Love It, Celeb Hair

Celebrities often brag about their impeccable appearance and precision in matching every little detail, so the whole could look astonishing. Hairdos worn by celebrities are not always as sophisticated as one would thought, however, they are every time beautifully arranged giving us the urge to create something that cute with our hair. One of such pretty inspiration you can admire above, where loosened long hair perfectly highlights this model’s femininity.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Rachel Bilson and Ombré

We all perfectly know Rachel from her famous role of The O.C. series, where she plays a feisty and humoristic role of Summer Roberts. Rachel’s hair looks well even when not arranged into some sophisticated hairdos. On the above image, she wears her hair down and dyed using ombre method. Hairstyle is very well-matched to the rest of her appearance, especially being very compatible with her outfit. Hairdo looks very pretty and it’s very comfy; therefore, I am gladly recommending it to every long hair owner.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine comes from a royal family, where everyone needs to look simply impeccable in every minute of their lives. Therefore, when we look on Catherine’s hair, we always find its perfect arrangement that is also well-matched to the beauty of the Duchess. In this picture, we can admire her long and well-groomed hair decorated with well-cut and swept onto the side bangs. Now you also have the chance to look like a royalty.

Faye Dunaway – 60s Chignon

Faye Dunway, famous celebrity, is showing us today a hairstyle that has its roots in the 60s. Hairstyle is very elegant and chic, ideal for extravagant parties and classy events, like weddings, anniversaries and exclusive banquets. You can make it in every hairdressing salon, not worrying that something will go wrong, as it would might if this hairdo had been made by you inside your own bedroom. As you can see, even the hairdos of the ancient times can go along with today’s fashion.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Jenna Dewan

We all know and love beautiful Jenna, mostly, from her many amazing roles in entertaining movies. However, Jenna has one very special asset, which is her long, pitch-black and very attractive hair. She wears her hair down and often sleeked. In this picture, we can admire her lovely long hair turned into a bit messy appearance. It suits not only her type of beauty but also her fashionable style. You can easily wear it every day.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is well-known for her amazing roles in many successful movies, and of course, for her impeccable image. Kate often likes to wear her hair down, with no fancy and sophisticated hairdos. Her hairstyles are simple for most of times, just like on the picture above. She wears her hair down with the bottom section turned into large curls falling freely on her shoulders. The whole has symmetrical parting, which emphasizes the hairstyle even more. Amazing hairstyle for every girl with long hair.