Dark Blond Curls

We have another curly hairdo just for you. Long and bleached hair looks best when left undone, merely, because it provides us with the most natural appearance the woman can gain. Allow your pretty hair to fall on your shoulders, emphasizing the beauty of your face and making you irresistible. You can even use few different shades of blonde, and bleaching your hair partially with the darker and partially with the brighter shade.

Gorgeous Hair

Every one of us, no matter if the hair is long or short, wants to look spectacular. In case of long hair, however, it often takes much more time to achieve this effect. But, is it really? When you decide to left your hair undone, allowing it to freely swing in the wind, you will outclass all the sophisticated and fancy hairdos that require never-ending hours to execute them properly. Such hairstyle can be used for everything; from grocery shopping to the honorable guest on some important event.

Cute Hair Every Day

Do you love to wear your hair long and undone, and at the same time you want every day to feel and look special? Then, we have for something that you will find most appealing. Loosened and slightly wavy hair, as pictured, is a great asset for the beauty of every long-haired woman. You can wear it with a middle hair part or swept onto the one side. Either way, you will gain the ability to switch between the looks in a merely few seconds.

Strawberry Blonde

Blonde hair, such the one on the image, is a very beneficial aspect to the beauty of every woman, who wears her hair long, fair and undone. Parts of hair had been transformed into gentle and very large twists, uncovering the whole face, thus accentuating its features. What’s more, hair is characterized by quite nice volume, which makes the whole hairdo even more marvelous. So, if your hair is long and bright, then you should try this hairdo on. It will give you the ability to spread good mood everywhere you appear.

Curly Blonde Hair

Blonde is the color of femininity and girlishness, giving you all natural look, amazingly benefiting your style. Blonde long hair should be very well cared in order to maintain its luscious appearance and unbelievable shine. Such hair can be arranged in countless ways, and one of these solutions is curls. You can make them on your own or with a help of a stylist. Either way, you will rapidly gain refreshed appearance, making you look very tasteful.

Ginta Lapina – Blonde Bleach Platinum

Ginta Lapina is a supermodel, well-known all over the world. Her spectacular photo-shoots, along with breathtaking clothes from the best designers, simply, ask for some perfectly-executed hairstyles. Ginta likes to wear her hair down and straight and also bleached with platinum blonde. Such noticeable hair color will definitely improve the daily look for better. What’s more, it is probably one of the best shades of blonde that can be applied on hair.

Hair for a Night Out

Are you a party-lover and you can’t wait for sun to set down to be able to start another night of crazy and wild fun? Well, then this hairdo is for you, if, of course, your hair is long enough. This chic updo can be made with a relatively short amount of time, and it can be fixed even quicker. That’s why it is a great idea for the night-out hairdo that will stay on its place even during the wildest parties. And you will not have to worry about your hair, which will give you the chance to focus on the fun part.

Long Blonde Hair Ripped Jeans

The style presented on the photo works mostly in case of younger girls, like college or high school students. However, it can be used by everyone. Long blonde hair can also be matched properly to our general style, in order to accentuate our appearance of a young rebellious teenager or a party-girl, who loves to spend whole night dancing in the club or having wild fun at some of-the-chain party.

Nice Hairstyle

Every one of us wants to look attractive and gorgeous with their hair and also to feel comfortable and refreshed. Nice hairstyles can give a real boost to your self-confidence, and what’s more, they will assure your uniqueness and originality. You only have to make sure you create such hairdo properly; otherwise you may be facing a very unpleasant surprise after you look at yourself in the mirror. So use your imagination and hairstyling skills to arrange a hairstyle that will be well-matched to your beauty.

Cute Blonde Hair

Blonde color is the most popular shade to choose for applying it into our hair. And not without reason. Fair hair is better for arranging hairdos – they can be spotted easier. What’s more, blonde hair also gives positive way of thinking and more pleasant appearance. However, the best part is that bleached hair is simply fantastic to have, to look at and to cherish it. So, if you are thinking of changing your hair color to brighter one, you should at least try it.

Long Blonde Braided Hairstyle

While wearing long hair, we can use many hairstyling techniques in order to transform our hair into some very attractive and gorgeous hairdos. Just like the one on the above photo. Braided fair hair that also is long and well-cared can be a fantastic asset to our daily appearance. You can stun your friends at work or your school-mates, or even strangers that pass you on the street. So, if you want to look beautiful and elegant, braided blonde hairstyle is one of your best bets.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Every woman and every girl wants to feel pretty and look fantabulous, but not only during special occasions, but even on daily basis. We are spending hours and days in order to find our perfect look. Sometimes we are successful in our journey, while some other times, not so much. If you are opting for adorable and lovely hairdo, and your hair is healthy and long, we give you a chance to do something about it. Look at the picture and on this gorgeous hairstyle… and go to work.

Blonde Hairstyles

Long blonde hair can be done simple and pretty. For every woman, who opts for a girly hairstyle, and for all the girls, who wear long hair, we have an idea for very quickly in arranging, but fantastic and pretty at the same time, hairstyle, which can be found on the above picture. Simply, make a symmetrical parting on the head and prepare two rubber bands for hair. Both sections of the hair tie into ponytails on the sides of the head. Sweep ponies over your shoulder, and your hairstyle is done.

Long Blond Hair

Long blond hair looks fabulous in every possible form. Long hair not only gives you many options to create amazing hairstyles, but blonde color itself emphasizes your perfectly executed hairdo even more. One of the most beautiful and simplest choices is to wear your hair down, but with some distinctive upgrades. You can, for example, make large and soft curls that will be falling on your back as well as on your shoulders.