Bunny Sweaters and Curls

Are you aiming for some cool style that is now trendy and every young girl is using it? You may want to take a glance at the above photo, if you of course planning to change your style for a little bit more hip-hop. Simply, try to curl you long hair into small twists, helping the whole to achieve more volume. Remember to leave your hair undone. After that, just put your hood on your head and your new hip-hop style is now in progress.

Amazingly Curled Hairstyle

Curls – we all love them and would want to wear them every single day. Of course, it can be done. All you need is to acquire good quality curling iron and take couple of minutes of your free time. You can even decide on different size. It all depends on your taste and the type of your personality. If you want to look more feminine we recommend large waves; however, if you are opting for feistier look, you should consider small spirals, like the ones on the photo.

Gorgeous Curly Hair

Curls come in many forms as well as in many types of hairdos. You can decide on long and subtle waves or for small spiral twists. No matter what you choose for your long hair, you will always make the right decision, because long hair and curls are like a tasty cake with cherry on the top. If your long hair is fair, then you can try an inspiration from the above photo. These little curls can accentuate your general style from every angle.

Curly Hair Care

Natural curly hair is a thing of a great beauty! Unfortunately, such curly hair also requires extra attention because it usually is very fragile and capricious. But do not be discouraged by it; you will surely embrace the fluff on your head and transform it into miraculous springs. These require a bit of patience and time, but believe me – it is worth it!

In fact, this is not some black magic. Just a few simple steps are enough to improve the condition of your hair and enhance its twist. Try at least one of the following methods.

Hair Combing? Only when Wet!

What will happen if you comb your dry curls out? You will achieve a beautiful afro, just like a lamb on the pasture. Obviously, it is not the kind of effect we are looking for. That’s why, you have to remember – always comb your hair when wet! Use for this your wooden wide tooth comb that does not tug your hair. When your hair is dry, do not move it anymore, until the next wash, and, at most, comb it with your fingers!

Hair Drying? Only Naturally!

In case of curly hair, the most recommended solution is to dry it on the open air, simply and naturally. This way, nothing will disturb the natural process of creating twists, and what’s more, hair will arrange into nice springs by itself. However, if you need to dry your locks immediately, then grab the hairdryer with a diffuser. This tip will help you get a nice hairstyle with an impressive volume. Also, use a cool air-flow, because curly hair is prone to over-drying.

Lots of Moisture

Curly and dry hair often goes hand in hand. In order for the hair to arrange better, it should be well-moisturized. Remember to use your hair conditioner regularly, and rub oil in your tips. This will improve condition of your hair, consequently improving its twist. Do not forget to avoid excessive hair-smoothening products, such as cosmetic kerosene, because they can straighten up your twists.

Do Not Unnecessarily Wash Your Hair

Scalps can vary from each other; one gets greasy faster, while the other slower. In case of curly hair; it is recommended to limit the frequency of its washing. Of course, I do not force you to walk down the street wearing greasy hair! Simply, try to wash your hair only when needed – if after 3 days your hair still looks nice and fluffy, then it does not make sense to wash it by force. Listen to the needs of your scalp, and choose the right care for it. However, keep in mind that washing your hair can untangle your curls.

Enhance the Twist

The key term is ‘scrunching up’. Many curly-haired girls recommend such treatment to strengthen the curls. You can, for example, scrunch up this way a non-rinse conditioner, hair mousse or specially formulated gel with flaxseed!

How to Stop the Hair from Curling on Its Own?

Is your hair curly and wavy by nature, and you having just enough of it? I’ve decided to browse through the web in searching for proper information on how to deal with this problem.

Of course, the first and natural solution to this problem is a hair straightener. However, not everyone wants to use this device. And I’m supporting this decision in 100%! Straightening your hair with the help of hot air, simply, destroys and, unfortunately, dries the hair very much; so it would probably be best to avoid it. So, what kinds of methods will help you to get rid those unwanted twists?


Lamination is a simple and inexpensive method. For example, my hair always turns itself into waves, and after this procedure it remains smooth and shiny, like the calm water surface. In addition, it also is very nourishing treatment that moisturizes and brings shine to your hair. In order to properly prepare the laminate, you will need gelatin along with your favorite conditioner or hair mask.

