Pearled Hair Tie

You have probably seen hundreds types of buns, but I’ll bet not every one of you have seen bun like this one on the picture. This type of bun differs from others in several ways; however, the most noticeable one is the string of pearls tying it around. Bun is just perfect for the wedding ceremony. Pearls give this hairdo everything it needs to make us feel special, unique, elegant, beautiful and deeply in love. So, you should definitely say to this hairstyle “I do”.

Auburn Hairstyle with Layers Wrapped

Auburn hair has a range of colors that are related to the shade of red. Hair like this looks especially well in women who like to take themselves seriously, such as businesswomen. Auburn hair highlights their professionalism and career chasing. On the picture we have a hairstyle which is just perfect for wearing it to work or on some business meetings. Simply wrap few layers of your hair all together to form practical, attractive and quite lasting hairstyle.

Sleek Hair Every Day – Updo With Bow

Not so long ago, various accessories and add-ons in form of bows, hair bands and clips with bows, bracelets and pendants, earrings and brooches; have entered into the world of fashion. There are so many of them, I can’t even count them all. In addition, bow-like looking hairstyles have also recently appeared. How to make this kind of a hairstyle? I think this is rather a rhetorical question, and each of us can quickly guess how. So, we will not describe it in here. However, we have decided to gladly show you a perfect picture of a very well-made and also very elegant hairstyle!

Elegant Hairstyle for Weddings or New Year’s Eve Parties

When we think about hairstyles that are perfect for weddings or New Year’s Eve parties and receptions, we usually visualize high updo hairdos, often with buns or tightly braided hair. These types of hairstyles are not always comfortable – on the contrary, most of them feel very unpleasant. But, no worries. We’ve got an alternative idea for a spectacular haircut just for you. This hairstyle is excellent for every occasion, for every woman, who is happy to have her long hair.

Elegant Hairstyle for the Prom – A Simple Bun



Not all elegant hairstyles for elegant occasions have to be complicated to be presented perfectly. Sometimes, we unnecessarily reach for help of hairdressers who put together knotty buns and updos for us. Often later, we have difficulties to undo this hairstyle, because it is so much integrated with hairpins and hair spray. But the worst situation rises, when our hair breaks into pieces during our dream party. Look at the picture attached to this description – simple and elegant bun clip in the form of crystal ornaments has a real wonderful presence!


Medium Length Hairstyle for an Elegant Occasion – Retro Haircut



If you have medium length hair and you’re preparing yourself for an elegant party or New Year’s Eve party… Or if you’re just looking for a great idea of a hairstyle that would be perfect for a prom, then we have for you picture of spectacular haircut made in retro style. There is no universal way to style hair like that. The best way is to keep our curls strong and fixed. In order to do that we should use a good modeling and styling accessories, for example, a good quality hairspray would do the trick.


Medium Length Hair & Elegant Wedding Updo



If you think that advanced and original wedding updos are reserved only for long hair, then with this post and with the picture attached to it, we will prove you wrong very quickly. Medium length hair can also be clipped together to give our hairstyle more interesting look and more sophisticated form. Wedding updos are available not only in shape of bun or complex high pinning. They are also in form of delicate strands, like the braid presented on the above image.


Ideas for Hairstyles for Long Hair – Perfect for Every Day Use and for Important Occasions



We are gladly presenting you images with ideas for elegant hairstyles for every woman wearing long hair. These types of updos… actually, these types of “ornaments” braided out from hair are perfect fit for every occasion. This hairdo will look good on every day, when we want to look sharp in school, at the university or at work. Moreover, they are just as perfect during important occasion, like for a friend’s wedding or family gatherings, such as anniversaries or birthday parties.


Wedding Hairstyle – Simple and Elegant Bun



If you are seeking wedding hairstyles that will look elegant, but will also be simple and classic, then the hairstyle in the picture is the right one for you. It has quite interesting appearance because it was made in a bun to give us the look of more opulent hair. Additionally, bun is highlighted by a gently braided pigtail. It is certainly more convenient solution when it comes to wedding hairstyle than, for example, a sophisticated braid, which can get lose itself on one side and ruin whole hairstyle.




Wedding Hairstyle – Ponytail with Decorative Curls



We often picture wedding hairstyles in forms of buns and high updos. Sometimes we choose other solutions, like for example we focus on loose hair decorated with curls. In the above picture you can see the ponytail, which is decorated perfectly with precisely arranged curls. It is very well designed way for a comfortable hairstyle that also looks attractive, especially with dark hair.




Elegant Bun on the Night Out – Step-by-Step

Sometimes an elegant evening out comes to us out of nowhere, and we have nothing planned that involves making us magical. Finding hairdresser on time is as possible as miracle, and even if we did find someone, there is no time to pull that off. So we have decided to offer you an idea on how to perform amazing hairstyle of your own that will be as graceful as beautiful. See, how step-by-step conjure a sleek and stylish bun!

Delicate and Big Curls – Haircut of the Past



Hairstyle, which is presented in the picture, looks like a hairdo of previous decades. Such locks will be durable in case of medium length hair, if we treat them with some hairstyle agents, for example, a hairspray. Long hair might be too heavy for a hairspray or another cosmetic to strengthen them up; therefore, the haircut would have to be supported by hair inserts.




Unusual and Elegant Fishtail Braid: Weddings, Events, Banquets!



A braid such as this, skillful hairdresser or hairstylist will make for us relatively quickly. However, if we have a friend, who likes to create hairstyle, we should ask him/her. It will also be done professional and quick, and even free. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks great while made of dark or bright hair. It looks spectacular with accessories and without them – perfect for any occasion.




Elegant Updo with Medium Length Hair

Most of us consider ourselves as individuals. We would like everything that surrounds us to really be ours, coming straight from our hearts, consistent with our favorite trends. However, we often also like to copy what someone has already conjured. This includes hairstyles: it is fun sometimes to reach for the advice of someone else, or pry, how to quickly make a simple hairstyle, when some invite on unexpected elegant event is handed to us last minute.

High Updo with Curls and Smooth Bangs



This kind of hairstyle is the perfect solution for an important occasion, when we want our hair to be elegantly pinned and at the same time do not disturb us during eating a gourmet dinner, or while executing some crazy moves at the dance floor. When you wear bangs and decide to wear a high bun, then you should leave your bangs dissolved and ideally combed, making it smooth. It will look natural, feminine and girly at the same time.




Medium Hairstyles – Chic Updo

Simple and elegant updo, one that does not require from us the use of many styling cosmetics and is very comfortable, is presented in the picture. Hair is parted and tied back with elastic rubber band for hair and then clipped with a large buckle. We can create a ponytail or an updo, and at the end of the hair add spirals, curls or waves. This way hair is fluffier. It’s more convenient than a traditional bun, because it is tied or clipped quite low, so we have no pulls and pinches.


Long Hair Updo for Every Elegant Opportunity

When we have a very long hair, we can, practically, make every type of hairstyle. Long hair is sexy and beautiful even when worn down. However, when we’re getting ready for some important occasion, we want to create an elegant updo. We can make a bun, which will be quite tightly pinned or slightly loose. We can also decide on the hairstyle like in the picture – bun was braided very gently and the whole hair is longer, goes beyond the shoulders line.