Simple Bun… in Elvish Style?

Do you have enough of the boring hairstyles that whole Internet is flooded with? Are you opting for something that is more fairy-tale like and looks like the hairstyle that has been pulled out straight from some fantasy movie? If so, we have just the right thing for you. On the picture, you can see a simply-made bun, but there is one detail that changes the whole appearance. Hair-line that runs above the ears has been slightly changed; hair has been shaved making the ears look pointy, like in the case of Elves. It’s a really nice touch, and very unique, too.

Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

In today’s world, there are probably few women, who don’t know, how to create a perfect and impeccable updo using long straight hair. However, if you don’t have this kind of knowledge and you got long hair, and you want to make an updo out of it, then you should take a peek at the above images. They are made in a way of step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the entire hairstyling process.

High Bun for Long Hair – Comfortable Hairstyle

If you are looking for a really interesting idea for a hair updo – a bun, which will be slightly different than the standard pinning – we hope you find the hairstyle in the pictures well-suited for this job. Cotton candy bun is a bun that was pinned quite high. The hair around the bun is sleeked, but the bun looks a bit like it has been wrapped with cotton candy, or was made of some kind of wool material.

Elegant Bun with Braids on the Sides – Long Hair

Bun is a great idea for a hairstyle for the summer, especially, if we have long hair, which further heat us during hot days. An updo made this way is convenient, because it does not need to be improved during the entire day. The picture presents a bun that is on the one side simple, but on the other also original, mainly, because it has been decorated with plaited braids on the sides, which have been formed from thin strands of hair.

Natural Bun for Every Hair Color

Messy knot is a terminology for the hairdo that was named like this by the author of the tutorial with images attached to the entry. This means we can also say that is a messy bun. In case of this hairstyle, the mess does not constitute some kind of a flaw, on the contrary. Updo looks natural and it does not need to be corrected, when some strand of hair will tug out from the pinning, or something will shifts a little. This type of hairstyle is well-suited for women, who love to feel comfortable during, for example, their holiday.

Beautiful Bun Decorated with Braids

Updos, also called buns, look great in many different versions. Whether they’re pinned high or in the middle of the head, or close to the neck, they appear very elegant. Mostly in the form of a tight bun, but also as a chaotic hairstyle. If you add to this updo some accessories, like braids tied from narrow strands the hairstyle gains originality.

Decorative, Elegant Wedding Bun – Long Hair

Until recently, the most fashionable hairstyles for weddings, New Year’s Eve parties – were tightly pinned buns, secured by tons of hair spray, foam or even gel. Now, we tend to avoid updos that look artificial, which does not mean that we have to abide by a set of strict rules. Presented in the photo is a beautifully crafted, precisely arranged bun, decorated with strands created from the model’s long hair.

Tutorial: How to Make a Simple Bun – Long Hair

Bun is a hairstyle that we eagerly choose for the summer because it is comfortable, and the hair does not warm up our necks or backs. If properly arranged, it’s perfect to wear on the beach. Example of a bun, suitable not only for beach but also for summer walks, is shown in the pictures attached to this entry, showing you step by step how to make such an updo yourself.

Idea for a Bun Made of Braids

When we search the Internet for tutorials, we usually see ones consisting of several pictures, often about five and a photo that shows the end result. The pictures attached to this entry, show a much more advanced ‘step by step’, as the hairstyle itself is advanced as well. An updo such as this is difficult to make by yourself at home, with no previous experience, but we can always take this to a hairdresser.

Bun for Any Occasion Decorated with Braid

Once, buns used to be compact and firmly secured with the hair spray. Today, we more often focus on hairstyles that are pinned slightly and seem to look a bit chaotic, while usually they’re quite well thought out and executed. An example of this somewhat chaotic pinning, of which braid makes for a decorative element, is the hairstyle in the photo attached to this post. Bun for every occasion.

Beautiful Bun Arranged in the Shape of a Bow – Tutorial

Bows came back to women’s fashion some time ago and keep on growing popularity. Until recently, they were used more as a decoration for little girls, now even women over 30 years old are keen on wearing them, whether it’s in clothing or hairstyles. In the tutorial made of pictures attached to this post, we can see how to make a bun, which is pinned in the shape of bows. This tutorial shows you the making of the hairstyle step by step, so that you could do it yourself.

Wedding Bun – Long Hair

The pictures present a step-by-step way to form an elegant and original bun – a hairstyle suited for a weddings or any important events. We do not urge you to try to arrange the hair yourself, if you’re not skilled in this type of thing – rather than that, for example, you can take these photos to a salon where you have made an appointment.

Bun, That Resembles a Snail

Although the bun shown in the pictures, made with long hair, looks like a simple arrangement, in reality requires a lot of practice. It is rather difficult to be done by yourself, even with mirrors in front and back. But you can always ask a friend or a hairdresser for help, if you desire such a hairdo. You will need a great deal of hair inserts and hairspray. It’s best to choose the inserts of the same color as your hair, so they don’t catch the eye.

Pretty Braid Bun

There are many hairstyles you can arrange with your long hair, or the one of medium length. Hairstyle with the perfectly executed bun and thin braid wrapped around it is well-suited during summertime, because it protects us from the extra heat, and is durable at the same time. Besides, attractive appearance, combined with practicality and originality, make hairstyle that adds us more class and grace.

Braided into Bun

Do you like to wear your hair long? Do you have enough of the same old hairstyle every single day? Then maybe you would like to arrange your hair using common styles, but with uncommon results? If so, you are in the right place for it. If you wear your hair long, and thinking about the hairstyle, just decide on a braided bun with thin braid lying on the front part of the head, reminding a hair-band. This hairstyle is well-groomed, perfectly-executed and most of all durable and attractive.

Crown Braid & Low Bun

World is filled with different creation of the hairstyles, so you can browse until you find something that you fall in love with. One of those lovely options has been presented by us on the above picture. It’s an updo in form of the bun that has been arranged not like the traditional bun – on the top of the head, but much lower, on the back. The whole is crowned by the thin braid that is wrapping our head.

Dutch Braid & Messy Bun

Dutch braid combined with messy bun is really something that has been pulled out straight from the sci-fi movies. Precisely made braid that runs from the one side of the head to the middle of the other side, wrapping almost the entire head around, is quite impressive and beautiful. On top of that, the end of the braid is forming the bun, which has been placed on the opposite side of the beginning of the braid. Such appearance is always a perfect choice.

A Simple Bun for Every Occasion – Do It Yourself

Today, the Internet is bottomless source, in which you can find a really large quantity of various places, where you can learn step-by-step; how to perform a particular hairstyle, how to paint your nails, and how to choose the appropriate style. This will help you save a lot of precious time, and will make your everyday look to be more original. We are giving you a secret idea for everyday hairstyle, which is also suitable for important events. The picture shows in detail how to make such a hairstyle.

Simple and Elegant Bun Every Day

If you are looking for an idea for a simple and elegant bun that works for you every day and at every opportunity; you are in the right place for it. On the picture you can see in a few steps, how to do an elegant updo, which will suit for each style and for every occasion. It is a cool haircut for every day routine like going out to work. But it can also be simple but amazing choice for a quick and cheap (because we do not need the help of a hairdresser for it) hairstyle for a wedding.

Bun Made with Hair Band

Sometimes, we can see in the pictures some hairstyles that seem to us to be difficult to do, and then, it turns out that it was much easier than we thought. As you can see, hairstyle from the pictures is presented step-by-step: so you can exactly see how to do it. We do not need to spend on it much time, and it does not require from us to have some special skills. You can always look for some hairdressing tips. It will make this hairstyle even easier to do.