Homemade Mask for Dry and Brittle Hair

Dry and brittle hair can be really irritating. Usually, the reason for this is a hot air dryer, frequent hair brightening, and use of the straightener or curling iron! Hair is very easy to destroy, but it’s very hard to recover. However, if you cannot make a day without these treatments, then you should try to give your hair maximum nutrition!

In order to obtain such effect you will need a help of ordinary household products. See how you can prepare with them a great conditioner for your dry and brittle hair!

I have been searching through every corner of the web to find you the perfect mask for this condition. I’ve pulled out the best parts of every recipe that I could find in order to get the best possible result!

You will need:

1 tablespoon of mayonnaise (it should contain egg yolks and oil, not thickeners and flavors!)

1 tablespoon of olive oil

2 teaspoons of honey

1 capsule of Vitamin A + E

Put ingredients into a bowl, and squeeze out the content of Vitamin A + E capsule by popping it with the pin. Then, mix the formula into a homogeneous mass. The mask should be applied on dry, unwashed hair. Apply it from the roots to the tips, wrap in foil cap (plastic bag will do, too) and cover the whole with a warm towel, preferably one that has been removed from the hot radiator. Leave on for 60 minutes.

After this time, rinse your hair with warm water and wash it thoroughly with a mild shampoo, like shampoo for kids. Then, simply apply the hair conditioner for 2 minutes, and rinse after. For the final touch, rub into your hair tips a few drops of olive oil to protect them from breaking and splitting. And dry your hair as usual.

Home Remedies for Smooth and Shiny Hair

Beautiful, shiny and smooth hair is the hallmark of a neat woman. Unfortunately, sometimes the hair did not want to cooperate. Therefore, if your hair is rough, dull and lifeless, then it probably has high porosity, hence needing a really special care.

Many manufacturers promise us immediate and spectacular results, but this often is only a pure marketing, and as for the effects – they disappear right after the first wash. I my opinion, you should try proven and timeless methods used in the past by our grandmothers! Such methods went through the many years of tests executed by many generations, thus having a lot of die-hard supporters!

Cosmetic Kerosene

You can buy it at the pharmacy for only a few dollars. There are different variants available. Some of them have additives that enhance the cosmetic kerosene itself. Cosmetic kerosene is a synthetic substance, but has a very strong smoothing and polishing properties. My hair shines after this specific like a smooth water surface; and I am not exaggerating! This is happening due to a very good affinity to the hair structure – cosmetic kerosene molecules are penetrating the pores and cracks of the hair, smoothing it perfectly. The effect is immediate, even after only the first use!

Hair Lamination

Hair lamination is based on delivering to your hair a real protein bomb. All you need is gelatin, a little water and your favorite hair conditioner! The procedure is absolutely simple, and with inexpensive ingredients; therefore, everyone should try it out! Lamination has many satisfied supporters, I myself have also been trying this, and I gladly recommend it from the bottom of my heart!


Oils work like cosmetic kerosene – they make your hair smooth and shiny – but are much more natural. Their effect is not as fast and spectacular as the effect of cosmetic kerosene, but they provide your hair with many beneficial nutrients. The use of oils requires regularity and patience, but you can be sure that your hair will repay you with a beautiful appearance. Apply oil mostly before washing your hair, at least half an hour before. However, you can also leave it on the hair for the entire night. Wash it thoroughly away with shampoo, preferably twice. You can use any oil you like. The most popular ones are: coconut oil, almond oil and argan oil. Aside from that, you really can use any type of oil, even the olive oil or rapeseed oil! Remember, however, that some oils can be more beneficial to your hair than others, so feel free to experiment.

Vitamin Bomb

Vitamins have always been associated with a healthy appearance – and very rightly so. Power of the vitamins you will find, of course, in fruits. Therefore, grab your blender and make your own fruit facials. One of the most aromatic options is a strawberry mask.

Technique Is Important

Even the best formula created at home may be poorly effective if you do not apply it properly. Fortunately, I once created a simple tutorial, thanks to which you will learn what kind of mistakes to avoid and what to focus attention on, when taking care of your hair.

Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Dry hair is a real nuisance; it’s rough, brittle and difficult to comb. On top of that, such hair does not want to fall into place and is also very puffed. Hair is dried by the wind, heat, and cold as well as hot air dryer, curling iron and straightener. What’s more, dehydration is also accelerated by some styling agents, such as dyes and mousses. So, try to limit the factors harmful to your hair.

Dry hair is characterized by the ability to absorb a lot of moisturizers and nutrients, that’s why you should not skimp on them! Such hair is also harder to overload and cause its flattening.

