Chalked or Dyed?

Many of us can appreciate the visual benefits given by the wide range of colors used for hair dyeing. There are countless options when it comes to choosing the right shade or even few proper shades that are also well-matched to each other. You can decide on traditionally dyed hair, an ombre, or on some chalked hair. The latter one is very noticeable and distinctive, often transforming your hair into flawless rainbow. You should just ask yourself – what is your fancy?

Adorable Colorful Hair

Hair colors can be acquired in every drugstore and also online. They give you countless possibilities of improving your hair using many different shades. Combinations of colors can be just as attractive as dying your hair with only one color. At the photo, you can see a girl wearing long and sleeked back hair, which has been introduced to few other shades. Those colorful accents present really well on the brunette hair, providing quite distinctive contrast.

Beautiful Dark Color

When you take a glance at the picture, you will see an excellent hair color well-matched to the type of hairdo. Hair has unbelievably large volume, and in addition, it also has been twisted. Model’s face is completely uncovered, giving the hairdo the possibility to accentuate her face features, thus her type of beauty. Hairdo probably requires long hours to make it, and good hairstyling cosmetics, but the final effect is wonderful.

Cotton Candy Hair Color with a Braid

We all remember fairytales about princesses and fairies that we loved to hear before going to sleep when we were little. Now, you have the chance to create such adorable fairytale-like hairdo on your head. Feel free to use only the happy colors in order to transform your hair into a fabled masterpiece. Make it to look like a delicate rainbow with beautiful and subtle braid wrapping your head around like a halo.

Fancy Combinations of Hair Colors

The number of colors that can be applied in our hair is countless. We can decide on dyeing our hair using only one color that is more or less intense. We can also take the advantage of an ombre or highlights, or even mix more than two colors together, transforming our hair into a lovely and colorful picture. On of such inspirations can be found above – dark hair combined with purple and pink shades.

Long and Gently Falling Hair

Long hair is the symbol of femininity and naturalness, no doubt about that. What’s more long hair worn down and straight or with very gentle waves can often be more attractive than any kind of fancy and sophisticated hairstyle. Long hair gives us confidence and natural appearance. Hairstyle is perfect for romantic dinner for two. And you can be sure that during your dinner with beloved one, he will not be able to turn his sight from you.

Long Colorful Hairstyles

The hairstyle in the picture is mainly for brave crazy girls, who like wild parties and all-night celebrations. Maybe few women would actually decide to wear something like this on their heads. Hairstyle is perfect for masquerade ball or New Year’s Eve party, or some wild birthdays of our closest friends. Multiple hair colors on the head make it looks like a rainbow. Blonde hair is especially great for this type of coloring, perfectly supplemented by pink, royal blue or purple.