Elegant and Simple Hairdo for the Event – High Ponytail

Ponytail is very simple to create, and it doesn’t take much time to bring it to life. Most of the time, we have to tied our hair up high. We don’t use this kind of hairstyle as a daily routine, because ponytail gives us the impression that it is very heavy. Meanwhile, there is a simple trick we can use to make this type of hairstyle more comfortable. Wider the rubber, less more hair weighs us down. Ponytail can also be decorated with an elegant rubber band in form of a buckle, similar to the wide bracelet.

Elegant Updo for the Event – Decorative Ponytail



Such hairstyle, like this in the picture, unless you’re a professional hairdresser, you won’t be able do it on your own. However, when we prepare ourselves for a party, we often do this while hanging out with our friend. She can analyze in detail, how this hairstyle was made and which is the best way to create it on our head.  I’m sure that with a bit of luck, she will be able to do for us something much similar. It’s an interesting hairdo and fancy too. Plus, it is mega comfortable!




Hairstyle for School and Work – Fishtail Braid



When summer comes, we immediately have more energy in us due to the rays of our beautiful sunshine. But on the other hand, this energy starts to deplete very fast, when over 90 degrees is all the time. We always want to look good but we do not always want to make our life harder by making sophisticated hairstyles. One of the easiest everyday hairstyles, and comfortable ones, is the fishtail braid, which can be done in many ways.




Simple Wedding Updo – Convenience and Comfort!



Thinking of your hairstyle for the wedding? Mostly, when we choose accents and image on important occasions, we focus on the ideal and interesting appearance. We often forget about comfort, which is quite wrong. Imagine that on your wedding you decide on a complicated bun supported by dozens of hairpins, sprayed with hairspray so strong, that you cannot even squeeze it. It’s impossible to feel comfort in hair like that. What will you do as a whole starts to fall apart? Therefore, simpler and more convenient solutions are so much better.




Wedding Hairstyle Should Be Comfortable!



Wedding hairstyle has to be beautiful. It must match our style and make us feel happy. Typically, we choose it much earlier, long before the wedding. We should pay our attention not only on the appearance of our hair, but also whether it will be convenient for us. While wearing wedding hairstyle we have to feel good and comfortable, because in the end we will spend a lot of time wearing it: during wedding ceremony, wedding reception and wedding night:-)




Little Girl’s Hairstyle: Convenience Above All!



When we are planning to take our little princesses on some important family outing, we always want for her to look and feel beautiful. We shouldn’t treat children with very complicated hairstyles, especially those loaded with inserts and other hair clips. The child needs to feel comfy, so you should always bet on comfortable hairstyles that can be fixed easy after long hours of crazy games and amazing fun.




A Little Chaos on the Head Won’t Hurt Anyone!



Hairstyles that we can admire on the webpages devoted to hairdressing and styling, as well as on blogs and in magazines; more often betray a certain tendency… They are more and more chaotic! We do not make a hair updo in such a way that each hair has its own place anymore. Now we can afford a little craziness. Besides, hairstyle should not only look good, but it also has to be comfortable for us.




Short Hair Can Be Feminine!



Short hairstyles are comfortable. They are comfortable, because they don’t give us extra heat during summer as hair reaching to the middle of our backs, and during winter hair has no static, which is picked up from sweaters and cardigans. Sometimes we think that this hairstyle is reserved for men only. It’s a wrong thinking, because even with short hair we can look feminine, especially if we are also same sufficiently feminine. Simply, look at the picture!




A Simple Bun & Long Hair – Hairstyle for Work



Summer is the time when our hairstyles must look interesting and elegant with aesthetic appearance. However, there also is something else that matters. We rarely speak or rarely read about it while looking through the articles or other types of texts about hairstyles; but in the summer time we also want our hair not to give us an extra heat. This hairstyle is ideal for hot summer climates – a simple bun like in the picture. It is perfect to work and to school, for the medium length and long hair as well.




Hairstyle for the Party – Long and Comfy Curls

Women wearing very long hair are well aware that this is not just a nice view and a lot of “material” to create new hairstyles. It is also many responsibilities and often a discomfort. Long hair requires more time for its care and for creating hairstyles. In the picture you have a cool idea for a party hairstyle that looks elegant, aesthetically, and at the same time it will not be “heavy”. Hair is gently fastened at the back, and the part that sticks out has been treated with a curling iron. Cool idea that is not just a hairstyle for a party but for every day, if you enjoy a morning fun with your hair, of course.

Long Hair Updo with Braids

Long hair owners are very often eager to get rid of this length, especially during summer. The hair is unruly, and there is many of it, plus, it gives us extra heat. That’s why we present an interesting idea for long hair updo: turn the side parts of the hair into braids that are close to your head, which, later, we tie together with the loose hair into a ponytail at the back of the head. In the picture the hairstyle looks a bit extreme, but we do not have to lift our hair so high in the middle. If we comb our hair as we should, the hairstyle will be good for every summer occasion.