Short Purple Haircut

Short and medium length hair gives us maybe less opportunities for hairstyle; however, hairdressing world of shorter hair can also be quite intriguing. One of the best examples is the above image that shows girl with hair dyed purple. It’s a brave and bold step, and you have to admit, it looks quite well. Those types of hair can be worn during wild parties and crazy activities, like for example, during extreme sports.

Colored Hair – An Interesting Trend of Recent Months

I can bet that girls, who like to keep track of foreign blogs or large portals with pictures showing various girly styling, have definitely noticed a recent appearance of colored hair in fashion. Colored hair means, they are dyed in a really radical way in comparison with classic colors – blue, green, orange, pink and so on. This is obviously a very original idea for a hairstyle… but probably only few of us would actually have the courage for such metamorphosis.

Intense Hair Color – Hairdo for Every Day

The best way to turn all eyes on us, better yet, on our hairstyle, even if it isn’t arranged in some sophisticated way, is to choose for our hair intense and vibrant color. Not all of us will have the chance to pull off these lurid colors, especially violet and pink, as it is shown in the picture. Fortunately, stores are packed with a wide range of commercially available hair dyes that give us an opportunity to find a perfect and original, and also well-matched color. In addition, the picture shows color that would be fitting for women with fair skin and distinctive facial features.

Crazy Hair Color – Deep Blue

Some of us have no fear whatsoever to grant themselves crazy and intense colors applied in our hair – even as genuine as the one in the picture. However, even if you are not afraid of this type of coloring and you are determined to dye your hair in a crazy way, you should select your hair dye very carefully. You need to choose one that will not cause allergic reactions, and of a good quality, too. It should be product that can be uniformly applied to our hair, and which will evenly cover our hair with a color. There is no need to save hair dye, especially, if we’re opting for such a strong color!

Intensive Balayage – Idea of An Every-Day Hairstyle for Long Hair

If you like to wear your hair loose, because this image suits you the most, and at the same time you want your hair to look very interesting – we will present you with an idea of ​​the change, which will completely refresh your look. Strong and intense balayage is not for everyone, but we hope that maybe even one of you is brave enough to get inspiration from our picture to color her hair just as intensively.

Dyeing in Ombre Style – One of the Latest Trends



One could argue about the “newness” of this trend, but certainly there is nothing to argue about its popularity. Many women have reached the ombre dyeing, during which our hair ends are treated with a fairly bright blonde color. Once, it was the fashion so-called “skunk stripe”, where the down part of the hair has been dyed in black. And today we’ve got ombre style. Remember that with dark hair bleaching them to get blonde color can be very difficult.




Extreme Colors of Our Hair – Where This Fashion Came From?



Sometimes, if you are looking through the pages, where you can find an inspiration for your hairstyles, you have probably met some photos with images of the hair, which were dyed with extreme colors. How exactly the fashion for hair coloring in pink, purple and blue; did appeared? It has to do with modern fashion, of course, which is running forward very fast, constantly creating controversial new trends. So, if you have the courage for it, you certainly are my hero.




Hair Coloring – Crazy Colors!



More and more pages and blogs devoted to new trends related to various fields of fashion (fashion clothing, hairdressing, makeup…), we can see pictures showing women or models have their hair dyed with really crazy colors. Colors like orange, pink, blue, purple or green, are for many of us more than unthinkable to wear them on our heads… However, on the other hand, why not treat yourself during holiday vacation with something really crazy? Semi-permanent coloring agents allow us to do this without the fear of looking like this all the time.




Plum Color with Pink Accents: Curls in Retro Style



We often see medium length hair as the least interesting of all types of haircuts, because we think we can do with it so little. Meanwhile, there are many ideas for styling medium length hair – you just have to look around. Besides, medium length hairstyle can also be quickly changed with a permanent or semi-permanent coloring agent. This will gives us the possibility turn our hair into something more interesting and stylish.




Hair Dyed Blonde with Softly Colored Ends



During summer holidays many girls often have an urge to get totally crazy with the colors of their hair. We recommend gentle and semi-permanent coloring that will turn our hair into a fabulous rainbow, sprinkled with all possible colors. Hair colors are available in various designs and shades. On the picture we have shown very bright and subtle colors, which are visible only on the girl, who has bright blonde hair.




