Messy Updo

Not so long ago different forms of messy hairstyles stepped into the modern world of hairdressing fashion. We can spot them almost everywhere we go. Messy hairstyles bring our hair modern style while maintaining our attractiveness and beauty. What’s more, those hairdos can be made relatively quickly and don’t require from us many skills, so we have less chance to do it wrong. Hairstyle can be used for every occasion.

Black and Blond Curly Hairstyle

Feisty hairstyle created with long hair can be great for all brave girls, who like to live wild and free. In order to get this type of hairstyle, we can decide on large curls on the entire hair, plus, we can improve it even more by choosing a matching hair dye. It can be ombre, for example, where we dye the one part of the hair in dark color, while dyeing the hair tips with some very bright one in order to achieve the most intensive contrast.

Long Wavy Hair

Long hair is the calling card of every woman, who loves to wear it. We can wear it loosely with hair falling on our back, which makes the most feminine hairstyle of every type of long hair creations. Making gentle waves and sweeping hair in the front gives more beauty to our face and covers potential flaws. It emphasizes our confidence and grants us extra charm, making us really hard to ignore by people walking by on the streets or wedding guests.

Waterfall Waves Hairstyle

Long hair has the ability to make every girl to look special, especially, when we arrange it in a way that is original and unique. Long hair down reaching our waist is very hard to maintain. All activities related with it are prolonged, therefore is often nearly impossible make spectacular hairstyle in the short amount of time we have to spend. However, there are hairstyles that are quick, efficient and beautiful. Large and long curls are one of them. They present themselves very sexy and feminine.

Blonde Hair Pretty Bow

Long blonde hair is the dream of many girls and women. Many of us dye the hair blonde and grow it constantly, in order to achieve the same length as in the picture. Model from the image has very feminine appearance, which is highlighted by the fair hair made in gentle and large waves falling down on her back. We can always sprinkle our hairstyle with some additional decorations, for example, by pinning fancy bow, which will make our hair even more fabulous.

Beautiful Dark Brown

You have long hair, but you don’t know what to do with it? Looking for some ideas to awake your imagination? If you need help, just look above, on the picture. Very original waves that has been made looking like zigzags, will add to your appearance more feistiness and boldness. In order to create it you will need some hot device that will help you to acquire this type of hairstyle. It is perfect for work, school, party and everyday routine.

Hair Down + Curls with Braided Decoration

Braiding, which we see on top of the woman’s hair in the photo, we can perform not only on curly hair, meaning on curls. Braiding like this looks as attractive on the hair that is straight, and not only very long but on medium length too. We must remember to divide the hair strands equally, because then, the effect of the weave is the most beautiful and looks very appealing.

Long Curls Decorated with a Bow Made with Hair

Women, who wear their hair straight all the time often dream about long and beautiful curls. This can be done. All you need is little bit of patience, curling iron, some free time and few hairdressing skills. Long curls that are large and gently made, can really add more charm to our beauty. Moreover, if decorated with amazing bow that was made from our own hair, this hairstyle can bring your hair to another, more spectacular level.

Long Curls + Hair Bow

Until recently, hairstyles for women with long hair that were the most popular for various celebrations were tight buns sealed with hairspray. Today, at weddings or important family gatherings, we tend to choose more natural-looking hairstyles. An example of such hairdos for long hair can be found in the picture: the hair is loose, full of curls – while a hairpin with a bow is the only extra decoration.

Strong Colors for Long Hair – Loose Curls

When we take a look at the included picture, the first thing that strikes us, as far as hairdo is concerned, is the hair color – dark purple, most popular among women in the USA and Japan. Last summer, colorful hair was a really big hit. Dark hair looks amazing when it’s worn down with evenly arranged curls mid-length down, as the image shows.

Curls Made with a Straightener – Long Hair

Curls made by a straightener, are associated with winding the hair on it, strand by strand. Here in the picture we see a slightly different approach. We wind our long hair, as shown in the picture. Then heat it up with hair straightener. The curls will make slight twists that must be treated with hairspray, especially if we know that given our hair structure, even curls made by a curling iron quickly fall apart.

Loosen Long Hair + Big Curls

Large curls are not only suited for long hair, as the average length hair can be arranged in such a way and look great as well. In the picture attached to the entry, however, we show an idea for long hair. The woman wears her long hair down, the ends of which are arranged in big curls. Part of the hair from the top has been pinned up in a rather chaotic manner, to give the hairdo originality.

Braid, Curls & Bow

Long hair is symbol of feminine and seduction. Every girl or every woman, who wears her hair long, can decide to spice her hairstyle up by introducing few attractive changes. Long hair with large and gentle curls will be highlighting our beauty and girlish look. However, we can make it attractive even more. All you need to do is to create a thin braid that is wrapped around your head, and fixed with a decorative bow.

Perfect Combo – Braid & Curls

Long hair looks amazing almost every time. No matter if the hairstyle is perfectly executed, or it’s a little bit messy, or even is dyed with some intensive color – long hair is really hard to make to look unattractive. Braid with the combination of large and soft curls that fall freely on our back, is really the hairstyle, which every woman with long hair should opt for.