Conditioners, Masks, Serums

Dry hair is able to take almost any amount of cosmetics. Feel free to provide your hair with the largest amount of various benefits, and use a conditioner or mask during every wash of your hair. Apply it abundantly and keep on your hair for at least 15 minutes, in order for the formula to have a chance to unleash its properties deeply into the structure of your hair. What’s more, if you do not want your hair to be bored with the application of the same specific over and over again; you should make frequent changes of products you are using. The best way is to have 2-3 cosmetics, and use them alternately. Thanks to such diversity, there is a greater chance that you will provide for your hair everything it needs.

Nutrition – Not Only After Washing

You probably know that the conditioner can also be applied before washing your hair with shampoo. This uncommon procedure is extremely friendly to dry hair! Why? Because it will protect your hair from the drying effect of the shampoo!


Silicones had very bad reputation; many accused them of worsening the hair condition. Fortunately, those myths had been crushed a long time ago! Silicone makes your hair smooth while forming a protective layer that prevents from evaporation of the moisture from the hair. This allows the hair to be shiny and longer maintains its hydration. Silicones can be found in conditioners of most well-known brands, such as Dove and L’Oreal.


Oils are now experiencing their 15 minutes of fame. Finally, their properties were recognized and appreciated. Oils will help you to retain the moisture in your hair for longer time. After washing your hair, while it’s still wet, rub into the hair a few drops of essential oil. Remember, not to overdo it; few drops are more than enough! First, spread the oil across your palms, and then rub it all in your hair. Oil will make the water not to evaporate as easily, and the hair will remain soft for longer. After using the oil, you can leave your hair to dry naturally or you can use a hairdryer.


Flaxseed moisturizes, nourishes, and makes your hair very smooth. On top of that, it is very easy in use and also helps the hair to arrange better through the strengthening of its natural twist and improving its elasticity.

Focus Especially on the Tips

Hair tips take the most amounts of damage and dryness in case of dry hair. Therefore, you should provide them very special care, mainly in the protection and regeneration field. For example, by using mask that has been recommended by us. Although, while it is quite simple, is also very nutritious and can effectively affect the destroyed tips of your hair.

Cosmetic Kerosene

When I was only a teenager, I learned from my mother that cosmetic kerosene can provide us with shiny hair. Back then, I have been going through a phase involving getting crazy about my beautiful hair; therefore I’ve tested every possible method for proper hair care.

Recently, I again had the opportunity to come into contact with this product, and confront my opinion about cosmetic kerosene with present, more conscious hair care. It turned out that despite the use of many conditioners, masks and well-chosen shampoos; cosmetic kerosene is still able to beat with its effects every one of those rivals, mentioned above.

Cosmetic Kerosene can be used in several forms:

1) Oil: Simply, rub kerosene on your dry or wet hair, and leave for some time. Cosmetic kerosene should be kept shorter on your head than oils – after 15 minutes of applying the kerosene, you will already be able to see impressive results. Then rinse it with the shampoo, preferably a stronger one. This method perfectly eliminates hair frizz.

2) Mask: The most popular and known to all, recipe combines cosmetic kerosene with egg yolk and lemon juice. This mixture is valued for its excellent hair nutrition properties and also for accelerating the hair growth.

3) Rinse: Simply, pour a drop or two of cosmetic kerosene (not more!) into about 34 ounces of water, and then mix it together. After the rinse is ready, you can soak in it your previously washed hair. Thanks to such treatment, you will be able to enjoy your wonderfully-shiny hair.

4) Oiling the Scalp: In order to strengthen your follicles, mix cosmetic kerosene with your favorite oil, and then leave it for about 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse it by using shampoo.

Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is the complaint of many people, especially affecting the men. Unfortunately, we women sometimes struggle with it, either. Dandruff comes in the shape of white epidermis petals sticking in your hair as well as falling on the clothes. This condition appears as a result of fungi activity, which inhabits the skin or also as the result of skin dehydration.

The first action you should undertake is to try to get rid of the dead skin and moisturize the scalp. If these treatments do not help, and dandruff is very persistent, you will need to visit a dermatologist.


The epidermis peels off from the head, hence the white petals. The first thing you should do is to cleanse your scalp. Irreplaceable help in this manner will be provided to you by simple peeling that you can easily prepare by yourself inside your own home. The most important thing is to have a bit of sugar and something that will make it wet. Just mix it with your shampoo and thoroughly massage it into the scalp. It’s as easy as pie. If you want to further moisturize the skin, instead of oil, use a shampoo and wash your hair after its application. In the prevention field, peeling can be used once every 1-2 weeks. However, if the dandruff is a big problem, you can do this more often.

Oil Compress

The epidermis has been finally removed, so now is the time to moisturize your skin well. In order to do this, use the warm oil compress. Heat 2-3 tablespoons of any oil. You can also mix different oil types. It is worth adding castor oil, which has additional features that improve blood circulation. Massage warm oil into the scalp, carefully and slowly. After that, wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo. This method is perfect when dandruff results from the dry skin. Such dryness may occur, for example, as a result of excess of hair styling products. Many women are noticing dandruff after some important event, such as wedding, where they were wearing a hairstyle treated with a large amount of hairspray.


