Pretty Long Brown Hair

Many think that blonde and brunette hair is the only hair that can look charming and feminine. It could not be further from the truth. On the above image, you can see proof of that. Girl wears her beautiful long hair in a very attractive shade of brown. Hair has been made into small curls, which emphasize the beauty of girl’s hair, especially in the light of the sparkling rays of sunshine. Hairdo looks very natural and pretty, and younger girls should be having with it a real blast.

Different Shades of Hair

Do you like diversity when it comes to your long hair? Well, if you do, then you should try to present your hair with different shades. It will change your style and the appearance of your hair without the need to cutting it in order to see the change. Hair with different shades can then be further improved by, for example, curling it and leaving loosened. And this way you will be able to derive pleasure of wearing this wonder on your head.

Dark Brown Hair

Love to wear your hair long but not blonde or too dark? Well, if you are looking for a shade that will bring out your femininity and natural appearance, we recommend trying one of brown shades, which are excellent for it. Lighter shades of brown will make you to look more radiant and girly, while the darker turn your style into a more mysterious one. The choice is up to you. And if you are afraid of putting unchecked color in your hair, then you should use applications available on the websites, which will help you with the potential visualization of your style.

Long Layers Hairstyle

Layered hairdos should be made in a professional hairdressing salon. The best is the one that has been already checked by you, which gives you the confidence of hairdressing skills of the stylists that are working there. If your hair is dark, layers will make you to look more feisty and mysterious. Such hair also requires special line of cosmetics that have the ability to change your everyday hair into a real hair-masterpiece.

Curly Brown Hair

Hair with brown color is very common thing to spot while walking down the street. Many women have natural brown hair, but there are also those, who decide to grant themselves such shades, darker or brighter ones. Long hair dyed or brown by nature can be a nice asset to your everyday appearance as well as for some prestigious events. You can improve your hair by curling it into some fancy twists, and leaving the whole loosened.

Long Brown Hair

Beautiful brown color is maybe a little bit cliché, however, properly matched with the right type of hair and with suitable hairdo; it can outshine more than one shade of color. Like on the above picture; those beautiful waves that have been created with the long and beautiful hair can be done with good quality curling iron or a hairstyler, making you the hairstyle that will make your friends’ jaws to drop down.

Aishwarya Rai and Curls

Who doesn’t want luscious long and curly hair that looks like a commercial of the perfect seduction? Long and curled hair, properly cared, can be an amazing asset to the every type of beauty. Thick and dense curls combined with dark hair color are recipe for an impeccable style. You can sweep them on the back or on the front, achieving new and simply spectacular appearance. And you will definitely make all the eyes to look only at you.

Brown with Hidden Blonde

And once again we are presenting you an immortal form of dyeing, so-called ombre. Such dyeing requires two colors of intense contrast with each other. One should be dark while the other should be bright. Shades brown and blonde are perfect example of such dyeing. Upper hair section is treated with darker shade, and the lower section with color blonde. It’s very trendy and commonly used hair-coloring method.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Miley Cyrus and Long Hair

Miley Cyrus is a well-known young celebrity, who recently has made around herself much controversy. However, in her earlier years, when she had been wearing her hair long and down, she presented us with many beautiful hairdos, which are just perfect for the long hair. In this picture, Miley wears her hair down and long and transformed into large and messy curls that make the hairstyle great for every long-haired teenager.

Brown Layered Hair

Brown layered hair can be very attractive if the hairstyle is properly executed. We can wear this type of hair almost everywhere: when we preparing ourselves for some kind of important celebrations, such as weddings, family gatherings, business dinners and business parties, anniversaries or birthdays. Hairstyle looks truly fantastic and hair color highlights our beauty, our face and our impeccable style.

Dark Brown Long Hair

Women with dark hair, especially with the long one, are the quintessence of seduction. Pitch black color combined with large and softly made curls, and with opulent hair volume, can be really breathtaking. In order to gain more hair volume and nicely done large curls, all you need is good quality curling iron. Everyone knows how to make curls, so I won’t be explaining it. However, to get more volume in your hair, brush it while tilting your head forward, and then simply tilt it back.