more desirable. Hairstyle can be done fast and without any hairdressing tricks.

Two Lace Braids

Braids have many faces: Some are traditional and common, while others require some good skills in order to make them as they should be. One of the trickiest braids is the two lace braid that requires some hairstyling talents from us to be executed properly. Hairstyle is relatively quick, so we can easily wear it while going out to school or to work. We can even sweep the braid on the side to achieve even more attractive appearance.

Ponytail for Work and School

Ponytails are probably the easiest types of hairstyle. We don’t need any professional hairdressing skills or tons of hair cosmetics to arrange this hairdo. All we need is a rubber band for hair and few free minutes of our precious time, and that’s it. This type of ponytail has been tied in the lower back of the head, making the top to look like it has more volume. In addition, long bangs have been swept on the side reaching model’s ear.

Classic Braid

Long hair doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend long hours in front of the mirror every morning while preparing for work, school, or college classes. If you are short on time and you want to do something with your hair fast, but maintaining your beautiful appearance and impeccable style in the process, then you should decide on making a traditional braid. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to execute this hairdo, and your look will be improved without losing your prettiness.

Braided Hairstyles – Bun + Fancy Braid

In women’s hairstyling world, braided hairstyles become more and more popular. They can be found everywhere; on the Internet, in fashion magazines, on TV, on the catwalks, and on the streets. Women often choose it, mainly, because those hairstyles are quick, simple and durable, and of course, attractive at the same time. Wonderful idea for such a hairstyle, but more sophisticated one, is the bun with the braid that not only lies close to our head, but it looks like emerging from under the bun. Very beautiful hairstyle, however, it is not so simple in arranging.

Pretty Braided Hair

Women, who like to wear their hair down, and long, can easily opt for subtle upgrades of their hairstyle making it looks completely different. One of such hairstyles has been presented on the above pictures. Model wears her hair down with classy thin braid wrapping her head. Braid is decorated at the back of the head with beautiful ornament, which you can choose from the stock available in many stores with hair accessories.

Cute Friends Braid

Who didn’t hear about Siam twins? This hairstyle is based on the idea to merge hairstyles of two persons into one. It’s a traditional braid, or braids, to be exact. We divide section of hair one both heads, and then we use all the strands to make the braid. While looking from the back, hairstyle reminds something that looks like heart. It’s a very original idea, however, completely unpractical. If you like experiment with your hair, you might as well use also hair of your friend, and create something really twisted.

5 Strand Braided Updo

Long blonde hair looks attractive in every form. This post is presenting you with the fancy arranged braid that is tangled up, showing many knots. First step is to make a braid with five strands of hair. Braid should be executed perfectly, without some hair tugging out. Braid is tied at the back using method based on making knots. The hairstyle uncovers our neck, and therefore, we look more feminine and feel prettier.