Many sources report that lemon juice helps in the fight against dandruff. Lemon refreshes the skin and also acidifies it; therefore, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms. You can sprinkle your head with lemon juice and rub it thoroughly, or rub the skin using slice or even half a lemon. Apparently, just a week of such treatment makes dandruff to completely disappear. This method is especially recommended for oily dandruff, that is, when the dead epidermis builds up on the skin, but its greasiness prevents it from falling in shape of flakes. This makes the skin very itchy and accelerates its greasiness. Remember, however, that lemon slightly brightens the hair. Therefore, this solution is perfect for blondes, but not necessarily for brunettes.

Green Clay

Green clay is highly appreciated in the fight against acne due to its antiseptic properties. The same properties will also be useful in the fight against dandruff, if caused by fungal infection. Portions of green clay should be moistened with water to the consistency of the pulp, and then, applied on the cleansed by peeling scalp. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair thoroughly. Such masks can be used during every wash. Very important here is the regularity and patience, as it is likely that one treatment can be insufficient and should be repeated.


Such rinse you can prepare with an infusion of nettle. Simply, pour a cup of boiling water over 2 bags of nettle and allow them to cool down. Pour this formula on your previously cleansed scalp and leave for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with lukewarm water. Even better solution to prepare this rinse is the fresh nettle juice. Nettle has properties that nourish your skin. So, it will not only help you to get rid of this annoying dandruff, but you will also gain shiny and strong hair – such a pleasant side effect!

Curly Hair Care

Natural curly hair is a thing of a great beauty! Unfortunately, such curly hair also requires extra attention because it usually is very fragile and capricious. But do not be discouraged by it; you will surely embrace the fluff on your head and transform it into miraculous springs. These require a bit of patience and time, but believe me – it is worth it!

In fact, this is not some black magic. Just a few simple steps are enough to improve the condition of your hair and enhance its twist. Try at least one of the following methods.

Hair Combing? Only when Wet!

What will happen if you comb your dry curls out? You will achieve a beautiful afro, just like a lamb on the pasture. Obviously, it is not the kind of effect we are looking for. That’s why, you have to remember – always comb your hair when wet! Use for this your wooden wide tooth comb that does not tug your hair. When your hair is dry, do not move it anymore, until the next wash, and, at most, comb it with your fingers!

Hair Drying? Only Naturally!

In case of curly hair, the most recommended solution is to dry it on the open air, simply and naturally. This way, nothing will disturb the natural process of creating twists, and what’s more, hair will arrange into nice springs by itself. However, if you need to dry your locks immediately, then grab the hairdryer with a diffuser. This tip will help you get a nice hairstyle with an impressive volume. Also, use a cool air-flow, because curly hair is prone to over-drying.

Lots of Moisture

Curly and dry hair often goes hand in hand. In order for the hair to arrange better, it should be well-moisturized. Remember to use your hair conditioner regularly, and rub oil in your tips. This will improve condition of your hair, consequently improving its twist. Do not forget to avoid excessive hair-smoothening products, such as cosmetic kerosene, because they can straighten up your twists.

Do Not Unnecessarily Wash Your Hair

Scalps can vary from each other; one gets greasy faster, while the other slower. In case of curly hair; it is recommended to limit the frequency of its washing. Of course, I do not force you to walk down the street wearing greasy hair! Simply, try to wash your hair only when needed – if after 3 days your hair still looks nice and fluffy, then it does not make sense to wash it by force. Listen to the needs of your scalp, and choose the right care for it. However, keep in mind that washing your hair can untangle your curls.

Enhance the Twist

The key term is ‘scrunching up’. Many curly-haired girls recommend such treatment to strengthen the curls. You can, for example, scrunch up this way a non-rinse conditioner, hair mousse or specially formulated gel with flaxseed!

Egg Hair Masks

Jajko, a w szczególności żółtko od dawna jest cenione w kosmetyce! Wykorzystuje się je w niemal niezliczonej ilości przepisów, z oliwą, z naftą kosmetyczną, cytryną, miodem i czym tylko zapragniesz. Czemu ma ono tak dobrą sławę? Otóż żółtko jajka jest bogate w kwasy tłuszczowe, witaminy i proteiny. To po prostu bomba składników odżywczych i dlatego właśnie włosy je uwielbiają.

Eggs, yolks in particular, have long been valued in the lines of cosmetics! They are used in almost countless number of recipes along with the olive oil, cosmetic kerosene, lemons, honey, and anything else you want. Why the egg has such a good reputation? The answer is simple – because egg yolk is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and proteins. So, simply putting; egg is a nutritional bomb loaded with nutrients, and this is why the hair loves them.

