Sweet like Cinnamon

This post will provide you with something sweeter than usual. Long hair with beautiful shade of brown that looks like cinnamon sticks is definitely the type of hairdo one should wear for some important celebrations. Leave your hair loosened, and only partially tie it at the back of your head using previously-made, subtle and pretty braid. Hairstyle is quite girly and you can be sure it will grant you many benefits.

Lots of Little Braids

Long hair left undone can also be a good example of a fine hairstyle. However, there is also many ways to improve it further while keeping its loosened appearance. You can, for instance, try to braid your hair. But, not by making one solid and thick braid, only by arranging quite many of them, arranging your hair into small, slim and subtle braids falling down on the top of your head and intertwined with the rest of your loosened hair.

California Braid

California is a beautiful and sunny state, the Mecca of fabulous movie industry, and one of the world’s biggest catwalks, when it comes to fantastic hairstyles. One of the braiding hairdos was even named after Cali. This braid is combined with loosened long hair, which also has been slightly twisted and left partially undone. Hairdo is one of a kind, and it can really bring out the best in all the women, younger and adult ones.

Cute Braid

Braids can be arranged inside your own home, or you can visit a hair-dressing salon, if your hairstyle requires more complicated weave or you simply don’t have any skills whatsoever. Nonetheless, no matter who and where you create your braids, it is always a perfect choice for a nice hairdo. You can even experiment a little with your hair, and make a single braid while merging it into your straight sleeked hair.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Are you the proud owners of the long hair but you don’t know what to do with it? Let me show you. Simply, look at the picture, where you can find chic fishtail with a few messy accents. Hairstyle looks really amazing, especially, if the weave has been perfectly executed. If so, we can now tug several thin strands of hair from our fishtail. Hairdo will gain a new look in no time. It will transforms from simple and elegant hairstyle to more sophisticated, modern piece of art.

Long Hair and Subtle Thin Braid

Long hair should always be treated right. We should properly wash our hair, comb it or brush it, apply good quality conditioners, and not loading it with tons of hairsprays, gels and mousses. Only this way we will be able to keep our hair healthy and sparkling. And if you like to wear your hair down, you can always improve it by making two thin and soft braids, and wrap your head around with them. As a final touch, you can tie the braids at the back by using your hair to make a knot, or by using hair buckle, which can also be a nice addition to your hairstyle.

Messy Side Braid

Model on the image has something for every girl and woman, who likes to wear their hair in a more sophisticated but also a messy way. Braided made on the side of the head can be quite attractive, especially with very long hair. However, to improve this hairdo even more, we advise to tug some thin strands of hair out of the braid and point them in different directions. Hairstyle can be decorated with fancy ornaments that will definitely take its appearance i\to the whole new level.

Braided Long Hair

Long hair transformed into beautiful braid in the back, is great choice for every girl, and even for every woman. The braid can be made in a simple way, but there are also those, which require a bit of patience and some hairdressing skills. Braided hairstyle in the picture is the perfect example of the latter one. Beautifully done braid with hair sleeked back looks even more attractive if we tug some hair strands out on the sides of our head.

Two Braids and Long Hair

Although, the two braids hairstyle we primarily associate with little girls, who go to primary school, this can be also wonderful idea for two-braid updo for adult women. The idea pictured on ​​the photo, are two braids delicately intertwined with two strands of hair. You can create with your hair the French braid at the top, or in so-called fishtail braid. This hairstyle is very original, versatile and comfortable at the same time.


Long Hair in the Braid

The picture shows us the type of hairstyle, which, in a short time, can be transformed into a completely different hairdressing styling. First, we should twist our long hair up by using curling iron to create waves softly falling on our backs. Then we make the fishtail braid, however, the hair should not be firmly squeezed, but left in the shape of the loose weave. We’re tying the hair with some elastic rubber band that matches our hair color. Moreover, when we get bored, or when is getting hot, or we just want some fancy change – we roll up the braid, and then pin it with hair barrette or the rubber band.