Classy Dress and Pretty Long Hair

Long hair and proper outfit is a very dangerous combination, for the hearts of men, of course. Girl with long and well-cared hair, wearing fabulous dress that emphasizes hairstyle even more, will definitely raise the heartbeat in every guy. So, try always matching your hair with your outfit. And the best way to that is to cut few hours of your precious time out of your life, and sacrificing it for the experiments with your look in front of your bedroom mirror.

Medium Brown with Golden Highlights

Do you like to play with your hair using different coloring techniques? If you do, and if your hair is long and medium brown, then you might want to think about treating yourself to a wonderful hairstyle, which has been presented above. Brown hair has been introduced to golden highlights, which results in a fabulous and magnificent appearance. And if your hair is very long and with some impressive volume, you can leave it undone, spreading it across your whole back.

Long Brown Hairstyle

Brown hair properly cared can be an amazing asset to your beauty. If you wear it long, then you should probably leave your hair as it is – loosened. This way you will gain the perfectly-feminine appearance. Such hairdos can be very girly, accentuating the nature of almost every woman. This one on the picture looks quite heavy and treated with a well-matched color, which emphasizes the visual weight of the hair.

Brown Hairstyle

Brown is a quite common shade. However, it is definitely not boring. All you need to do is to provide your hair a wonderful styling, which will change your appearance into the one that is more adorable, more attractive, and most of all – the one that enhances the general style. Try to curl your brown hair in order to achieve even more spectacular look. Such hairdo can be then used during some kind of emergency that requires from you to quickly fix your hair.

Different Shades of Hair

Do you like diversity when it comes to your long hair? Well, if you do, then you should try to present your hair with different shades. It will change your style and the appearance of your hair without the need to cutting it in order to see the change. Hair with different shades can then be further improved by, for example, curling it and leaving loosened. And this way you will be able to derive pleasure of wearing this wonder on your head.

Dark Brown Hair

Love to wear your hair long but not blonde or too dark? Well, if you are looking for a shade that will bring out your femininity and natural appearance, we recommend trying one of brown shades, which are excellent for it. Lighter shades of brown will make you to look more radiant and girly, while the darker turn your style into a more mysterious one. The choice is up to you. And if you are afraid of putting unchecked color in your hair, then you should use applications available on the websites, which will help you with the potential visualization of your style.

Pretty Long Brown Hair

Long brown hair is maybe a common shade; however, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved, making you look like a whole different person. Brown hair that is long can be changed into marvelous curls with only a help of good quality curling iron. You can execute this hairdo in no time, and you can be sure you will be on time in work or school along with your impeccable look. Be sure to care well for your hair for its dazzling shine to be even brighter than the Sun itself.

Curly Brown Hair

Hair with brown color is very common thing to spot while walking down the street. Many women have natural brown hair, but there are also those, who decide to grant themselves such shades, darker or brighter ones. Long hair dyed or brown by nature can be a nice asset to your everyday appearance as well as for some prestigious events. You can improve your hair by curling it into some fancy twists, and leaving the whole loosened.

Long Brown Hair

Beautiful brown color is maybe a little bit cliché, however, properly matched with the right type of hair and with suitable hairdo; it can outshine more than one shade of color. Like on the above picture; those beautiful waves that have been created with the long and beautiful hair can be done with good quality curling iron or a hairstyler, making you the hairstyle that will make your friends’ jaws to drop down.

Long Brown Hair

Brown is a very common shade that exists naturally or with the help of appropriate hair dyes. Nonetheless, brown color and its variety of different shades can be a real treat for most women, whose hair is well-cared. If you leek your long hair back leaving it loosened, you will achieve a very charming look that will definitely boost your self-confidence, and make you more adored by the others. Besides, with hair like this you can appear everywhere.

Aishwarya Rai and Curls

Who doesn’t want luscious long and curly hair that looks like a commercial of the perfect seduction? Long and curled hair, properly cared, can be an amazing asset to the every type of beauty. Thick and dense curls combined with dark hair color are recipe for an impeccable style. You can sweep them on the back or on the front, achieving new and simply spectacular appearance. And you will definitely make all the eyes to look only at you.

Brown with Hidden Blonde

And once again we are presenting you an immortal form of dyeing, so-called ombre. Such dyeing requires two colors of intense contrast with each other. One should be dark while the other should be bright. Shades brown and blonde are perfect example of such dyeing. Upper hair section is treated with darker shade, and the lower section with color blonde. It’s very trendy and commonly used hair-coloring method.

Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Today, we have something for the women, who wear their hair dark. On the picture, you can see a chocolate brown hair that is perfectly cared and well-executed. Hairstyle is presented you by world-famous actress – Penelope Cruz, who is definitely able to pull off that kind of hairdo. And she looks in it nothing less than amazing. Everyone who wants to dye their hair with this shade, we advise to use semi-permanent dyes first, to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Long and Gently Falling Hair

Long hair is the symbol of femininity and naturalness, no doubt about that. What’s more long hair worn down and straight or with very gentle waves can often be more attractive than any kind of fancy and sophisticated hairstyle. Long hair gives us confidence and natural appearance. Hairstyle is perfect for romantic dinner for two. And you can be sure that during your dinner with beloved one, he will not be able to turn his sight from you.

Straight Hair

Long hair worn down… I mean very long hair worn down and straight is the quintessence of the femininity. Hair must be, however, very well cared in order to be strong and healthy, and to look very shiny. Carrying for this type of hair is a big and time-consuming problem, especially if you want to do this by yourself. But, aside from the long hours spent on improving the appearance of our hair, the effect is unbelievable.