The only drawback of eggs is their consistency and smell. Some people can be a bit disgusted by it, but I assure you that egg concoction is not so terrible. When applying egg masks, you should be aware of the temperature, because you are using raw eggs. Such eggs under the influence of hot water can congeal – and trust me, you do not want to have nicely scrambled eggs in your hair! Egg does not irritate the skin, and in addition, moisturizes the hair tightly, so there are no restrictions to its use. Optimally, an egg mask should be used 1-2 times a week.

Egg Mask Made Only with Eggs:

You will need 2-3 eggs.

Separate the whites from the yolks and then beat egg whites. After that, combine it with the egg yolks. Such mixture, then, apply on washed and drained by the towel hair. Rub it in very thoroughly. In the end, cover your hair with a bonnet and wrap it in a towel for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Mask Made of Egg Yolks, Lemon and Castor Oil:

– 2 egg yolks

– 2 tablespoons of castor oil

– Half a lemon

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon to the vessel with yolks. But be careful to avoid the pits. Mix it all together and then add the castor oil; and again – combine whole into a mass. Mask should be put on unwashed hair. Hair can be wetted with water for the mask to be easier spread across the hair. Next step is to arrange your hair in a bun and wrap it safely by using the bathing bonnet. Formula should be rinsed after 30 minutes, and your hair should be thoroughly washed with shampoo.

Egg Mask for Damaged Hair:

– 3 egg yolks

– 3 tablespoons of olive oil

– A little bit of lemon juice

Firstly, you have to combine all the ingredients and beat them vigorously with a fork, until the mask will take the form of a lotion, almost like mayonnaise. Such mask is applied on dry hair and left for 30-40 minutes. The best solution is to keep the mask under a warm towel because the heat helps the beneficial ingredients to penetrate the hair structure. After this time, the mask should be rinsed, and your hair washed with a shampoo, twice.

Gloss Hair Mask with Yogurt:

– 1 egg yolk

– 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt

– Juice of half a lemon

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and put them on your damp hair. Mask has to cover all the hair; from the roots to the tips. Secure your hair with bonnet or foil, and then cover it with a towel. Keep the mask on your hair for about 20 minutes. After this time, simply, wash the hair.

Egg Mask with Clay for Greasy Hair

– 1 egg yolk

– ¼ avocado

– 1 tablespoon of green clay

Peel the avocado and remove the pit. The pulp should be blended together with the egg yolk until you achieve a smooth mass. After that, add the green clay. Fill the mixture with water until you gain the consistency of a cream. Such mask should be then placed on your hair for about 30 minutes and of course under a towel. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

How to Care for Dyed Hair

It is a common knowledge that dyed hair requires special care. Due to the application of the hair dye, such hair is usually more damaged and dried than the average ones. On top of that, dyed hair also requires special protection in terms of the dye itself, because the color of your hair can easily fade away if maintained inadequately.

Care of dyed hair is based on the longest maintenance of the color in its full glory, and also to maximize the shine that this color will enhance even more.

Does it make sense to use cosmetics dedicated for dyed hair?

According to me – most definitely, YES! These cosmetics are characterized by the fact that they contain ingredients, which protect the color. Shampoos are usually milder, so the paint is not being washed away that fast. In turn, conditioners contain UV filters to protect you from the sun, which also the color fades from. In addition, in the stores you can find lines of cosmetics designed for specific hair colors, for example red or brown. They are an interesting alternative, since usually they contain plant extracts that strengthen and enhance color, such as Cinchona extract.

Hair Dye Vs. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

It’s not a myth! Anti-dandruff shampoos wash away the color from your hair! This is happening, because the anti-dandruff shampoos have very strong cleansing properties, which affects the color as well. Of course, you will not be able to wash away permanent dye using only one such wash, but you will definitely lower its durability. If you dye your hair and dandruff is teasing you, then look for a shampoo that is designed for dyed hair with dandruff. Such cosmetics are already available to buy. Regular anti-dandruff shampoo can help you if the color you aimed for turn out to be a bit too dark – a few decent washes will wash out the excess of the pigment.

Is Sun Really that Terrible?

Definitely, especially for brunettes! The sun is able to distinctly lighten your hair up! If you do not want your color to lose its intensity, then I would definitely recommend cosmetics with UV filters. You’ll find them in many products for dyed hair or in special sunscreen cosmetics for hair. You can also protect your hair in a different way – simply, on sunny days should obtain a hat! It will not only effectively protect you, but it also will be perfect for the summer season!

Enhance the Color

Dyed hair can also be cherished by some home methods. There are many rinses to help maintain you a beautiful hair color, especially the brown hair. Most recommended rinses are prepared from oak bark (auburn, warm brown), walnut shells (cool brown), dry onion skins (cool brown). They give your hair color and help maintain it. You should also try the homemade mask based on cocoa, which can highlight your brown hair!

