Fishtail Braid

Braids are reigning in the world of long hair. They come in many forms and weaves and shapes and sizes. One of the most popular braids, amongst French braids and traditional ones, is the fishtail braid. It can also be arranged in many ways. Time for executing this hairstyle and level of skills needed to make a proper braid depends on the form of the fishtail. Simple fishtail can be done it in couple of minutes, but the more advanced forms require much more time.

Half-Up Side Fishtail

Half-up side fishtail is a variation of traditional fishtail that also has been swept over the shoulder. Hairstyle looks really god in case of long blonde hair. Fair hair color always emphasizes the whole hair, making it look more vibrant. You can easily wear it during summer while being on some relaxing holidays, or for a daily basis, like work or school, or college classes. It goes nearly with everything and it’s quite simple to create.

Long Weaved Fishtail Braid

Long hair transformed into any form of braid improves our style in a blink of an eye. They are relatively easy to create, especially by girls, who have some styling skills. You can mix it up with other types of hairdos making amazingly looking hybrids. Transform your hair into gentle waves and create a fishtail braid with them. You can tug some strands of hair out, mostly on the sides of the head. This will give you more girlish style.

Fishtail Braids Wrapped

Long hair has this advantage that we can create with it variety of different hairstyles. For example, we can use braids of different size, thin and thick, to spice our hairstyle up even more. First, we made main braid that is thicker than other braids we will make later. After the braid is finished we sweep it to the side of the head. Then, we divide some thin strands and make other braids, thinner this time. Those thin braids will be wrapping our head around, giving us the feeling of comfort and beauty.

Bubble Fishtail

Braided hairstyles have many forms; some are suitable only for women while others exclusively for little girls only. However, there are hairstyles that can be used by all females, no matter the age. One of such hairstyles is bubble fishtail braid that looks like some kind of a chain made with long hair. This hairstyle is probably not available for us to make it inside our home. Therefore, the hairdressing salon is our best choice.

Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair – Wide Braid

If you think you look best while wearing your hair down and you are looking for wedding hairstyles to wear on your most important day, then we have for you an excellent suggestion. Hair of this blondie in the picture has been braided from mid-lengths into a very wide braid. Hair naturally passes from the widest weave to the narrowest one. The front of the hairstyle looks like loose hair, while at the back like an elegant updo.

Three Weave Fishtail

Weaved hairstyles can have many appearances. While wearing them we can look like country women, little girls, look natural and feminine, and feel very comfortable at the same time. Fishtail made with three weaves is a perfect example of braided hairdos. You can appear with such hairstyle in the workplace or college classes; and you will be looking very attractive while having the practical benefits, too.

French Fishtail Braid

Braids have many faces; some are simpler while others are more difficult to create. What’s more, along with long hair, they often look really, really nice. There are also hybrids, which combine, for example, two different types of braids to make one whole. In this post, French braid is connected with the traditional fishtail braid, making amazing hair masterpiece.

Pancaked Fishtail Braid

Long hair and braids are one of the best partners in the world of hairstyles. They look good in every form, made with any method. Some can be real sophisticated, too. Let’s take, for example, pancaked fishtail braid that can be seen on the above picture. It runs asymmetrically through the whole head with the braided hair being swept onto the one side. Hairstyle requires time and skills to made, so if you’re not feeling lucky, the best choice is to pick a professional hairdresser.

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Long hair has always been a symbol of femininity, beauty and class. The fanciest hairstyles are made while using long hair. Let’s take, for example, Dutch fishtail braid. This hairstyle is not only attractive and pretty, is also well-executed, durable and very comfy, although it looks little bit heavy though. You may want to go to professional hairdresser with this one, because it requires some pro-skills in order for it to be perfectly arranged.

Laced Fishtail Hairstyle

Long hair is always good to transform into some kind of braided type of hairstyle. Braids can be arranged in many different ways, giving us original look almost every single time. Laced fishtail braid is made with two thin braids combined into one. Braids runs on the sides of our head, merging into one whole braid at the back. Hairstyle looks perfect, it’s durable, it makes us to feel comfortable, and most of all, it highlights our beauty in original manner.

French Braided Fishtail

Who said that long hair needs more time for creating hairstyle with it, then, for example, hair of the medium length? French fishtail braid doesn’t require much time to make, or some professional hairdressing skills. If you have only just a little bit of skills, you can arrange it inside of your own home. Or you can always ask a friend to do this for you. This way you will not have to spend your money in some hairdressing salons.