Cosmetic Kerosene

This agent also makes your hair smooth and firm, and thus – straightening the twists. Cosmetic Kerosene is a synthetic moisturizing substance. It does not contain any hair nourishing ingredients; nonetheless it is perfect hair moisturizer that also makes your hair very smooth. Simply, rub cosmetic kerosene on your dry hair, and after 15 minutes just wash it with your shampoo. It’s all a very easy process! You can buy cosmetic kerosene in any pharmacy. However, in order for you not to be left with cosmetic kerosene that has only smoothing-hair abilities, you should opt for more enhanced version of this product, containing richer sources of vitamins, castor oil or aloe vera.

Straight Your Hair with Keratin

Unfortunately, this procedure can’t be executed at home. Such treatments are only performed in hair salons, where you will experience a permanent straightening of your hair while using keratin, which is a natural building block of hair. After such treatment, the hair is straight, shiny and thick – like a dream!

Blonde Curly Hair

And now we have something for the fans of curls. Curls look well most of the times, but we have to remember to execute them properly, because otherwise we will be left with hay on our head. If your hair is bright and long, then you can try arranging curls that are large, subtle and more reminding waves rather than little spirals. Time of creating this hairdo depends mostly on your skills and on the length of your hair, but either way, you can arrange it relatively quickly.

Pretty, Loose Curls

Today, we have another beautifully-cared long hair and another curly hairstyle. Curls go with many types of hair, like middle length and short, but they look best in case of hair that is long or even very long. Curls have many advantages, aesthetical and practical ones. What’s more, you can arrange them in a very simple and quick way. So, they are also a great choice while you are in a hurry, preparing to work or to school.

Curl your Hair

Have you ever try curls while wearing long hair? If not, then it is about time to make them. First, grab some good quality curling iron, hairstyler, or hot rollers. And that’s it. Couple minutes of your free time and you’re done. However, if you decide to use hot rollers, you will have to leave them over night in order to present you with a new and special appearance. Besides, curls go with everything – no matter your style or the occasion.

Pinned Up Curls

Another wedding hairdo emerges on the horizon. This time we can admire amazingly-made curls that are definitely the main decoration in the style of this bride. Hair has been perfectly arranged, keeping under consideration every single detail. Hairstyle looks simply jaw-dropping, and it will definitely make all of the eyes to look directly on you and no one else. On top of that the hairdo has also been decorated with additional hair accessories – subtle white flower pinned into the hair right behind the ear.

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles

In this post we have for you beautiful hairstyles that you can wear every day, no matter the place you are going to. Curl your luscious long hair and leave it loosened. At the back of the head you can create a nice braid that looks like a crown or tie together few thin strands in the back. This way you will achieve amazing hairdo that will surely change you daily appearance into something more desirable and original.

Curls – The Best Way for Long Hair

Curls are often associated with long hair, and not without a reason. Long hair looks best when loosened. So, in order to improve our hair without changing its arrangement, we should opt for a hairstyle for the long loosened hair. And the best choice is curls. You can create it in various ways; from thin twists to large flowing waves. Good curling iron or a hairstyler will be more than enough to grant you this amazing hairdo.

Lovely Hairstyle

Curls that look like they have been pulled out straight from the fairytale land can be quite difficult to achieve. For starters, our hair must be in perfect health and shape, and has some extra volume, or at least be very dense. Hair like this makes wonderful-looking curls. You can present such hairstyle to your little daughter, who loves her pretty long hair, because she feels in it like a princess. Hairstyle is very impressive, and it’s as perfect for little girls as for the women.

Long Curly Hair

We all know that perfectly executed curls not only give out hair more volume but also transform our style into a more luscious and more elegant one. Hairstyle has many benefits, with one of them being relatively short time for arranging it. We can wear curls everywhere we go, no matter the importance of the particular event. So, if you want your hair to accentuate your beauty and femininity, you should definitely bet on curly hairdos.

Curls with Bow

There are not many hairstyles that can beat perfectly arranged curls. Curls and long hair is a recipe for success. Simply, grab good quality hairstyler or curling iron, and you will have the power to transform your dull hairstyle into hairdressing masterpiece. It doesn’t take long, and the final effect is simply stunning. It will change your whole image, but never for worse. And if you are in a hurry such hairstyle can really be a lifesaver.

Messy Updo

Not so long ago different forms of messy hairstyles stepped into the modern world of hairdressing fashion. We can spot them almost everywhere we go. Messy hairstyles bring our hair modern style while maintaining our attractiveness and beauty. What’s more, those hairdos can be made relatively quickly and don’t require from us many skills, so we have less chance to do it wrong. Hairstyle can be used for every occasion.