High Porosity Hair Care – Oils and Cosmetics

Let’s start maybe with what characterizes high porosity hair. At first glance, the hair appears to be very dry and destroyed. The truth is that every damaged hair has high porosity (such damage is causing opening of the pores). However, keep in mind that not all high porosity hair is damaged! Hair can simply be porous by nature!

High porosity hair is usually dull and dry. You can easily wet such hair with water and then observe how quickly it dries. What’s more, such hair has better reaction on a hair dye and longer maintains color. High porosity hair treatments are prone for styling with also longer durability for curls. If while reading this description you see your own hair, then you probably want also to see how to look after your hair.

Hard Time for Exaggeration

High porosity hair is very absorbent. Such hair is hard to overweight or to make it greasy; therefore, you can reach for the densest and oiliest conditioners and masks available. To make up losses in the pores of the hair, use a number of conditioners and change them often. Hair likes diversity. Use different products, both; those that should be rinsed with water, as well as those that can be applied in your hair after washing. Watch how your hair reacts and learn what it likes and what likes not. This way you will quickly know your hair’s favorites.


Hair can take much more than you think, so do not be lazy and moist your hair during each washing. Washing your hair with only the shampoo while not doing anything else for the care of your hair is, simply, unacceptable. Be sure to apply a conditioner or mask, or at least treat your hair with the help of the conditioner in the spraying form. In addition, you need to take a good care by regularly moisturizing the hair in order to eliminate its roughness.


Moisturizing hair with masks is very good idea, but it is also good to keep in mind the diet of your hair. It should be rich in proteins. And where to get those proteins? You can find them, for example, in conditioners that contain milk, like well-known Kallos. In turn, in case of home conditions, a rich source of such protein can be gelatin. Thanks to gelatin you will be able to execute the laminating process that your high porosity hair will definitely fall in love with!


It is also worth to oil your hair. Oils penetrate the pores and fill them, further protecting the hair from the loss of its moisture. Special recommendations for high porosity hair include oils made from sweet almond, avocado and sesame seeds, as well as the olive oil, argan oil, linseed oil and grape seed oil. High porosity hair best oiled when wet, meaning; wetting the hair before the oil application. This way the moisture will be enslaved within your hair and kept there. Dry oiling would cut off the water supply to the hair, namely; maintaining its dryness. Such oiled hair should be rinsed twice by using some gentle shampoo.

Keeping Attention to Details

You should pay close attention to your hair tips. High porosity hair destroys easy, especially, in the hair tips area. That’s why, regular trimming and protecting of your hair is highly important. Moreover, it is also worth to treat the tips with some special serum or silk, which will protect them from splitting in half.

Flaxseed Rinse

Flaxseed impressively smoothens, softens and moisturizes your hair! On top of that, flaxseed is commonly available and 100% natural.

What do you need to prepare this rinse? All you need are three things: flaxseed, water and strainer. Pour 1/4 cup of the flaxseed with hot water and let the mixture thickens. When grains start to excrete mucus, drain them through the strainer. Such prepared formula should be diluted with water if necessary. And remember to rinse your hair with it after applying the conditioner. Do not wash it down.

Applying Conditioner Before Washing

I feel I have to say that hair is definitely my favorite subject. I want to tell you a secret – conditioner can be applied not only after washing your hair. Keep in mind that unconventional methods have many advantages.

Who should nourish her hair before washing it? Anyone, whose hair is dried by the shampoo too, but also people whose hair getting heavier very easy. The shampoo will wash away the excess of conditioner and thus giving you the chance to avoid the risk of flattened hair. If your hair is very dry, then you should definitely use conditioner twice – before and after washing!

Does this make any sense? Of course, it does! Conditioner protects your hair from the effects of your shampoo (remember that 95% of shampoos at the drugstore, contain powerful detergents!). What’s more, you will also be able to have more control over the nutritional status of your hair. However, if your hair is strong and not a fan of a large amount of moisture, then this excess will be washed away. In turn, when your hair needs a strong hair care, then with a help of double-nutrition, you will deliver as much of it as you need!

Proper Hair Washing

Washing hair? It is possible that you do this even daily. But are you sure that you wash your hair properly? After all, is not that obvious, and many women committing basic mistakes during washing their hair – is the best proof for that.

The most common error is to wash your hair, not your scalp. It is the scalp that produces sebum and “gets your head dirty”. The consequence of this is a poorly-matched line of cosmetics – if your skin is greasy, and you are buying shampoos for dry ends, then the effects will not be pleasant!

1) Soaking

This seems to be very obvious, is it not? I hope that no one imposes a dry shampoo on her head. Soak the hair in warm water. This will make the hair cuticles to open, thus facilitating shampoo’s penetration and contaminants removal.

2) Nourishment for Long Hair

This method is known as CWC (condition-wash-condition). Hair nutrition before using the shampoo is beneficial, especially, when you are wearing long or damaged hair, because the conditioner will be protecting the tips against the drying properties of the shampoo.