Intensively Purple Hair Color



Deciding on the color that you can see in the picture, you need to know that the color such as this, after a relatively short period of time, will experience some changes. Depending on whether you have dark or light hair color, it will be different. In case of blondes, it will turn into a bright violet, and in case of brunettes, will become less shiny and less intense. We should always think carefully while choosing hair dyes. You should ask yourself – is this really what I’m looking for?




Hair Color Is Very Important!



Sometimes it seems to us that no haircut completely match our face. We have no match in every case; if our hair is long or short, if our hairstyle has bangs or not, if we have simple, shaded or even curls… It may be a matter of a bad choice of a hair color, by Mother Nature or by us alone (or by hairdresser). A well-chosen hair color is already a greater part of our hair-work, because well-chosen hair color gives every hairstyle some extra charm.




Hair Shading Paint – Ombre Style



Some time ago, there was very fashionable hair coloring, later identified as “skunk style”. This hairstyle has two contrasting colors. Girls wearing blonde hair have dyed their hair ends black. And today everything is backwards. Brunettes dyeing their hair ends with a blonde color, they simply bleach it. However, this is a shaded coloring and it looks a bit more natural than the hairstyles made in “skunk style”.




Medium Length Hair Can Also Look Unique



It often happens that owners of medium length hair are convinced that nothing interesting can be done with it. The most important is of course care. Hair should look healthy, shiny and strong. However, styling and coloring are important too. When our hair starts boring us, we can of course treat ourselves with clips or cut our hair short. Sometimes the delicate coloring or adding highlights or balayage to our “normal” hair, is enough to give our hair new form and new look!




Hair Coloring for Summer: Blonde and Pink Highlights



Some time ago highlights were very fashionable, especially colors such as pink, red, blue or green. Highlights like these were often chosen by teenagers during summer trips and spring breaks. It was done by using special washes or some kind of mascara. This type of coloring could be washed off very easy. Today, women at their 20’s, more and more often decide on put highlights on their hair: version permanent or washable after some time. Blondes have the advantage in here, because their bright hair makes highlights more visible.




Monochrome Hair Color – New Idea?



If you are considering hair coloring using truly original color – red, blue, green or pink – it means you have to be a very brave person. Remember, it’s always easier to go back to the natural color (or dye your hair in a different color, more natural-looking), when your hair is monochromatic, which means – being kept in one color. If you allow yourself, for example, for colored highlights in different colors, it will be harder for you after a while to return to “normal” standard hair color.




Colored Hair – Hot or Not?



Wondering whether colored hair, which can be see today not only among crazy teenagers, who want to stand out from the rest; are really fashionable or rather poor? Of course, this question cannot be answered explicitly, because some of us like this type of hair while others don’t. However, you must always pay attention to quality. If you decide to color your hair, then let just this crazy and original color alone to accent your hairstyle. In addition, if you will also choose an extravagant cut, the effect, however, may not necessarily be a bullseye shot.




Colored Hair – Green and Purple!

If you are not afraid of extreme solutions and you would like to, for example, during vacation, treat yourself with a hair coloration, which will look really original, then the perfect idea you already have on the above picture. Those types of hair dyes, or special shampoos and lotions (they can be quickly washed down, so do not be afraid of them) appear in stores more often. They came to us from the West, of course!

Medium Length Hair – Dyeing in Ombre Style

If you like dyeing your hair in ombre style, and you have medium length hair, you can safely bet on this type of coloring. It will look good with any length of hair. Remember, however, if length of your hair is reaching your shoulders, such as the example in the picture, it is better to decide on the delicate bleaching, which is not so much in contrast with your natural hair color, in order to achieve a spectacular effect.

How to Choose Suitable Hair Color?

If you are considering selecting a new color of your hair, you can try a simple way. On many websites are special applications, in which we upload our picture, and then we can edit it. We can change not only the color of our hair or our hairstyle, but also, for example, our makeup. However, if you are testing your image in term of hair color, it is best not to wear any makeup (in the photo), in order to choose a color that will suit you in any situation.