How to Perm Your Curls

Curls, no matter if they are natural or stylized, they rarely look like after leaving the hairdressing salon. Such curls are far from shiny and elastic springs that last throughout the day, even if exposed on high humidity. Natural curls require, mostly, proper care and protection from becoming frizzy. However, curls you want to create with your naturally straight hair can cause a lot of problems. Rigid and thick hair is hard to twist, and even if you succeed, curls usually tend to get straight after a few hours, despite the use of hairspray.

How to Strengthen Natural Curls

In order for your naturally curly hair to retain shape and elasticity throughout the day, use shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for this type of hair. You should rub into your still damp hair some emphasizing curls mousse or lotion. And if the curls are still getting straight, especially at the ends, then you can wind them around the rollers and treat it a bit with the hairdryer. Then you can fix the final touch with a hairspray, preferably from the same line for curly hair.

Curls on Straight Hair

Making curls while using straight hair is very difficult to achieve. Many women spends a lot of time in the morning for their hair styling, expecting that their hairdo will withstand everything, from wind and rain to wearing hat during winter. Unfortunately, the thicker the hair, the harder it is to style it. There are a few tricks, however, that will allow you to fix your hair for longer.

Curls on Wavy Hair

If your hair is not completely straight, but sticks out in different direction, before curling it by using heat, you should straighten the hair on a flat brush with the help of a hairdryer. Only then you will have the chance to execute well-arranging curls. Thin hair is much easier to curl, therefore, to create a dreamy hairstyle; all you will need are rollers with appropriate thickness, hairdryer and strong hairspray. Hair that is thick and stiff should be curled with higher temperature, using good quality curling iron or hot rollers. However, remember that hot styling destroys the hair, which is why you should treat it with the spray for heat protection, before you start the procedure. In order for curls to last longer, use shampoos and conditioners designed for curly hair. On the curling iron you can wind up only hair that is dry, with particular emphasis on the hair ends, which have tendency to break. However, if despite your best efforts and high temperature tools, curls still tend to get straight, then instead of the usual styling mousse, simply use very strong gel in form of the spray for fixing the hair. Gel in this form gives the possibility of much easier application its small quantity on the entire hair, than the traditional gel does. Then, you should immediately start to winding up narrow strands of hair on the curling iron just to, after few moments, gently slide the curling iron out of the strand; but be careful not to damage the curl. You can also divide the hair into sections and start from the lower parts. Hairstyle must be treated with strong hairspray, with particular emphasis on the hair ends that like to get straight very fast. Avoid application of the styling cosmetics right on the scalp, because it can lead to irritation or so-called dandruff. Next step is to delicately tousle the curls with your fingers. Remember, you must not brush the curls, even with the wide tooth comb.

In order for curls to last longer, create them with slightly greasy hair, for example, on the second day after washing. Freshly washed hair will get crumble. You should also not use masks or non-rinse conditioners, especially those for smoothing the hair, because then your hair will be too slippery for you to be able to wind it up on the curling iron. Twisted hair ends can be improved during the day by using gel or paste. All you have to do is to apply a little bit of cosmetic and wind the hair around your finger.

Curls with Bow

Do you have long straight hair, and you like to wear it down? But, you also feel an urge to introduce some changes to your daily hairstyle? Well, just grab professional curling iron or hairstyler, or even some hot rollers. So, if you have already the perfect tool, you can start to make long desirable curls. On what size will you decide, large or small ones, it’s only up to you. Curls look great when done perfectly, and by combining them with pretty accessory, such as bow, you will achieve much better appearance.

Curly Hairstyle

Curls are very often chosen by owners of long hair, who loves to wear it down. Hair can be transformed into curls by using good curling iron, hot rollers or professional hairstyler. We can make large and soft curls, or little twisted spirals, which will give us more feisty appearance, but still very attractive. It’s a fantastic hairstyle for work, especially, in office, boutique, and even for the college classes.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair has many options for hairstyle, but very long hair has them even more. Very long hair is a real nightmare to maintain and to tame it in the morning. However, the appearance it gives us is simply spectacular. Hair this long doesn’t need to be arranged in fancy hairdos. We can wear it down. Simply, transform you hair into big curls and the difference will be striking. Besides, if the hair is shiny and healthy it will take our look even to the higher level.

Curly Hairstyle – Long Hair

Curls and long hair are like husband and wife, or yin and yang. They fit together perfectly. Curls also come in many forms; some are thin, while others are subtle. There are also small ones and big ones, twists and spirals. A good curling iron, rollers or hairstyler will help you achieve this effect relatively quick and simple. You can even create curls that will be different from each other, using all the possible types mentioned above. This way your hairstyle will be one of a kind.