3) Wash the Scalp

Scalp secretes sebum, which is spreading across the hair, making it no longer fresh. Remember to choose proper shampoo for the needs of your scalp. And you don’t have to worry about your hair ends, either. The flowing foam is more than enough to wash them.

4) Be Gentle

Do not scrub your head like a burnt frying pan; only massage it gently with your fingertips. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage, so be gentle about it. And also; do not rub your hair with a towel. Instead, use the towel to wrap it around your hair and leave it for some time allowing the towel to absorb the water excess by itself.

5) You Do Not Need to Wash Your Hair Twice

Many shampoo labels say: “Rinse and repeat”. You do not need to wash your hair twice if you do not feel the need for it. Double-washing makes sense only when your hair is very greasy, making the shampoo not to foam during the first wash, or if you have been using special oils for hair, which now need a thorough wash.

6) Nourish Your Hair from the Ear down

In order not to overload your hair and not to contribute to its faster greasiness, you should apply the conditioner from the ear down to the hair ends. Application of a conditioner from the base can cause your hair to get flat, thus leaving you with the lack of volume hairstyle.

7) Finish Washing Using Cool Water

Cold water closes the hair cuticles, thereby giving your hair an extra shine. The water should be cool. However, you must not overdo it with the low temperature, because freezing-cold water can cost you sinusitis!

Famous Brush – Tangle Teezer!

News about the brush called Tangle Teezer has been very laud these last few years. In the beginning, this brush has not been commonly available. Fortunately, today, this product is much more accessible. What is the phenomenon of this wonder-brush?

Tangle Teezer Brush has been designed to minimize damage when combing hair. With its innovative shape of the teeth, the brush combs the hair out easily and without breaking it in the process. In addition, Tangle Teezer does not make your hair to pick up static and also makes your hair smooth. Brush’s teeth in turn can be used to massage your scalp. What’s more, Tangle Teezer has been designed for both wet and dry hair combing. Due to the fact that it is made entirely of plastic – brush is hygienic and easy to clean.

Brush comfortably lies in your hand, combing out your hair very quickly. You can also decide on such brush with an option of its teeth protection, so they could be free of harm while the brush is, for example, inside your handbag.

Lovage Rinse for Hair Strengthening

I love the smell of lovage. This plant is indispensable to me, and I add it to most of my soups. Rumor has it that lovage supposedly has a great effect also as an aphrodisiac.

In order to prepare such rinse you will need 1 teaspoon of lovage leaves and 350 ml of boiling water. Leave the brew for a while so it could cool down, and then strain it. Remember to use it during your final rinse. This will makes your hair shiny and soft after the treatment is done.

Protect Your Hair at the Beach

Summer time is a special time for your hair, mostly, because the hair is exposed to much more harmful factors. Sun, wind and salt water really dries hair, exposing it to increased brittleness and splitting. That’s why, while you are taking sunbaths and time to relax, your hair struggles trying to survive.

– Oiling Your Hair

Greasy conditioners and hair masks will create a layer that will protect against evaporation of water from the hair. Ingredients that work this way are called emollients. Emollients include oils and silicones, so choose masks that are rich and dense. Avoid use of such masks near your scalp. Simply, apply them on the hair only.

– Protection against UV

There is a simple way to create a homemade mist that will be protecting our hair from the sun. All you need is a brewed green tea! That’s it! Pour this cooled down brew into an atomizer and spray it on your hair before going to the beach. You can also look for cosmetics with UV filters at the nearest drugstore.

– Pin Your Hair

Pinned hair will be less vulnerable to damage and will have less sun reaching it. Simply, arrange your hair in a bun or braid.

– Remember About the Hat

This is the easiest way to have effective protection from the sun. And it is just perfect for the summer time at the beach where you are particularly prone to overheating and burns. Remember that scalp can also be burned – hair is not an effective barrier for the sun.

– Rinse the Salt Water

After leaving the sea you must rinse your hair to remove the salt water, which is very harmful for your hair. If there’s no shower at the beach, bring an extra bottle of water with you, and then pour it over your head. You can be sure that your hair will be grateful for doing so!

Benefits of Washing Your Hair with the Egg

Using an egg in order to wash your hair is one method of washing the hair without using any detergent at all, so-called “no poo method”. Egg will make your hair soft, moisturized and nourished. What’s more, eggs contain a whole lot of vitamins, fatty acids, and much needed protein for hair! Many girls also reported that after using eggs, their hair amazingly sparkles!

How we use eggs depends mainly on the type of our hair. Egg yolk is rich in fatty acids, and therefore we only use it on dry hair. Normal and greasy hair can be washed using the whole egg.

Contrary to appearances, yolk foams up pretty good – to wash medium length hair you will need at least 3-4 egg yolks. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair.

Egg yolks or the whole eggs should be carefully rubbed in the damp hair, and rinsed after. Be sure, however, that you are keeping an eye on the temperature. If it’s too high, then you are exposing yourself on the risk of ending up with scrambled eggs in your hair:) Water does not need to be cold. Try to make the water lukewarm, but not too warm.

If you want to enhance the nursing properties of eggs to not only replace the shampoo, but also the conditioner; massage it into your dry hair, and then leave it under the bonnet for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse thoroughly, of course, constantly keeping attention on the temperate of the water!

The results can already be seen after the first wash; however, in order to get permanent nourishment, you should use eggs regularly.

I did not find any reports about potentially harmful properties of eggs, but if your hair will begin to, for example, get greasy, then try to use eggs interchangeably with regular shampoo.

Due to the fact that egg contains a lot of protein, its use may cause a phenomenon characterized by too much protein (especially, if you only using yolks). This makes your hair to become rougher appearing to be dry. Nonetheless, this is not particularly harmful phenomenon – it just accumulates nutrients on hair cuticles. To prevent this, simply, wash your hair with a typical herbal shampoo once a week.

Washing Hair with Beer?!

For years, beer has been well-known and loved, and not just as a fine beverage. Properties of the beer are often well-appreciated with its healing support during kidneys problems, and it also is quite of value for your beauty. Even our grandmothers knew that beer improves the condition of their hair! Its use is not unfounded.

Beer will not replace our shampoo, of course, but will be very suitable for nourishing our hair. This tasty beverage will smooth our hair and give it a glow, as well as strengthen its structure. Rinses also help reduce oily hair, which makes it remains fresh and fluffy for longer time.

Try One of the Following Solutions:

Beer Mask

On washed hair, apply half a glass of beer mixed with one tablespoon of honey. This formula will nourish and moisturize your hair. Rinse off with warm water after 20 minutes. Apparently, this mask is also successfully used by Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Beer Lotion

Combine beer with water in a ratio of 4 to 1. Then, use this rinse by pouring it on your washed and nourished hair. Do not wash this rinse down. It will grant your hair a strong glow! Such rinse is also perfect for curly hair, because it improves its twist.

Beer before Washing

Pour the beer on your dry hair, and leave it for 20 minutes. Then, wash your hair with a shampoo and apply a conditioner. Pouring beer on your head before washing your hair will help you avoid the specific smell of your hair.

What kind of beer should be used for this process? The best would be the most natural one, namely unpasteurized, but the most common one will also do. Remember that beer should stay on the open for a while and also should be degassed, meaning; the alcohol that beer contains must evaporate. Therefore, good choice is the unfinished drinks, left at the end of the party!

Note – Remember to always thoroughly wash down the beer from the hair, otherwise, your hair can become rigid and sticky! Beer can also leave in your hair its characteristic aroma, which for many is not too pleasant.

How to Care for Thin and Delicate Hair?

Thin and delicate hair goes by its own rules. Such hair feels often smooth and soft, but unfortunately, it lacks the proper volume, which makes the hair to always be flat and lifeless, and also more susceptible for damage, and with no ability for arranging itself as it should be. What’s more, thin hair is very troublesome for their owners, simply, because its appearance looks sad, gray and lifeless.

What to Do to Revive Your Delicate Hair and Give It More Volume?

Right Haircut

A good cut can make a real difference. Thin hair can easily go flat; therefore, long and straight hairstyles are not beneficial to such hair. The weight of your long hair, additionally, intensifies the flattening effect and weakens already delicate roots. However, you do not have to wear very short hairstyles; everyone will find something for everyone!

Volume Is the Key

Volume is the key to success, of course, and to beautiful appearance. And thin hair requires paying a special attention to this aspect. Always dry your hair with your head down, so you can bounce the hair from the base. The best way is to apply on your hair some suitable agent for hairstyling that gives your hair more volume – and simply, style your hair with it. Thick and round brush will also be useful to help you gain more fluffiness.

Be Careful with the Conditioners

In contrast to dry and highly-porous hair, thin hair is very easy to overload. Remember to be careful about the conditioners and masks you are using. Of course, you should use them to protect your; however, pay also attention for the conditioners to be light, and also without oils and silicones, which make the hair heavier. Choose only light products, dedicated to thin and lacking volume hair.

Thorough Rinsing

After using the conditioner, take some time in order to rinse your hair very thoroughly. Giving the fact that the remains will make your hair heavier, you should rinse your hair long and hard, until you make sure you have completely cleansed your hair from the rest of this cosmetic.

A Bit of Contrariness

What about using a conditioner before washing? It is the best way to have complete confidence that you have removed the excess of the conditioner. This method will be ideal for you. What’s more, after using the shampoo, you do not have to impose on your hair anything else. Additionally, the conditioner also protects your hair from the drying effect of detergents. I’m gladly recommending this little contrariness on the head, because it has the ability to revolutionize your hair care.

Backcombing Is Prohibited

I’m sure that once someone has already told you that backcombing will give your hair an extra volume? It is true, but only for a while; however, backcombing your thin and delicate hair will most definitely end up with you losing your hair – it will simply get damaged and fall out! Remember, if your hair is thin, then you must not decide on the backcombing, ever! And if someone will give you such “wonderful” advice, then just say “No, thanks”.

How to Care for Dry and Damaged Hair

Matt, rough, rustling, dry and with split ends – is this your hair? Well, if the answer is “yes”, then I’m very sorry, because that means you are an owner of dry and damaged hair. Is this it; is it means you will never have beautiful hair ever again? Absolutely NOT! Proper care will help you to straight this problem out, and your hair will be shiny and healthy once again. Unfortunately, I have also bad news, you have to be very, and I mean very patient. Once destroyed hair cannot be permanently recovered. You can only mask its flaws instead, in order for you to have the chance of growing down new and healthy hair. How long will it take? It may take even a few years. During a one-year period, an average hair growth oscillates between 5-10 inches, depending on its type and care. You don’t need to worry, because it is really worth to take care of your hair thoroughly and for the long term. This way, when the year will pass, you will already be a whole new person – with a brand new hairstyle!

First Task – Finding the Culprit

Think about; why your hair is in such a poor condition? This is the key to solve the problem, because you need to eliminate the damaging factors. Do you dye your hair passionately? If so, think about going back to the natural color or opt for a better quality dyes (without ammonia), like dyes based on plants, such as henna. And remember to only dye the roots. Are you often burn your hair while using a straightener? Simply, quit this device or buy a better one. Moreover, purchase products for protection against heat, and never ever try to straighten your hair when wet! Are you drying your hair using a hairdryer? If so, then select the cool airflow, or wait until your hair dry on its own. As you can see, every problem can be solved. Keep in mind that intensive care will not do any good, if you will constantly destroy your hair.

Running with the Scissors

You don’t want to trim your hair? But there’s no other way! Split ends cannot be glued back together. I realize that cosmetics manufacturers often make promises to women that such solution is possible, but it is only a marketing lie, nothing else! Do not be fooled, and simply decide on cutting down your damaged hair. Sometimes, you may have to cut even more than the typical one inch. Also, do not get mad at the hairdresser, because he/she very well knows, where those damaged tips are starting, and sometimes he/she just have to cut more of it. Your hair will be revived, and you will quickly notice the effects of its regeneration.

Gentle Touch

Do not tear or jerk your hair! Get a good brush with natural bristles or a wooden comb. You can also decide on a real tie-breaker from the fashion bloggers – a brush specially designed for not damaging your hair. Remember to gently wash your hair. Try not to tangle it and don’t rub it too strong during drying your hair with a towel. All you need to do is to gently squeeze the water out of your hair while keeping it over the bath. And then delicately wrap it in a towel for a few minutes. This will automatically absorb the excess of the water. Avoid the use of metal buckles and clips, or rubber with metal ferrules. Everything has to be soft and gentle – that’s why I recommend wristbands.

Nourish, Cherish and Take Good Care

Visit the nearest drugstore, and grant yourself a gentle shampoo, and also a few conditioners and masks. Test, try and observe. Your hair has a full right to be capricious about some particular conditioners. Therefore, you have to choose the one, which will be the best selection for your hair. Be patient and search for the perfect solutions. Ask friends what they offer, and keep the hand on the pulse regarding new discoveries. In case of damaged hair, your best bet is the line of products that highly nourish your hair, and which contain oils, proteins and silk.

Proper Hair Care at Night

What are you doing with your hair before you go to bed: wear it down or make braid out of it? See what can cause harm to your hair, and what type the cosmetics you should use during the night.

The time that you spend daily on your sleep can be a great opportunity for additional hair care. The first rule of such care is; to never come to bed with wet hair! This makes your hair cuticles to be more vulnerable to damage – cuticles destroying themselves by rubbing on sheets. Moreover, your hair will also be much less susceptible to brittle and split, if you start to sleep on a pillow made ​​of silk or satin.

Sleeping while wearing you hair down ​​is also not so good idea, because it makes your hair much easier to break and fall out. Therefore, a loose bun, braid or ponytail, are much more suitable idea. For example, if your tie your hair into a bun on top of the head, then in the morning you will find your hair to be more raised at the base. Remember, however, not to tie your hair too strong in order to relax the follicles.

If you wash your hair every morning; for the night you should apply the mask, then, dry your hair a little (mask will work better, because hair cuticles will open), and go to sleep. In the morning, wash your hair as usual, and you will see how beautifully nourished, shiny and flowing your hairdo is.

Great solutions for the night time are also hair oils as well as the coconut oil and olive oil. In the morning, simply, rinse the oil from your hair thoroughly, giving your dry hair the possibility to regain elasticity.